The following working groups will assist the North American Numbering Council in carrying out its work:

Numbering Administration Oversight

Chair Contact Information

Commissioner Paul Kjellander,

Mission:  The Numbering Administration Oversight Working Group oversees the activities and reviews the performances of the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA), the Pooling Administrator (PA), the NANP Billing and Collection Agent and the Local Number Portability Administrator, through the assistance of the following sub-committees:  

FCC Contract Oversight Sub-Committee

Co-Chair Contact Information:

Betty Sanders,

Philip Linse,

Local Number Portability Oversight Sub-Committee

Chair Contact Information

Beth Carnes,

Call Authentication Trust Anchor (CATA) Issues

Tri-Chair Contact Information

Beth Choroser,
Rosemary Leist,

Jackie Wohlgemuth,

Referral Letter 

Toll Free Number Modernization Issues

Co-Chair Contact Information
Craig Lennon,
Susan M. Gately,

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National Number Portability Issues

Co-Chair Contact Information
Richard Shockey,

Courtney Neville,

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