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Vol. 22 No. 156
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August 14, 2003





FCC ISSUES CONSUMER ADVISORY ON WIRELESS E911. Chairman Powell Says Consumers Entitled to Enhanced 911 Services. News Release. News Media Contact: Meribeth McCarrick at (202) 418-0654 WTB  DOC-237653A1.doc  DOC-237653A2.doc  DOC-237653A1.pdf  DOC-237653A2.pdf  DOC-237653A1.txt  DOC-237653A2.txt




Report No: 2621 Released: 08/14/2003. PETITIONS FOR RECONSIDERATION OF ACTION IN RULEMAKING PROCEEDING. CGB  DOC-237644A1.doc  DOC-237644A1.pdf  DOC-237644A1.txt

Report No: TEL-00700 Released: 08/14/2003. INTERNATIONAL AUTHORIZATIONS GRANTED. (DA No. 03-2650). IB. Contact: (202) 418-1460  DA-03-2650A1.pdf  DA-03-2650A1.txt

Report No: 45549 Released: 08/14/2003. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MB  DOC-237618A1.txt

Report No: 25549 Released: 08/14/2003. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. (Dkt No 96-45, 97-21). MB  DOC-237570A1.txt

Released: 08/14/2003. FCC FORMS 301, 314 AND 315 APPROVED AND AVAILABLE FOR USE; MEDIA BUREAU ANNOUNCES END TO FREEZE ON THE FILING OF FORM 301, 314, AND 315 APPLICATIONS AND AMENDMENTS. (DA No. 03-2642). MB. Contact: Peter Doyle or Nina Shafran at (202) 418-2700; or Barbara Kreisman or Jim Brown at (202) 418-1600; or for electronic filing information at (202) 418-2MMB (418-2662)  DA-03-2642A1.doc  DA-03-2642A1.pdf  DA-03-2642A1.txt

Released: 08/14/2003. EX PARTE PRESENTATIONS AND POST-REPLY COMMENT PERIOD FILINGS IN PERMIT-BUT-DISCLOSE PROCEEDINGS. OMD. Contact: Helen Abraham @ (202) 418-1864  DOC-237634A1.doc  DOC-237634A1.pdf  DOC-237634A1.txt

Released: 08/14/2003. TARIFF TRANSMITTAL PUBLIC REFERENCE LOG. WCB. Contact: Reference Information Center at (202) 418-0270  DOC-237599A1.pdf  DOC-237599A1.txt




FRANK KLUZ, LANCASTER, OHIO. Issued a monetary forfeiture of $500 to Mr. Frank Kluz for willful violation of Section 95.411 of the Commission's Rules. Action by: Chief, Enforcement Bureau. Adopted: 08/12/2003 by Forfeiture Order. (DA No. 03-2645). EB  DA-03-2645A1.doc  DA-03-2645A1.pdf  DA-03-2645A1.txt

ANTILLES WIRELESS, L.L.C., D/B/A CABLE USA. Granted Antilles Wireless, L.L.C., d/b/a Cable USA, temporary 36-month waivers of Section 11.11(a) of the Commission's Rules for six cable television systems in the state of California. Action by: Chief, Spectrum Enforcement Division, Enforcement Bureau. Adopted: 08/12/2003 by ORDER. (DA No. 03-2553). EB  DA-03-2553A1.doc  DA-03-2553A1.pdf  DA-03-2553A1.txt

EMR NETWORK PETITION FOR INQUIRY TO CONSIDER AMENDMENT OF PARTS 1 AND 2 REGARDING ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS OF RADIOFREQUENCY RADIATION. Denied the Application for Review. Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 07/28/2003 by ORDER. (FCC No. 03-191). OET  FCC-03-191A1.doc  FCC-03-191A2.doc  FCC-03-191A1.pdf  FCC-03-191A2.pdf  FCC-03-191A1.txt  FCC-03-191A2.txt

RICHARD A. BURTON - APPLICATION FOR GENERAL MOBILE RADIO SERVICE LICENSE. Issued erratum correcting Hearing Designation Order, DA-03-2607, released 08/07/2003. (Dkt No. 03-188). Action by: Deputy Chief, Public Safety and Private Wireless Division, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau by ERRATUM. WTB  DOC-237690A1.doc

SECTION 68.4(A) OF THE COMMISSION'S RULES GOVERNING HEARING AID-COMPATIBLE TELEPHONES. Modified the exemption for wireless phones under the Hearing Aid Compatibility Act of 1988 (HAC Act) to require that digital wireless phones be capable of being effectively used with hearing aids. (Dkt No. 01-309). Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 07/10/2003 by R&O. (FCC No. 03-168). WTB  FCC-03-168A1.doc  FCC-03-168A2.doc  FCC-03-168A3.doc  FCC-03-168A4.doc  FCC-03-168A5.doc  FCC-03-168A6.doc  FCC-03-168A1.pdf  FCC-03-168A2.pdf  FCC-03-168A3.pdf  FCC-03-168A4.pdf  FCC-03-168A5.pdf  FCC-03-168A6.pdf  FCC-03-168A1.txt  FCC-03-168A2.txt  FCC-03-168A3.txt  FCC-03-168A4.txt  FCC-03-168A5.txt  FCC-03-168A6.txt