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Vol. 20 No. 15
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January 22, 2001





OPEN PROCEEDINGS. Open Proceedings. Action by: Marilyn Abraham CIB  DOC-209180A1.pdf  DOC-209180A1.doc  DOC-209180A1.txt




Report No: N-206-A Released: 01/22/2001. CONNECTION OF TERMINAL EQUIPMENT TO THE TELEPHONE NETWORK. CCB. Contact: Herbert Neumann at (202) 418-2341  DOC-209177A1.pdf  DOC-209177A1.doc  DOC-209177A1.txt

Report No: N-207-A Released: 01/22/2001. CONNECTION OF TERMINAL EQUIPMENT TO THE TELEPHONE NETWORK. CCB. Contact: Herbert Neumann at (202) 418-2341  DOC-209178A1.pdf  DOC-209178A1.doc  DOC-209178A1.txt

Released: 01/22/2001. TARIFF TRANSMITTAL PUBLIC REFERENCE LOG, 01/22/2001. CCB. Contact: Reference Information Center at (202) 418-0270  DOC-209197A1.pdf  DOC-209197A1.txt

Report No: 44905 Released: 01/22/2001. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MMB  DOC-209218A1.pdf  DOC-209218A1.txt  DOC-209218A1.txt

Report No: 24905 Released: 01/22/2001. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MMB  DOC-209217A1.pdf  DOC-209217A1.txt  DOC-209217A1.txt

Report No: 279 Released: 01/22/2001. INSTRUCTIONAL TELEVISION FIXED SERVICE ACTIONS. MMB  DOC-209182A1.pdf  DOC-209182A1.txt

Report No: 298 Released: 01/22/2001. INSTRUCTIONAL TELEVISION FIXED SERVICE APPLICATIONS: Proposed Minor Modification Construction Permits and Extension Applications. MMB  DOC-209181A1.pdf  DOC-209181A1.txt

Released: 01/22/2001. EX PARTE PRESENTATIONS AND POST-REPLY COMMENT PERIOD FILINGS. OMD. Contact: Barbara Lowe at (202) 418-0310  DOC-209227A1.pdf  DOC-209227A1.doc  DOC-209227A1.txt

Report No: AUC-33 (Auction No. Released: 01/22/2001. WTB ANNOUNCES IT IS PREPARED TO GRANT 700 MHZ GUARD BANDS AUCTION LICENSES AFTER FINAL PAYMENT IS MADE. (DA No. 01-155) (Auction Event No. 33). OMD, WTB. Contact: Gail Glasser or Shirley Hanberry at (202) 418-1995, Gary A. Oshinsky, Erin McGrath or Amal Abdallah at (202) 418-7240,  DA-01-155A1.pdf  DA-01-155A2.pdf  DA-01-155A3.pdf  DA-01-155A4.pdf  DA-01-155A5.pdf  DA-01-155A1.doc  DA-01-155A3.doc  DA-01-155A4.doc  DA-01-155A1.txt  DA-01-155A2.txt  DA-01-155A3.txt  DA-01-155A4.txt  DA-01-155A5.txt

Released: 01/22/2001. WTB SEEKS COMMENT ON INFORMAL REQUEST OF THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FIRE CHIEFS, INC., AND THE INTERNATIONAL. (DA No. 01-152) MUNICIPAL SIGNAL ASSOCIATION FOR CERTIFICATION TO PROVIDE FREQUENCY COORDINATION FOR 800 MHZ PRIVATE LAND MOBILE RADIO SERVICE FREQUENICES. Comments Due: 02/21/2001. Reply Comments Due: 03/08/2001. WTB. Contact: Freda Thyden at (202) 418-0627, email: thyden@fcc.gov., John Evanoff at (202) 418-0848, email: jevanoff@fcc.gov  DA-01-152A1.pdf  DA-01-152A1.doc  DA-01-152A1.txt




IN THE MATTER OF REQUEST FOR CLARIFICATION OF RATE REGULATORY RULES INSIDE WIRE MAINTENANCE. Issued clarification of cable television rate regulatory regulation. Action by: Chief, Cable Services Bureau. Adopted: 01/18/2001 by MO&O. (DA No. 01-154). CSB  DA-01-154A1.pdf  DA-01-154A1.doc  DA-01-154A1.txt

