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June 5, 2014


The Honorable Tom Wheeler


Federal Communications Commission

445 12th Street, SW

Washington, DC 20554

Dear Chairman Wheeler:

We write to express our deep concern with your comments at the 2014 National Cable

and Telecommunications Association cable show several weeks ago. You stated, "If municipal

governments- the same ones that granted cable franchises -

want to pursue it [taxpayer funded

broadband], they shouldn't be inhibited by state laws.

I have said before, that I believe the FCC

has the power -

and I intend to exercise that power- to preempt state laws that ban competition

from community broadband."

The insinuation that the Federal Communications Commission will force taxpayer funded

competition against private broadband providers -

against the wishes of the states -

is deeply

troubling. Inserting the Commission into the states' economic and fiscal affairs in such a

cavalier fashion shows a lack of respect for states' rights.

State governments across the country offer a stark contrast to the heavy hand of the

federal government, especially in terms of the states' superior capability to protect the taxpayers

from unnecessary debt, spending, and waste. States are much closer to their citizens and can

meet their needs better than an unelected bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. The federal

government has already saddled our states with enough unfunded liabilities. Your proposed

community broadband experiment presents an unnecessary and risky government liability.

The last thing the Commission should do in these trying fiscal times, with so many other

important priorities, is usurp state policy with respect to municipal broadband. State political

leaders are accountable to the voters who elect them, and the Commission would be well-advised

to respect state sovereignty. We look forward to your timely response, and we hope you will

think critically about the Commission's role and how it can more appropriately interact with our

state authorities.


Deb Fischer

RonJohns n

United States Senator

United States Senator


Ted Cruz

United States Senator

United States Senator

Tim Scott

Mike Enzi

United States Senator

United States Senator

nited States Senator

United States Senator

Lamar Alexan er

United States Senator

Tom Coburn

United States Senator


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