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Most Active Proceedings

The Most Active Proceedings page identifies and provides links to proceedings that have had comments filed in the last 30 days. A complete list of all proceedings is located in the Electronic Comment Filing System ("ECFS"). You can click on the proceeding number to get more information about that proceeding. To review all filings in the last 30 days for each proceeding, click on the number under the heading "Filings in the Last 30 Days."

To file a comment of up to several paragraphs, click on one of the proceedings listed below. To file a longer comment as an attachment, click on submit a filing and include the docket number of the proceeding both on the form and on the attachment.

If the proceeding you are looking for is not listed, you can go to ECFS and enter the proceeding number.

The FCC also compiles a list of Commission-level items that have been circulated to the Commissioners and are pending action by the full Commission. This list is updated on a weekly basis.

Proceeding #TitleFilings in Last 30 Days
14-57 Applications of Comcast Corporation and Time Warner Cable Inc. for Consent to Assign or Transfer Control of Licenses and Applications 43296
14-28 Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet 29960
14-90 AT&T- DIRECTV Consent to the Transfer of Licenses 8036
10-127 In the Matter of Framework for Broadband Internet Service. 1184
10-90 In the Matter of Connect America Fund A National Broadband Plan for Our Future High-Cost Universal Service Support. . 163
14-116 Electric Power Board of Chattanooga, Tennessee 119
14-115 Petition of the City of Wilson, North Carolina, Pursuant to Section 706 106
12-268 Expanding the Economic and Innovation Opportunities of Spectrum Through Incentive Auctions 93
09-191 In the Matter of Preserving the Open Internet Broadband Industry Practices. . 92
07-135 In the Matter of Establishing Just and Reasonable Rates for Local Exchange Carriers. . 76
01-92 Developing a Unified Intercarrier Compensation Regime. 74
10-208 In the Matter of Universal Service Reform Mobility Fund. 73
14-58 ETC Annual Reports and Certifications 62
02-6 In the Matter of Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism 57
13-184 Modernizing the E-rate Program for Schools and Libraries. 54
09-51 In the matter of a National Broadband Plan for Our Future. 54
10-51 In the Matter of Structure and Practices of the Video Relay Service Program. . 49
05-337 In the Matter of Federal -State Joint Board on Universal Service High-Cost Universal Service Support. .. . 40
02-278 Rules and Regulations Implementing the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 39
12-375 Implementation of the Pay Telephone Reclassification and Compensation Provisions of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 et al. 35
14-126 Inquiry Concerning the Deployment of Advanced Telecommunications Capability to All Americans in a Reasonable and Timely Fashion 35
10-210 Implementation of the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act. 33
06-92 Request for comment on petition for declaratory ruling regarding RFD Communications, Inc. and its eligiblity to be carried as a DBS Public interest noncommercial programmer. 33
09-109 Seeks comments on Telcordia petition to reform or strike amendment 70 to institute competitive bidding for number portability administration and to end the NAPM LLC's interim role in number portability administration contract management. 31
14-93 In the Matter of the Connect America Phase II Challenge Process Subject Matter 29
14-127 MB Seeks Comment on Petition Seeking Expansion of Online Public File Obligations to Cable and Satellite and also on Expanding Online Public File Obligations to Radio 28
13-49 Revision of Part 15 of the Commission's Rules 26
14-8 Congressional Correspondence 24
03-123 Telecommunication Relay Services and Speech-to-Speech Services for Individuals with Hearing and Speech Disabilities. 24
11-42 In the Matter of Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service Lifelineand Link Up Llifeline and Link Up Reform and Modernization. 23
05-265 In the Matter of Reexamination of Roaming Obligations of Commercial Mobile Radio Service Providers Automatic and Manual Roaming Obligations Pertaining to Commercial Moblile Radio Services. ... 21
03-109 In the Matter of Lifeline and Link-Up 17
07-52 In the Matter of Broadband Industry Practices. 17
14-99 Model City for Demonstrating and Evaluating advanced Sharing Technologies 16
12-3 Commission Seeks Comments On Petition For Rulemaking Seeking Elimination Of The Sport Blackout Rule 15
14-129 AMI Communications, Inc. d/b/a AMI Communications-BCN Telecom, Inc. 15
09-182 Media Bureau annnnounces workshop details and seeks comment in ITS 2010 Media Ownership review proceeding. 14
05-25 In the Matter of Special Access Rates for Price Cap Local Exchange Carriers AT&T Corp. Petition for Rulemanking to Reform Regulation of Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier Rates for Interstate Special Access Services.. 13
13-238 Acceleration of Broadband Deployment by Improving Wirelss Facilities Siting Policies 13
14-50 2014 Quadrennial Regulatory Review - Review of the Commission's Broadcast Ownership Rules et al. 12
14-104 In the Matter of tw telecom inc - Level 3 Communications, Inc. 12
11-71 In the Matter of Maritime Communications/Land Maobile, LLC. Participant in Auction No. 61 and Licensee of Various Authorizations in the Wireless Radio Services. applicant for Modification of Various Authorizations in the Wireless Radio Services. . 12
14-131 Media General Communications Holdings, LLC 11
04-296 In the Matter of Review of the Emergency Alert System. 10
07-294 In the Matter of Promoting Diversification of Ownership in the Broadcasting Services. 10
13-185 Amendment of the Commission's Rules with Regard to Commerical Operations 9
13-86 FCC Reduces Backlog of Broadcast Indecency Complaints by 70% (More Than One Million Complaints); Seeks Comment on Adopting Egregious Cases Policy 9
RM-11727 Amendment of 73.207, 73.210, 73.211,73,215, 73,3573 of the Commission's Rules Related To Minium Distance Separation Between Stations, Requirements, Contour Protection For Short Spaced FM Assignments, And Processing FM Broadcast Station Application 8

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