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Vol. 19 No. 244
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December 21, 2000





FCC RELEASES STUDY ON TELEPHONE TRENDS. News Media contact Mike Balmoris 202-418-0253, Industry Analysis 418-0940. News Release CCB  DOC-208480A1.pdf  DOC-208480A1.doc  DOC-208480A1.txt

FCC PROPOSES $640,000 FINE AGAINST AT&T COMMUNICATIONS FOR SLAMMING VIOLATIONS. News Media contact Richard Welch 202-418-7450 or Dana Leavitt 418-1317, FCC 00-446. News Release. Adopted: 12/21/2000 ENF  DOC-208484A1.pdf  DOC-208484A1.doc  DOC-208484A1.txt




Released: 12/21/2000. COMMENTS INVITED ON QWEST SECTION 214 APPLICATION TO DISCONTINUE OPERATION OF FACILITIES WITHIN TWELVE UTAH EXCHANGES. (DA No. 00-2879). Comments Due: 01/17/2001. CCB. Contact: Marty Schwimmer 202-4182325  DA-00-2879A1.pdf  DA-00-2879A1.doc  DA-00-2879A1.txt

Released: 12/21/2000. CINERGY TWO, INC SEEKS COMMISSION STATUS AS AN EXEMPT TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANY UNDER THE PUBLIC UTILITIES HOLDING ACT. (DA No. 00-2880). Comments Due: 01/02/2001. CCB. Contact: MARTY SCHWIMMER 202-418-2320  DA-00-2880A1.pdf  DA-00-2880A1.doc  DA-00-2880A1.txt

Released: 12/21/2000. TARIFF TRANSMITTAL PUBLIC REFERENCE LOG: DEC. 20. CIB  DOC-208483A1.pdf  DOC-208483A1.txt

Report No: TEL-00330 Released: 12/21/2000. INTERNATIONAL AUTHORIZATIONS GRANTED. (DA No. 00-2875). IB  DA-00-2875A1.pdf  DA-00-2875A1.txt

Report No: 44886 Released: 12/21/2000. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MMB  DOC-208481A1.pdf  DOC-208481A1.txt  DOC-208481A1.txt

Report No: 24886 Released: 12/21/2000. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MMB  DOC-208482A1.pdf  DOC-208482A1.txt  DOC-208482A1.txt


Report No: AUC-33 Released: 12/21/2000. WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS BUREAU GRANTS 700 MHZ GUARD BANDS AUCTION LICENSES. (FCC No. 01-10). WTB  FCC-01-10A1.pdf  FCC-01-10A2.pdf  FCC-01-10A1.doc  FCC-01-10A2.xls  FCC-01-10A1.txt  FCC-01-10A2.txt




FEDERAL-STATE JOINT BOARD ON UNIVERSAL SERVICE. Asked the Joint Board to review the definition of universal service and to review Lifeline and Link Up service for all low-income customers.. (Dkt No. 96-45). Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 12/14/2000 by ORDER. (FCC No. 00-440). CCB  FCC-00-440A1.pdf  FCC-00-440A1.doc  FCC-00-440A1.txt

IMPLEMENTATION OF THE SUBSCRIBER CARRIER SELECTION CHANGES. Granted AT&T Corporation a limited waiver of the authorization and verification requirements of the rules and Carrier Change Orders.. Action by: Associate Chief, Accounting Policy Division. Adopted: 12/20/2000 by ORDER. (DA No. 00-2867). CCB  DA-00-2867A1.pdf  DA-00-2867A1.doc  DA-00-2867A1.txt

2000 BIENNIAL REGULATORY REVIEW OF PART 68 OF THE COMMISSION'S RULES AND REGULATIONS. Minimized or eliminated the role of the government in these processes. [Final rule; announcement of effective date, May 9, 2001; 66 FR 23625 (05/09/01). (Dkt No. 99-216). Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 11/09/2000 by R&O. (FCC No. 00-400). CCB. Contact Staci Pies  FCC-00-400A1.pdf  FCC-00-400A1.doc  FCC-00-400A1.txt

