The FCC is focused on ensuring that every American has access to robust high-speed Internet service – better known as broadband – to harness the benefits of broadband-enabled technology and improve lives. That access includes the right to accurate information so consumers can choose, monitor and receive the broadband Internet services they have been promised.

The FCC's Open Internet Transparency Rule empowers consumers to make informed choices about broadband services. The Rule requires that what providers tell you about their broadband service is sufficient for you to make informed choices – including choices about speed and price. The rule also requires that providers' information about their broadband service must be accurate and truthful.

The rule covers disclosures about "network management practices, performance, and commercial terms of service." The Rule applies to service descriptions, including, for example, expected and actual broadband speed and latency. The Rule also applies to pricing, including monthly prices, usage-based fees, and any other additional fees that consumers may be charged. Additionally, it covers providers' network management practices, such as congestion management practices and the types of traffic subject to those practices.

The FCC monitors how well providers disclose the broadband speed they give consumers, and at what price, and is concerned about providers who make false, misleading, or deceptive statements to consumers about the services they provide.

For a report on service providers' broadband performance, see the FCC's Measuring Broadband America report:

Notify the FCC about open Internet transparency issues

Providers that violate the Transparency Rule harm consumers and may be subject to enforcement action, which potentially includes monetary penalties prescribed under the Communications Act. Please notify the FCC about your concerns of possible violations of the Open Internet Transparency Rule.

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