A Phone Scam That Starts With a Postcard

In a complaint filed with the FCC, a consumer described a scam that began with a postcard marked "urgent, regarding a reward" in the consumer's name. When the consumer called the toll-free number to claim the prize, the woman who answered said there was a "handling fee." Read more

Don't Let Your Mobile Number Get Hijacked

Scammers may target your mobile number to access private texts, calls and other personal information. Posing as you, they ask your phone company to 'port' your number to a new device, enabling them to reset your financial and social-media access credentials before you know it. Learn more about porting


Stronger Robocall Blocking

FCC Video - Chairman Pai explains how providers may now aggressively block by default unwanted and illegal robocalls before they reach consumers and offer opt-in tools to block calls based on customers' contacts or other "white lists."

Consumer Video: Don't Hang On, Hang Up! - Avoid spoofing scams. Watch this video | En español



Consumer Guides

Avoid Bill SurprisesWhat is caller ID spoofing and how does it work? Get helpful tips about what you can do if you think you're being spoofed.

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TV Channel Transition

Find out what channels are changing in your area, when the changes will occur and what you should do to ensure a smooth transition. What to Watch For | Remember to Rescan | Consumer FAQs


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Getting Connected to Broadband

Broadband improves lives for people of all ages, from connecting far-flung family members and friends to providing easy online access to a virtual world of goods and services. Learn more about how you can - and why you should - Get Connected.


Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau

The Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau develops and implements the FCC's consumer policies and serves as the agency's connection to the American consumer.