NONDISCRIMINATION IN DISTRIBUTUION O INTERACTIVE TELEVISION SERVICES OVER CABLE ERRATUM TO FCC 01-15. Released an Erratum correcting the table of contents in the Notice of Inquiry (FCC 01-15), released January 18, in proceeding CS Docket No. 01-7. By Erratum. Adopted: 01/19/2001 by ERRATUM. CSB  DOC-209226A1.pdf  DOC-209226A1.doc  DOC-209226A1.txt

CARMELITA T. GOSSARD D/B/A AA BEEP. Issued a monetary forfeiture in the amount of $5,000 against Carmelita T. Gossard, d/b/a AA Beep ("AA Beep") for willful violation of Section 301 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, Section 22.3 of the Commission's Rules. Action by: Chief, Technical and Public Safety Division, Enforcement Bureau. Adopted: 01/18/2001 by ORDER. (DA No. 01-137). ENF  DA-01-137A1.pdf  DA-01-137A1.doc  DA-01-137A1.txt

HARDROCK CONCRETE PLACEMENT COMPANY TO OPERATE A 900 MHZ INDUSTRIAL/BUSINESS RADIO STATION IN PHOENIX, ARIZONA. Granted the Application for Review filed by Hardrock Concrete Placement Company on February 4, 2000. Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 01/11/2001 by MO&O. (FCC No. 01-14). WTB. Contact Guy Benson  FCC-01-14A1.pdf  FCC-01-14A1.doc  FCC-01-14A1.txt

CRESCENT REAL ESTATE EQUITIES LP. Dismissed the Petition by PM Realty Group's for reconsideration of the grant of an assignment application to assign Private Land Mobile Industrial/Business Radio Station WPKP593 from PM Realty to Crescent Real Estate. Action by: Chief, Policy & Rules Branch, Public Safety & Private Wireless Division. Adopted: 01/18/2001 by ORDER. (DA No. 01-140). WTB  DA-01-140A1.pdf  DA-01-140A1.doc  DA-01-140A1.txt

THE NORTHCENTRAL BROADCASTING CO.. Dismissed Northcentral's Application for Review as moot concerning Renewal of License of Station KNK1802 Chelan, Washington. Action by: Chief, Policy and Rules Branch, Commercial Wireless Division, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau. Adopted: 01/19/2001 by ORDER. (DA No. 01-150). WTB, WTB  DA-01-150A1.pdf  DA-01-150A1.doc  DA-01-150A1.txt





FCC CHAIRMAN WILLIAM E. KENNARD APPOINTS 39 MEMBERS TO THE COMMISSION'S CONSUMER/DISABILITY TELECOMMUNICATIONS ADVISORY COMMITTEE. Chairman Kennard appointed 39 members of the Consumer/Disability Telecommunications Advisory Committee (CDTAC) "to help get the consumers' point-of-view considered earlier in the Commission's proceedings and actions.". News Release CIB, OCH. Contact Consumer Information Bureau: Scott Marshall at (202) 418-2809, email: smarshal@fcc.gov, TTY: (202) 418-0179, fax: (202) 418-1414  DOC-209191A1.pdf  DOC-209191A2.pdf  DOC-209191A1.doc  DOC-209191A2.doc  DOC-209191A1.txt  DOC-209191A2.txt

FCC GRANTS "MUST CARRY" STATUS TO DIGITAL-ONLY TV STATION. The FCC ruled that WHDT-DT, channel 59 of Stuart, Florida, a digital-only television station is entitled to mandatory carriage rights on cable systems in its local area. By MO&O. (FCC-01-23). News Release. Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 01/19/2001 CSB. Contact Steven Broeckaert, Sonia Greenway at (202) 418-7200, TTY: (202) 418-7172  DOC-209199A1.pdf  DOC-209199A1.doc  DOC-209199A1.txt

FCC BROADLY AFFIRMS THE DECISIONS REACHED IN THREE TV OWNERSHIP AND MASS MEDIA ATTRIBUTION ORDERS. The FCC generally affirmed the three August 1999 Orders amending its television ownership and mass media attribution rules. FCC 00-438. News Release. Action by: the Commission. (Dkt No 87-8, 91-221). Adopted: 01/19/2001 MMB. Contact Eric Bash at (202) 418-2130  DOC-209186A1.pdf  DOC-209186A1.doc  DOC-209186A1.txt

