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Vol. 23 No. 224
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November 26, 2004





CHAIRMAN POWELL ISSUES STATEMENT ON SBC'S TIPTOP SERVICE. STMT. News Media Contact: Richard Diamond at (202) 418-0513, email: richard.diamond@fcc.gov OCH. Contact Mark Wigfield at (202) 418-0253, email: mark.wigfield@fcc.gov  DOC-254681A1.doc  DOC-254681A1.pdf  DOC-254681A1.txt

FCC CALENDAR OF EVENTS. News Release. News Media Contact: Sharon Hurd at (202) 418-0504 OMR  DOC-254678A1.doc  DOC-254678A1.pdf  DOC-254678A1.txt




Report No: TEL-00855 Released: 11/26/2004. INTERNATIONAL AUTHORIZATIONS GRANTED. (DA No. 04-3693). IB. Contact: (202) 418-1460  DA-04-3693A1.pdf  DA-04-3693A1.txt

Report No: TEL-00854S Released: 11/26/2004. STREAMLINED INTERNATIONAL APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED FOR FILING. IB. Contact: (202) 418-0270  DOC-254674A1.pdf  DOC-254674A1.txt

Report No: 45869 Released: 11/26/2004. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MB  DOC-254623A2.txt  DOC-254623A1.pdf

Report No: 25869 Released: 11/26/2004. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MB  DOC-254622A2.txt  DOC-254622A1.pdf

Released: 11/26/2004. EX PARTE PRESENTATIONS AND POST-REPLY COMMENT PERIOD FILINGS IN PERMIT-BUT-DISCLOSURE PROCEEDINGS. OMD. Contact: Barbara P. Chappelle @ (202) 418-0310  DOC-254668A1.pdf  DOC-254668A1.txt

Report No: CWS-05-14 Released: 11/26/2004. ANTENNA STRUCTURE REGISTRATION SERVICE INFORMATION. WTB  DOC-254627A1.pdf  DOC-254627A1.txt

Released: 11/26/2004. WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS BUREAU MOBILITY DIVISION APPROVES WITHDRAWAL OF CONSOLIDATED APPLICATION FOR REVIEW. (DA No. 04-3690). (Dkt No 02-215). WTB. Contact: Richard Arsenault at (202) 418-0920, email: Richard.Arsenault@fcc.gov  DA-04-3690A1.doc  DA-04-3690A1.pdf  DA-04-3690A1.txt

Released: 11/26/2004. WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS BUREAU MOBILITY DIVISION APPROVES SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT AND WITHDRAWAL OF PETITION FOR RECONSIDERATION. (DA No. 04-3701). WTB. Contact: Wilbert E. Nixon, Jr. at (202) 418-7240, email: Wilbert.Nixon@fcc.gov  DA-04-3701A1.doc  DA-04-3701A1.pdf  DA-04-3701A1.txt




FM TABLE OF ALLOTMENTS, VINTON, LA, CRYSTAL BEACH, LUMBERTON, & WINNIE, TX. Denied the Petition for Reconsideration. (Dkt No. 02-212 , RM-10516). Action by: Assistant Chief, Audio Division, Media Bureau. Adopted: 11/24/2004 by MO&O. (DA No. 04-3616). MB  DA-04-3616A1.doc  DA-04-3616A1.pdf  DA-04-3616A1.txt

FM TABLE OF ALLOTMENTS, MORGANFIELD AND CORYDON, KY. Proposed the Amendment of FM Table of Allotments for these communities. (Dkt No. 04-420 , RM-11119). Action by: Assistant Chief, Audio Division, Media Bureau. Comments Due: 01/18/2005. Reply Comments Due: 02/01/2005. Adopted: 11/24/2004 by NPRM. (DA No. 04-3615). MB  DA-04-3615A1.doc  DA-04-3615A1.pdf  DA-04-3615A1.txt