ROSEVILLE TELEPHONE CO.. Granted an extension of time filed on December 8, 2000, by Roseville Tel. Co. to file its initial attestation report. Roseville has until Jan. 15, 2002 to file its initial attestation reports.. Action by: Chief, Accounting Safeguards Division. Adopted: 12/20/2000 by ORDER. (DA No. 00-2876). CCB. Contact Mika Savir  DA-00-2876A1.pdf  DA-00-2876A1.doc  DA-00-2876A1.txt

CAM AUDIT REQIREMENTS FOR LARGE ILECS. Implemented Phase I provisions of Report and Order that permits large incumbent local exchange carriers to opt for less burdensome attest examinations of cost allocation manuals.. Action by: Chief, Accounting Safeguards Division. Adopted: 12/20/2000 by LETTER. (DA No. 00-2385). CCB. Contact Mark Stone  DA-00-2385A1.pdf  DA-00-2385A1.doc  DA-00-2385A1.txt

CENTURYTEL. INC. AND CENTURYTEL OF WASHINGTON, INC.. Granted an extension of time filed by CenturyTel of Wash. The extension grants CenturyTel until October 1, 2001 to file its ARMIS reports and to Jan. 15, 2002 for filing attestation report.. Action by: Chief, Accounting Safeguards Division. Adopted: 12/20/2000 by ORDER. (DA No. 00-2877). CCB. Contact Mika Savir  DA-00-2877A1.pdf  DA-00-2877A1.doc  DA-00-2877A1.txt

TCI CABLEVISION OF OREGON, INC. Granted joint motion to withdraw appeals of Local Rate Orders filed by TCI and Clackamas County, Oregon and dismissed petition for reconsideration, appeals and stay requests.. Action by: Chief, Consumer Protection and Competition Division. Adopted: 12/19/2000 by ORDER. (DA No. 00-2865). CSB  DA-00-2865A1.pdf  DA-00-2865A1.doc  DA-00-2865A1.txt

AT&T COMMUNICATIONS, INC.. Issued Notice of Apparent Liability for $650,000 against AT&T for slamming violations.. Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 12/21/2000 by NALF. (FCC No. 00-446). ENF  FCC-00-446A1.pdf  FCC-00-446A1.doc  FCC-00-446A1.txt

XM RADIO, INC.. Granted Motient Corporation authority to transfer control of XM Radio's Digital Audio Radio Service license to the shareholders of XM Satellite Radio Holdings, Inc. a subsidiary of Motient.. Action by: Chief, International Bureau. Adopted: 12/20/2000 by ORDER. (DA No. 00-2518). IB

LICENSES OF 21ST CENTURY TELESIS, INC. FOR FACILITIES IN THE BROADBAND PERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES. Denied 21st Century's petition regarding broadband PCS installment payments.. Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 12/08/2000 by MO&O. (FCC No. 00-434). WTB. Contact Alice Elder  FCC-00-434A1.pdf  FCC-00-434A1.doc  FCC-00-434A1.txt

SAN MATEO COUNTY TRANSIT DISTRICT. Granted petitions for reinstatement of license for PLMS KYC941 and petition to deny applications of John Gronemeier d/b/a Bay Communications.. Action by: Chief, Public Safety and Private Wireless Division. Adopted: 12/19/2000 by MO&O. (DA No. 00-2868). WTB  DA-00-2868A1.pdf  DA-00-2868A1.doc  DA-00-2868A1.txt

TEN FOUR COMMUNICATIONS. Granted petition for reconsideration filed on behalf of Matson Development Company and returned to pending status Matson's application. Set aside the grant of Ten Four's application.. Action by: Chief, Public Safety and Private Wireless Division. Adopted: 12/19/2000 by MO&O. (DA No. 00-2859). WTB  DA-00-2859A1.pdf  DA-00-2859A1.doc  DA-00-2859A1.txt

SOUTHERN COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS, INC. REQUEST FOR LIMITED RULE WAIVER TO COMPLY WITH PCS INSTALLMENT PAYMENT FOR C BLOCK LICENSE IN THE CLEVELAND, TN BTA. Affirmed Waiver Order and denied Southern's petition regarding PCS installment payment for C Block license.. Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 12/08/2000 by MO&O. (FCC No. 00-433). WTB. Contact Audrea Kelly  FCC-00-433A1.pdf  FCC-00-433A1.doc  FCC-00-433A1.txt