FCC ISSUES FURTHER ORDER IN DIGITAL TELEVISION TRANSITION; ASKS FOR FURTHER COMMENTS ON DTV RECEIVER ISSUES. The FCC issued a R&O & FNPRM in its first periodic review of the DTV transition to resolve issues crucial to the rapid conversion of the nation's broadcast television system from analog to digital. By R&O & FNPRM. (FCC 01-24). News Release. Action by: the Commission. (Dkt No 00-39). Adopted: 01/19/2001 MMB, OET. Contact Mass Media Bureau: Roger Holberg and Mania Baghdadi at (202) 418-2120, Office of Engineering & Technology: Bruce Franca and Alan Stillwell at (202) 418-2470  DOC-209201A1.pdf  DOC-209201A1.doc  DOC-209201A1.txt




PETITION OF WORLD COM, INC., FOR PREEMPTION OF JURISDICTION OF THE VIRGINIA STATE CORPORATION COMMISSION PURSUANT TO SECTION 252(E)(5) OF THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS ACT OF 1996 ET AL.. Granted WorldCom's petition.. (Dkt No. 00-218). Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 01/17/2001 by MO&O. (FCC No. 01-20). CCB. Contact Michelle Carey  FCC-01-20A1.pdf  FCC-01-20A1.doc  FCC-01-20A1.txt

DEPLOYMENT OF WIRELINE SERVICES OFFERING ADVANCED TELECOMMUNICATIONS CAPABILITY ET AL. Addressed five petitions for reconsideration and/or clarification of our Line Sharing Order and seek comments in proceeding. By 3rd R&O on Recon., 4th R&O on Recon., 3rd FNPRM, 6th NPRM [Proposed rule; 66 FR 9058 (02/06/01)]. (Dkt No. 96-98, 98-147). Action by: the Commission. Comments Due: 02/27/2001. Reply Comments Due: 03/13/2001. Adopted: 01/19/2001 by R&O. (FCC No. 01-26). CCB  FCC-01-26A1.pdf  FCC-01-26A1.doc  FCC-01-26A1.txt

PROCEDURES FOR ARBITRATIONS CONDUCTED PURSUANT TO SECTION 252(E)(5) OF THE COMMUNICATIONS ACT OF 1934. Amended rules and granted additional discretion to the FCC arbitrator when arbitrating interconnectiond disputes. Addressed a number of other generic issues concerning arbitrations conducted by the Commission.. Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 01/17/2001 by ORDER. (FCC No. 01-21). CCB. Contact William Kehoe  FCC-01-21A1.pdf  FCC-01-21A1.doc  FCC-01-21A1.txt

BROADCAST TELEVISION NATIONAL OWNERSHIP RULES; REVIEW OF THE COMMISSION'S REGULATIONS GOVERNING TELEVISION BROADCAST ET AL.. Denied petition seeking reconsideration in part of the R&O. (Dkt No. 87-8, 91-221, 96-222). Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 11/13/2000 by MO&O. (FCC No. 00-406). MMB. Contact Jane Gross  FCC-00-406A1.pdf  FCC-00-406A1.doc  FCC-00-406A1.txt

REVIEW OF THE COMMISSION'S REGULATIONS GOVERNING ATTRIBUTION OF BROADCAST AND CABLE/MDS INTEREST ET AL.. Granted in part and denied in part, five petitions seeking reconsideration of the R&O released in this proceeding on August 6, 1999.. (Dkt No. 87-154, 92-51, 94-150). Action by: the Commission. Comments Due: 04/16/2001. Adopted: 12/14/2000 by MO&O. (FCC No. 00-438). MMB  FCC-00-438A1.pdf  FCC-00-438A1.doc  FCC-00-438A1.txt

REVIEW OF THE COMMISSION'S REGULATIONS GOVERNING TELEVISION BROADCASTING; TELEVISION SATELLITE STATIONS REVIEW OF POLICY AND RULES. Resolved various petitions for reconsideration of the R&O in this proceeding, and clarified certain aspects of the R&O.. (Dkt No. 87-8, 91-221). Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 12/07/2000 by MO&O. (FCC No. 00-431). MMB  FCC-00-431A1.pdf  FCC-00-431A1.doc  FCC-00-431A1.txt

REVIEW OF THE COMMISSION'S RULES AND POLICIES AFFECTING THE CONVERSION TO DIGITAL TELEVISION. Resolved several issues crucial to the rapid conversion of the nation's broadcast television system from analog to digital. Seek comments in this proceeding. By R&O & FNPRM. [Final rule; 66 FR 9973 (02/13/01)]. (Dkt No. 00-39). Action by: The Commission. Comments Due: 04/06/2001. Reply Comments Due: 05/07/2001. Adopted: 01/18/2001 by R&O. (FCC No. 01-24). MMB. Contact Roger Holberg  FCC-01-24A1.pdf  FCC-01-24A1.doc  FCC-01-24A1.txt