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Genachowski and Donovan Announce HUD to Join C2C Coalition

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Released: February 14, 2013





FCC Chairman Genachowski and HUD Secretary Donovan joined Zachary Leverenz, CEO, Connect2Compete (C2C),
Susan Hildreth, Director, Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), Scott Durchslag, President of Online and
Global e-Commerce, Best Buy, and Adrianne Todman, Executive Director, District of Columbia Housing Authority
(DCHA) at the Southwest Family Enhancement Center in Washington, D.C. to announce that HUD will join C2C as a
digital literacy outreach partner. Currently, one-third of Americans don’t subscribe to broadband services at home and
more than 60 million Americans lack the digital literacy skills needed to use a computer and access the Internet. Since
1995, when HUD launched the Neighborhood Networks initiative, HUD has encouraged the development of computer
labs in public and assisted housing.


HUD to Join C2C Digital Literacy Coalition as Outreach Partner

HUD, which serves approximately 4.5 million families, of which nearly half have children, will join C2C’s
digital literacy coalition of libraries, non-profits, and for-profits as a digital literacy outreach partner.

HUD staff will raise awareness among all its stakeholder groups and partners across the country on C2C’s
offerings, including discounted high-speed Internet and refurbished laptops.

HUD will work with public housing authorities, multifamily owners, Native American housing, and other HUD-
funded organizations to encourage eligible families to register for the resources available through C2C, including
digital literacy training opportunities.


C2C Will Launch Nationwide Digital Literacy Training Program

C2C and Best Buy will launch a national digital literacy training program at C2C partner facilities, including
HUD Neighborhood Networks Centers, United Way, and Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Initial program rollout, convened by C2C and Best Buy’s Geek Squad, will take place in Chicago, Il., Detroit,
Mi., Miami, Fl., Philadelphia, Pa., St. Paul, Mn., and Washington, D.C. The program will extend to 12 cities
through the summer 2013.

HUD will work with public housing authorities (PHAs) and multifamily owners in the 12 cities to facilitate the
delivery of this training to HUD-assisted residents at Neighborhood Networks Centers or other C2C partner


HUD and C2C Holding Successful Digital Literacy Training Curriculum Pilot at HUD Sites

In late 2012 and early 2013, C2C, Geek Squad and HUD have been testing the digital literacy curriculum at
HUD sites in Macon, Ga., Cook County, Il., and San Diego, Ca.

The C2C digital literacy training pilot program, developed with support from Geek Squad, taught new computer
users how to connect to the Internet, search, and communicate online.

The training also included best practices on Internet safety and information on basic PC functionality.


HUD is Committed To Extending Access to Computers and the Internet for Low-Income Americans

HUD is committing to bringing the indispensable tools of the digital age to the residents it serves.

By joining the C2C Initiative, HUD will help introduce millions of previously unconnected low-income
Americans to the transformative power of the Internet.

HUD’s Neighborhood Networks program, launched in 1995, encouraged the establishment of computer
labs in HUD-assisted housing and was one of the first federal initiatives aimed at providing technology
access to residents living in HUD-insured-and-assisted communities. Centers are located in all 50 states,
and offer a range of training programs for adults, youth, and seniors.

HUD will work with PHAs, multifamily owners, tribal groups, industry groups and other partners to raise
resident awareness about C2C offerings via flyers, mailings, emails, social media, and one-on-one interactions.

Residents of HUD public, assisted, and Native American housing, often lack broadband access in their homes
either because it is unavailable or too expensive. The resources offered through C2C will help millions of
Americans gain access to the educational and economic opportunities the Internet affords.


Digital Literacy is Key to America’s Economic Future

More than one-third of Americans don’t subscribe to Internet access, and one-fifth of non-adopters cite
digital literacy as the main reason they are not online (Pew Internet, 2012)

Digital literacy skills are important to finding a job and keeping a job:
o 50% of today’s jobs require technology skills, and this percentage is expected to grow to 77% in the
next decade. (IDC Research, 2010)
o More than 80% of Fortune 500 companies today, including Best Buy, Walmart and Target, require
online job applications. (Don’t Miss The Next Strategic Turn, Taleo, 2008)

Digital literacy skills are critical to getting an education:
o A Federal Reserve study found that students with a PC and broadband at home have six to eight
percentage point higher graduation rates than similar students who don’t have home access to the
Internet. (Federal Reserve Bank, 2008)
o Studies have shown that broadband adoption efforts have resulted in higher test scores and that
students actively and regularly used their computers and the Internet for learning. (CFY, 2007)
o About 77% of K-12 teachers assign Internet- required homework. (Grunwald Associates LLC, 2008)


Connect2Compete Is a National Nonprofit Organization Improving the Lives of Americans Through
the Power of Technology

C2C is a national public-private partnership whose vision is to create a more prosperous and just future for
America by ensuring that every American can leverage the transformative power of technology and the

In addition to digital literacy training, C2C also aims to eliminate the digital divide by providing low cost
Internet and computers to all unconnected, low-income Americans.

A National Ad Council campaign on digital literacy will launch in March 2013.

C2C includes more than 40 non-profit and other private sector partners, such as Best Buy, One Economy,
Discovery, LULAC, National Urban League, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

The C2C program includes a nationwide digital literacy effort and $9.95 per month broadband and $150
computers for eligible free school lunch families. For more information, go to

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