The North American Numbering Council conducts most of its business through the following four working groups:

Billing & Collection

Co-Chair Contact Information
Rosemary Leist,
Philip Linse,

Mission Statement:  The NANC’s Billing and Collection Agent Oversight Working Group (B&C WG) is responsible for overseeing the performance of the functional requirements provided by the NANP Billing and Collection Agent (B&C Agent). The B&C WG will investigate/review the performance of B&C Agent and submit reports at each NANC meeting to fully inform NANC of the B&C Agent’s performance with respect to the functional requirements. At the request of the FCC and/or NANC, the B&C WG will identify and determine the financial impact, feasibility and/or the appropriateness of initiatives/activities that may need to be included in the budget or use these Funds. Currently, the NANP B & C Agent is Welch & Company, LLP.

Future of Numbering

Tri-Chair Contact Information
Suzanne Addington ,
Allyson Bievins,
Cullen Robins,

Mission Statement:  The mission of the Future of Numbering (FON) working group is to explore changes to the numbering environment, including new and future technologies, the impact of market place and/or regulatory changes and innovations on telephone numbering.

Scope:  The Working Group will investigate new telephone numbering assignement approaches and future telephone number assignment requirements. The Working Group will identify trends and assess their impact upon numbering resources. The Working Group, if necessary, will analyze potential changes to numbering adminstration and use common criteria to determine the feasibility and benefit of each. The Working Group will report its findings to the NANC. The Working Group will also analyze various topics that may be given to it from time to time by the NANC and/or FCC.

Local Number Portability Administration

Co-Chair Contact Information
Paula Campagnoli,
Glenn Clepper,
Deb Tucker,

Mission Statement:  The Local Number Portability Administration Working Group (LNPA WG) was given the charter by the North American Numbering Council (NANC) for implementing Local Number Portability (LNP) on a national level. It is the body that makes recommendations that assist in the formation of the regulatory orders issued by the FCC pertaining to LNP. The LNPA WG is also responsible for the business functionality of the national NLP system and how Service Providers inter-operate with it.

Numbering Oversight

Co-Chair Contact Information
Laura Dalton,
Karen Riepenkroger,

Mission Statement:  The Numbering Oversight Working Group (NOWG) oversees the activities and reviews the performances of the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) and the Pooling Administrator (PA). Specifically, the NOWG oversees the development of change orders, number administrator complaints, internal performance metrics, and performance improvement plans. In addition, the NOWG holds separate monthly meetings with the the NANPA and the PA and carries out any other requests or responsibilities directed to the NOWG by the NANC.