WAC Documents List (7th Meeting | February 6, 2002)
Documents: Description:
Draft Preliminary View on Agenda Item 1.22 (Adobe Acrobat)
wac/091 Draft Agenda for the Seventh Meeting of the WRC-03 Advisory Committee (Adobe Acrobat)
wac/092 Report from CEPT CPG PT 1 Meeting (Adobe Acrobat)
wac/093 Proposals for the WORK of the CONFERENCE (Agenda Item 1.11) (Adobe Acrobat)
wac/094 Draft Executive Branch (NTIA) proposals and preliminary views (Adobe Acrobat)
wac/095 Draft Preliminary View on Agenda Item 1.5(Adobe Acrobat)
wac/096 Minutes of the Seventh Meeting WRC-03 FCC Advisory Committee (Adobe Acrobat)


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