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Anti-Slamming Enforcement Actions

05-12-2010 $1,480,000 forfeiture proposed against Silv Communication Inc. for "Slamming" Violations
03-03-2008 $5,084,000 Forfeiture proposed against Horizon Telecom, Inc. concerning apparent slamming violations
10-25-2006 $85,000 Consent Decree with Long Distance Consolidated Billing Co. concerning apparent slamming violations
03-11-2005 FCC and Sprint Communications Company, LP enter into $4 Million Consent Decree to resolve slamming investigation
12-01-2004 $500,000 Consent Decree with LCR Telecommunications, LLC concerning apparent slamming violations
06-03-2004 $155,000 Consent Decree with Access Integrated Networks, Inc. regarding possible slamming violations
04-16-2004 $560,000 forfeiture ordered against World Communications Satellite Systems, Inc. for submitting changes of the preferred carriers of consumers without their authorization and verification, a practice commonly known as slamming
02-20-2004 $1,280,000 Consent Decree with Business Options, Inc. concerning apparent violations of universal service and slamming rules
02-02-2004 $55,000 Consent Decree with America's Digital Satellite Telephone, Inc. regarding slamming allegations
01-15-2004 $560,000 Notice of Apparent Liability for forfeiture ordered against World Communications Satellite Systems, Inc. for apparent violation of the Communications Act and the Commission's rules and orders prohibiting slamming
04-07-2003 Hearing ordered to determine whether Business Options, Inc. should have its operating authority as a common carrier revoked for apparent slamming violations and other issues, and whether a monetary forfeiture should be imposed
04-01-2003 Enforcement Bureau and Talk America, Inc. enter into $475,000 consent decree regarding possible slamming violations
03-31-2003 $1,200,000 forfeiture imposed against WebNet Communications, Inc. for slamming violations
06-20-2002 $1,200,000 forfeiture proposed against WebNet Communications, Inc. for apparent slamming allegations
12-17-2001 $1,020,000 fine imposed against America's Tele-Network Corp. for slamming violations
09-11-2001 Denied Petition for Limited Reconsideration of 4/17/01 Order imposing a $520,000 forfeiture against A.T.&T. Communications for slamming violations
09-10-2001 $920,000 Forfeiture imposed against All American Telephone, Inc. for slamming violations
05-08-2001 Denied Petition for Reconsideration of 12/07/2000 Commission Order against Coleman Enterprises, Inc. for slamming violations; $750,000 fine upheld
04-17-2001 $520,000 Forfeiture imposed against AT&T Communications, Inc. for slamming violations (adjusted from $640,000)
04-11-2001 Denied Order on Reconsideration of 10/23/2000 Order imposing a $680,000 forfeiture against Vista Services Corporation/Vista Group International, Inc. for slamming violations
03-13-2001 $1,020,000 Notice of Apparent Liability (NAL) issued against America's Tele-Network Corp. (ATNC) for apparent slamming violations
12-21-2000 $640,000 Notice of Apparent Liability (NAL) issued against AT&T Communications, Inc. for slamming violations
12-07-2000 Order On Reconsideration of 7/17/00 Order imposing a forfeiture against Business Discount Plan, Inc. (denied in part, granted in part). Forfeiture adjusted to $1,800,000.
12-07-2000 $750,000 Forfeiture imposed against Coleman Interprises, Inc. for Slamming Violations
10-23-2000 $680,000 Forfeiture imposed against Vista Services Corporation for slamming violations
07-21-2000 $1,500,000 Consent Decree with Qwest Communications International, Inc. regarding slamming allegations
07-17-2000 $2,400,000 forfeiture assessed against Business Discount Plan, Inc. for slamming violations and telemarketing abuse
06-06-2000 $3,500,000 Consent Decree with MCI WorldCom regarding slamming allegations
04-25-2000 $400,000 Consent Decree with Excel Telecommunications, Inc. regarding slamming allegations
03-27-2000 $250,000 Consent Decree with Sprint Communications Company, LP regarding slamming allegations
03-02-2000 $1,120,000 Forfeiture issued against Brittan Communications International Corp. regarding slamming allegations
02-17-2000 $2,000,000 Forfeiture imposed against Long Distance Direct, Inc. regarding slamming allegations
02-09-2000 $1,360,000 Forfeiture imposed against Amer-I-Net Services Corporation regarding slamming allegations
10-19-1999 $1,080,000 Notice of Apparent Liability (NAL) issued against Qwest Communications International, Inc.
08-19-1999 $1,120,000 Notice of Apparent Liability (NAL) issued against Coleman Enterprises d/b/a Local Long Distance, Inc.
08-19-1999 $1,000,000 Notice of Apparent Liability (NAL) issued against Vista Group International, Inc.

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