Auction Seminar

The Auction 86 seminar was held on August 5, 2009. 

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1. Opening Remarks

Kathryn Hostetter, Deputy Chief, Auctions and Spectrum Access Division (ASAD)

2. Pre-Auction Procedures

Lisa Stover, Auctions Marketing Specialist, ASAD

Licensing Matters Panel

3. Technical Issues, Due Diligence and Licensing Parameters
John Schauble, Deputy Chief, Broadband Division (BD)
Nancy Zaczek, Attorney, BD


4. Tribal Lands Bidding Credit
Michael Connelly, Attorney Advisor, Mobility Division

Panel on Auction & DE Rules, Application and Payment Procedures

5. Short Form Application Requirements
Sayuri Rajapakse, Attorney, ASAD


6. Electronic Filing of Short Form Application
Lisa Stover, Auctions Marketing Specialist, ASAD


7. Wire Transfer & Payment Process
Tim Dates, Financial Management Specialist, Financial Operations

8. Auction Process & FCC Auction System

Debbie Smith, Analyst, ASAD