The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) receives many complaints about alleged illegal (non-FCC certified) equipment being offered for sale on the Internet or in publications. The FCC is monitoring this situation carefully and requests your assistance. If you have a complaint or any information about illegal or uncertified equipment being offered for sale, please forward it to the FCC. Useful information includes:

  • an original advertisement or web address where the illegal equipment is being advertised or offered for sale, highlighting the types of equipment about which the allegations are being made;
  • the name of any web auction site selling the equipment, the exact item number, and auction opening and closing dates;
  • name and address of the individual or business offering the item(s) for sale;
  • your name and telephone number in the event follow-up is necessary. We will keep this information private;
  • specifically, why you think the equipment is not in compliance with FCC rules; and
  • number of pieces or types of equipment about which the allegations are being made (one piece, five pieces, how many models, etc.).

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016