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Vol. 20 No. 73
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April 12, 2001





Released: 04/12/2001. TARIFF TRANSMITTALS PUBLIC REFERENCE LOG Public Reference Log 04/11/2001. CCB  DOC-211898A1.pdf  DOC-211898A1.txt

Report No: TEL-00380 Released: 04/12/2001. INTERNATIONAL AUTHORIZATION GRANTED. (DA No. 01-923). IB  DA-01-923A1.pdf  DA-01-923A1.txt

Report No: FCN-00044 Released: 04/12/2001. FOREIGN CARRIER AFFILIATION NOTIFICATION. (DA No. 01-914). IB. Contact: Peggy Reitzel 202-418-1460

Report No: SAT-00069 Released: 04/12/2001. SATELLITE POLICY BRANCH INFORMATION INMARSAT VENTURES PLC. Comments Due: 04/27/2001. Reply Comments Due: 05/07/2001. IB. Contact: Kathleen Campbell 202-418-0753 or James Ball 202-418-0427  DOC-211906A1.pdf  DOC-211906A1.txt

Report No: 44962 Released: 04/12/2001. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MMB  DOC-211908A1.pdf  DOC-211908A1.txt  DOC-211908A1.txt

Report No: 24962 Released: 04/12/2001. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MMB  DOC-211909A1.pdf  DOC-211909A1.txt  DOC-211909A1.txt




MANHATTAN TELECOMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION D/B/A METROPOLITAN TELECOMMUNICATIONS A/K/A METTEL. Granted MetTel a limited waiver to the extent necessary to enable MetTel to become the preferred carrier of consumers currently presubscribed to NATELCO, without first obtaining the consumers' authorization and verification. (Dkt No. 94-129). Action by: Associate Chief, Accounting Policy Division, Common Carrier Bureau. Adopted: 04/11/2001 by ORDER. (DA No. 01-908). CCB  DA-01-908A1.doc

RICHARD E. LAPIERRE SEABROOK, NEW HAMPSHIRE. Affirmed a monetary forfeiture in the amount of $4,000 issued to Richard E. LaPierre for willfully and repeatedly violations involving failure to respond to four written Commission inquiries regarding his marine radio station. Action by: Chief, Enforcement Bureau. Adopted: 04/10/2001 by MO&O. (DA No. 01-909). ENF  DA-01-909A1.pdf  DA-01-909A1.doc  DA-01-909A1.txt

S&L TEEN HOSPITAL SHUTTLE. Granted James A. Kay, Jr's application for review insofar as we will consider the merits of his case, but denied in all other respects. Action by: Commission. Adopted: 03/29/2001 by MO&O. (FCC No. 01-114). WTB. Contact Freda Lippert Thyden  FCC-01-114A1.pdf  FCC-01-114A1.doc  FCC-01-114A1.txt

CHRIS D. HUDGINS. Denied a petition submitted by Tom Blackwell requesting reconsideration of the granting of a renewal for the license for Amateur Station N5IUF to the licensee, Chris C. Hudgins.. Action by: Chief, Public Safety & Private Wireless Division. Adopted: 04/10/2001 by ORDER. (DA No. 01-917). WTB  DA-01-917A1.pdf  DA-01-917A1.doc  DA-01-917A1.txt

GARMIN INTERNATIONAL, INC.. Granted Garmin International, Inc.'s Petition for Partial Reconsideration of an Order that granted Garmin a one-year waiver of the rules in the Family Radio Service and granted extension of this waiver from one year to two years.. Action by: Chief, Public Safety & Private Wireless Division. Adopted: 04/10/2001 by ORDER. (DA No. 01-851). WTB  DA-01-851A1.pdf  DA-01-851A1.doc  DA-01-851A1.txt

SPECIALIZED MOBILE RADIO STATION LICENSE FOR WPGD667, DAVID SCHATZLEIN. Granted petition for reconsideration filed by Lancelot Holding Corp. requesting review of the cancellation of SMR license, which Lancelot manages on behlf of the licensee, David Schatzlein and reinstated the license. Action by: Deputy Chief, Policy and Rules Branch, Commercial Wireless Division, WTB. Adopted: 04/11/2001 by ORDER. (DA No. 01-922). WTB  DA-01-922A1.pdf  DA-01-922A1.doc  DA-01-922A1.txt