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Maryland Public Broadcasting Commission, Licensee of Stations WMPB(TV), Baltimore, MD; WCPB(TV), Salisbury, MD; WFPT(TV), Frederick, MD; WGPT(TV), Oakland, MD; WMPT(TV), Annapolis, MD; WWPB(TV), Hagerstown, MD


Notified The Maryland Public Broadcasting Commission of its Apparent Liability for Forfeiture in the amount of $20,000 for reporting conditions issued for violations of the Equal Employment Opportunity Rules

Document Type: Notice of Apparent Liability For Forfeiture

FCC Record: DA-13-2331A1_Rcd.pdf

Bureau(s): Media


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Document Dates

Released On: Dec 5, 2013

Adopted On: Dec 5, 2013

Issued On: Dec 5, 2013

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DA/FCC: DA-13-2331