Vol. 19, No. 8                              
             January 12,2000

**Before an entry denotes that the item is part of the FCC's implementation of the 1996 Telecom Act. While we will attempt to flag all Telecom Act-related items, this marking is unofficial and informational only.




FCC IMPLEMENTS PREDICTABLE, TRANSPARENT, AND STREAMLINED MERGER REVIEW PROCESS. News Media contact: Rosemary Kimball 202-418-0511, Office of General Counsel contact: Christopher Wright 202-418-1700. OGC. Internet URL: https://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/OGC/News_Releases/2000/nrgc0001.html




Released: January 12, 2000. TARIFF TRANSMITTAL PUBLIC REFERENCE LOG: JAN. 11. Internet URL: https://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Common_Carrier/Public_Notices/Tariffs/combined/tt011100.pdf

Released: January 12, 2000. SCANA COMMUNICATIONS, INC. SEEKS COMMISSION DETERMINATION OF "EXEMPT TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANY" STATUS UNDER THE PUBLIC UTILITY HOLDING COMPANY ACT OF 1935, AS AMENDED BY SECTION 103 OF THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS ACT OF 1996.Comments due Feb. 3, replies Feb. 10; contact: Marty Schwimmer or Al McCloud ato 202-418-2320. (DA No. 00-51). Internet URL: https://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Common_Carrier/Public_Notices/2000/da000051.doc

Report No: 2379. Released: January 12, 2000. PETITIONS FOR RECONSIDERATION AND CLARIFICAITON OF ACTION IN RULEMAKING PROCEEDINGS. Internet URL: https://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Consumer_Information/Public_Notices/2000/pnci0005.doc

Released: January 12, 2000. CORRECTION TO REPORT 2377 - PETITIONS FOR RECONSIDERATION AND CLARIFICATION OF ACTION IN RULEMAKING PROCEEDINGS, RELEASED JAN. 7. Internet URL: https://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Consumer_Information/Public_Notices/2000/pnci0004.doc

Report No: 44650. Released: January 12, 2000. BROADCAST ACTIONS. Internet URL: https://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Mass_Media/Public_Notices/Brdcst_Actions/ac000112.txt

Report No: 24650. Released: January 12, 2000. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. Internet URL: https://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Mass_Media/Public_Notices/Brdcst_Applications/ap000112.txt

Report No: 194. Released: January 12, 2000. INSTRUCTIONAL TV FIXED SERVICE APPLICATIONS/AMENDMENTS TENDERED FOR FILING. Internet URL: https://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Mass_Media/Public_Notices/ITFS_Notices/vxat0112.html

Report No: 431. Released: January 12, 2000. WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS BUREAU ASSIGNMENT OF AUTHORIZATION AND TRANSFER OF CONTROL APPLICATIONS ACTION. Internet URL: https://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Wireless/Public_Notices/2000/pnwl0009.pdf

Report No: 430. Released: January 12, 2000. WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS BUREAU ASSIGNMENT OF AUTHORIZATION AND TRANSFER OF CONTROL APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED FOR FILING. Internet URL: https://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Wireless/Public_Notices/2000/pnwl0008.pdf

Released: January 12, 2000. WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS BUREAU ANNOUNCES THE AVAILABILITY OF ANTENNA STRUCTURE REGISTRAITON DATA VIA THE INTERNET. (DA No. 00-46). Internet URL: https://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Wireless/Public_Notices/2000/da000046.doc




JANETTE LUEHRING, KANSAS CORPORATION COMMISSION. Provided requested guidance on interpreting certain conditions in the SBC/Ameritech Merger Order. Action by Chief, Common Carrier Bureau. Adopted: January 11, 2000. by Letter. (DA No. 00-52). CCB Internet URL: https://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Common_Carrier/Orders/2000/da000052.doc

ERRATUM TO ORDER CONCERNING ADMINISTRATION OF THE NORTH AMERICAN NUMBER PLAN (DA 99-3035). released Dec. 30, 1999. Dkt No.: CC- 92-237. Action by Chief, Network Services Division. Adopted: January 11, 2000. by Erratim. CCB Internet URL: https://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Common_Carrier/Orders/2000/er993035.doc

CABLEVISION VII, INC. D/B/A TCI CABLEVISION OF EASTERN IOWA. Granted appeals filed by Cablevision of local rate orders adopted by the City of Fort Madison, Iowa and denied petition for reconsideration. Action by Deputy Chief, Cable Services Bureau. Adopted: January 7, 2000. by MO&O. (DA No. 00-39). CSB Internet URL: https://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Cable/Orders/2000/da000039.doc

UNITED TECHNOLOGICAL SYSTEMS, INC. V. MCI WORLDCOM. Granted joint motion for a stay and ordered Uni-Tel and MCI to keep the FCC informed of certain developments. Action by Deputy Chief, Market Disputes Resolution Division. Adopted: January 11, 2000. by Order. (DA No. 00-44). ENF Internet URL: https://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Enforcement/Orders/2000/da000044.doc

GEORGE L. FETROW. Dismissed as moot fee waiver request filed by Fetrow and Gary Dykhouse. Action by Deputy Chief, Policy and Rules Branch. Adopted: January 11, 2000. by Order. (DA No. 00-48). WTB Internet URL: https://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Wireless/Orders/2000/da000048.doc

DAVID J. TEAT. Denied Teat's request for extension of the construction deadline and cancelled his license for failure to construct non-nationwide 220 MHz license. Action by Deputy Chief, Commercial Wireless Division. Adopted: January 12, 2000. by Order. (DA No. 00-47). WTB Internet URL: https://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Wireless/Orders/2000/da000047.doc

YOUNGSTOWN RADIO SERVICE, INC. Dismissed Lanty L. Smith's waiver request of rules for a Phase I non-nationwide 220 MHz license call sign WPCC812 in Youngstown, OH. Action by Deputy Chief, Commercial Wireless Division. Adopted: January 12, 2000. by Order. (DA No. 00-45). WTB Internet URL: https://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Wireless/Orders/2000/da000045.doc

ADDENDA: The following items, released January 7, 2000, did not appear in Digest No. 5:




COLONIAL HEIGHTS, TN. Denied Newport Publishing's request for reconsideration regarding FM station table of allotments. Dkt No.: MM- 93-28. Action by Chief, Allocations Branch. Adopted: January 6, 2000. by MO&O. (DA No. 00-25). MMB Internet URL: https://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Mass_Media/Orders/2000/da000025.doc

ALBERTON, MT, ET AL. Amended FM Table of allotment for various communities in Montana, Texas, and Florida. Dkt No.: MM- 99-305, et- al. Action by Chief, Allocations Branch. Adopted: December 29, 1999. by R&O. (DA No. 99-3041). MMB Internet URL: https://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Mass_Media/Orders/2000/da993041.doc

MIDDLEBURY, BERLIN AND HARDWICK, VT. Amended FM table of allotment for these communities. Dkt No.: MM- 98-72. Action by Chief, Allocations Banch. Adopted: December 29, 1999. by R&O. (DA No. 99-3040). MMB Internet URL: https://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Mass_Media/Orders/2000/da993040.doc

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The following items are corrections from previous Daily Digests.

Correction: The following item, released January 10 and listed on the Jan. 11 digest is corrected to read: CORRECTION TO PUBLIC NOITCE RELEASED JAN 10 RE SBC SECTION 271 (DA 00-37) DKT NO. CC-004, REPLY COMMENTS DUE FEB. 22, 2000, CONTACT: BILL DEVER 202 418-1578, AUDREY WRIGHT 202-418-2725.

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