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New FCC Form 460
Subject to Approval by OMB 3060-0804
Estimated time per response: 1 hour

Rural Health Care (RHC) Universal Service

Eligibility and Registration Form

Read instructions thoroughly before completing this form. Failure to comply may cause delayed or denied funding.

Block 1: General Information

1 Date Submitted:
Determine eligibility of an HCP site
2 Applying to:
Determine eligibility of Consortium
Register an ineligible site
Register an off-site data center
Register an off-site administrative office
2a If applying as an off-site data center, list all sites (eligible and ineligible) that will use the services of this data center.
2b If applying as an off-site administrative office, list all sites (eligible and ineligible) that will use the services of this
administrative office.

Block 2: Physical Location

Enter the actual physical location of the HCP site.
3 HCP Number
4 Site Name
5 Name of Legal Entity
6 FCC Registration Number (FCC RN)
7 Site Contact Name
8 Address Line 1
9 Address Line 2
10 County
11 GeoLocation (optional)
12 City
13 State
14 Zip Code
15 Phone
16 Email

Block 3: Consortium Information

17 HCP Number
18 Name of Consortium
19 Is the Consortium a legal entity? Yes No
If yes, Consortium FCC RN:


20 Consortium has a written agreement allocating legal and financial responsibility. Yes No
If yes, submit the agreement to USAC. If no, see instructions regarding the default entity that bears legal and financial responsibility for the
consortium’s activities in connection with the Healthcare Connect Fund.
21 Consortium Leader Type:
The Consortium
Ineligible State organization
An eligible HCP participating in the Consortium
Ineligible public sector (government) entity
HCP Number: ________________________
Ineligible non-profit entity
A state organization, public sector entity, or non-profit entity may obtain an exemption to allow the organization to perform vendor functions and
provide application assistance. Submit any such request for exemption.
22 Consortium Leader Contact Information
23 Name of Consortium Leader
Consortium applicants are required to have a Letter of Agency from each eligible HCP that authorizes the Consortium to file forms on the HCP’s
behalf. Submit a Letter of Agency for each eligible HCP.
24 List participating sites by HCP Number (eligible/ineligible)

Block 4: Contact Information

25 Primary Account Holder/Project Coordinator Name
26 Employer
27 Address Line 1
Same as Physical Location
28 Address Line 2
29 City
30 State
31 Zip Code
32 Phone #
33 Email
34 Secondary Account Holder (Application Contact/Assistant Project Coordinator)

Block 2: Physical Location

35 Employer
36 Address Line 1
Same as Primary Account Holder Address
37 Address Line 2
38 City
39 State
40 Zip Code
41 Phone #
42 Email

Block 5: Eligibility Category (Only complete if HCP site is seeking support)

43 Select the category that describes the HCP site:


Community health center or health center providing health care to migrants


Community mental health center


Local health department/agency


Non-profit hospital


Part-time eligible entity located in an ineligible facility


Post-secondary educational Institution offering health care instruction, teaching hospital, or medical school


Rural health clinic


Is this a mobile rural health care provider? Yes No


Dedicated ER of rural, for-profit hospital


Consortium of the above
44 Provide a brief explanation of why this site qualifies as the organization type selected above:

Block 6: Additional Information

45 Non-Profit Tax ID (EIN):
46 National Provider Identifier:
47a Organization Taxonomy Code:
Explanation if necessary (see instructions)
47b Site Taxonomy Code:
Explanation if necessary (see instructions)


48 If a Non-Profit Hospital, is this a Critical Access Hospital?
Yes No
49 If a Non-Profit Hospital, how many licensed patient beds are at the site? _______________
50 Is the site location: On Tribal lands Otherwise affiliated with a Tribe
Operated by the Indian Health Service N/A
51 [Reserved]
52 [Reserved]

Block 7: Certifications and Signatures

I certify that I am authorized to submit this request on behalf of the site or consortium.
I declare under penalty of perjury that I have examined this form and attachments and to the best of my
knowledge, information, and belief, all information contained in this form and in any attachments is true and
If applying as an individual health care provider site, I certify that the health care provider is a non-profit or
public entity and that the site is located in a FCC designated rural area, or is grandfathered rural pursuant to
47 C.F.R. Sec. 54.600(b)(2).
If applying as a consortium, I certify that the eligible health care providers participating in the consortium are
non-profit or public entities.
I understand that all documentation associated with this form must be retained for a period of at least five
years pursuant to 47 C.F.R. § 54.648, or as otherwise prescribed by the Commission’s rules.
If applying as a consortium, I understand I must obtain letters of agency from each consortium member that
grants me the authority to complete, sign, and submit all forms for the funding year(s) for which support is
59 Signature
60 Date
61 Printed Name of Authorized Person
FCC Form 460

Block 7: Certifications and Signatures

62 Title/Position of Authorized Person
63 Phone
64 Email
65 Employer
66 Employer’s FCC RN
Persons willfully making false statements on this form can be punished by fine or forfeiture under the Communications Act, 47
U.S.C. Secs. 502, 503(b), or fine or imprisonment under Title 18 of the United States Code, 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1001.


Part 3 of the Commission’s Rules authorize the FCC to request the information on this form. The purpose of the information
is to determine your eligibility for certification as a health care provider. The information will be used by the Universal Service
Administrative Company and/or the staff of the Federal Communications Commission, to evaluate this form, to provide
information for enforcement and rulemaking proceedings and to maintain a current inventory of applicants, health care providers,
billed entities, and service providers. No authorization can be granted unless all information requested is provided. Failure to
provide all requested information will delay the processing of the application or result in the application being returned without
action. Information requested by this form will be available for public inspection. Your response is required to obtain the
requested authorization.
The public reporting for this collection of information is estimated to average 1 hour per response, including the time for
reviewing instructions, searching existing data sources, gathering and maintaining the required data, and completing and
reviewing the collection of information. If you have any comments on this burden estimate, or how we can improve the collection
and reduce the burden it causes you, please write to the Federal Communications Commission, AMD-PERM, Paperwork
Reduction Act Project (3060-0804), Washington, DC 20554. We will also accept your comments regarding the Paperwork
Reduction Act aspects of this collection via the Internet if you send them to PLEASE DO NOT
Remember - You are not required to respond to a collection of information sponsored by the Federal government, and the
government may not conduct or sponsor this collection, unless it displays a currently valid OMB control number or if we fail to
provide you with this notice. This collection has been assigned an OMB control number of 3060-0804.
U.S.C. 552a(e)(3) AND THE PAPEWORK REDUCTION ACT OF 1995, PUBLIC LAW 104-13, OCTOBER 1, 1995, 44 U.S.C.


FCC Form 460

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