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Vol. 24 No. 169
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September 2, 2005





FCC'S MEDIA BUREAU TO ALLOW NONCOMMERCIAL EDUCATIONAL STATIONS TO AIR ESSENTIAL COMMERCIAL PROGRAMS TO VICTIMS OF HURRICANE KATRINA. News Release. News Media Contact: Rebecca Fisher at (202) 418-2359 MB. Contact Barbara Kreisman at (202) 418-1600 or Peter H. Doyle at (202) 418-2700  DOC-260853A1.doc  DOC-260853A1.pdf  DOC-260853A1.txt

FCC TO BE OPEN LABOR DAY WEEKEND IN RESPONSE TO HURRICANE KATRINA RELIEF AND RESTORATION EFFORTS. News Release. News Media Contact: David Fiske at (202) 418-0513 OMR  DOC-260858A1.doc  DOC-260858A1.pdf  DOC-260858A1.txt




Released: 09/02/2005. FCC ANNOUNCES OMB APPROVAL OF CUSTOMER ACCOUNT RECORD EXCHANGE RULES. (DA No. 05-2405). (Dkt No 02-386). CGB. Contact: Kelli Farmer at (202) 418-7057  DA-05-2405A1.doc  DA-05-2405A1.pdf  DA-05-2405A1.txt

Released: 09/02/2005. FOREIGN CARRIER AFFILIATION NOTIFICATION. (DA No. 05-2402). IB. Contact: Peggy Reitzel at (202) 418-1460, TTY: (202) 418-2555  DA-05-2402A1.pdf  DA-05-2402A1.txt

Released: 09/02/2005. WRC-07 ADVISORY COMMITTEE - MEETINGS OF THE INFORMAL WORKING GROUPS. (DA No. 05-2400). (Dkt No 04-286). IB. Contact: Donald Weiland at (202) 418-2220  DA-05-2400A1.doc  DA-05-2400A1.pdf  DA-05-2400A1.txt

Report No: TEL-00943S Released: 09/02/2005. STREAMLINED INTERNATIONAL APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED FOR FILING. IB. Contact: (202) 418-0270  DOC-260841A1.pdf  DOC-260841A1.txt

Report No: 0156 Released: 09/02/2005. SPECIAL RELIEF AND SHOW CAUSE PETITIONS. MB. Contact: (202) 418-7200  DOC-260848A1.doc  DOC-260848A1.pdf  DOC-260848A1.txt

Released: 09/02/2005. MEDIA BUREAU SUSPENDS TELEVISION AND RADIO RULES TO PERMIT NCE STATIONS TO BROADCAST COMMERCIAL PROGRAMMING IN THE GREATER NEW ORLEANS AREA. (DA No. 05-2410). MB. Contact: Barbara Kreisman at (202) 418-1600, email: Barbara.Kreisman@fcc.gov or Peter H. Doyle at (20) 418-2700, email: Peter.Doyle@fcc.gov  DA-05-2410A1.doc  DA-05-2410A1.pdf  DA-05-2410A1.txt

Report No: 46062 Released: 09/02/2005. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MB  DOC-260824A2.txt  DOC-260824A1.pdf

Report No: 26062 Released: 09/02/2005. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MB  DOC-260821A2.txt  DOC-260821A1.pdf

Released: 09/02/2005. NETWORK RELIABILITY AND INTEROPERABILITY COUNCIL TO HOLD MEETING. (DA No. 05-2408). OET. Contact: Jeffery Goldthorp at (202) 418-1096, TTY: (202) 418-2989  DA-05-2408A1.doc  DA-05-2408A1.pdf  DA-05-2408A1.txt

Released: 09/02/2005. ERRATUM - DOMESTIC SECTION 214 APPLICATION FILED FOR TRANSFER OF CONTROL OF CERTAIN ASSETS OF VARTEC TELECOM AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES TO COMTEL ASSETS AND COMTEL VIRGINIA. (Dkt No 05-260) Issued an Erratum correcting Public Notice, DA 05-2334 released August 19, 2005. WCB , WCB. Contact: Tracey Wilson-Parker at (202) 418-1394 or Alex Johns at (202) 418-1167  DOC-260845A1.doc  DOC-260845A1.pdf  DOC-260845A1.txt

Report No: AUC-05-81-G Released: 09/02/2005. AUCTION OF LOW POWER TELEVISION CONSTRUCTION PERMITS; 44 BIDDERS QUALIFIED TO PARTICIPATE IN AUCTION NO. 81. (DA No. 05-2359) (Auction No. 81). WTB. Contact: Jeff Crooks at (202) 418-0660 or Linda Sanderson at (717) 338-2888  DA-05-2359A1.doc  DA-05-2359A1.pdf  DA-05-2359A2.pdf  DA-05-2359A3.pdf  DA-05-2359A4.pdf  DA-05-2359A5.pdf  DA-05-2359A1.txt  DA-05-2359A2.txt  DA-05-2359A3.txt  DA-05-2359A4.txt  DA-05-2359A5.txt

Released: 09/02/2005. WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS BUREAU ANNOUNCES THAT 800 MHZ BAND RECONFIGURATION WILL COMMENCE OCTOBER 3, 2005, IN THE NPSPAC REGIONS ASSIGNED TO WAVE 2. (DA No. 05-2390). (Dkt No 02-55). WTB. Contact: Roberto Mussenden at (202) 418-0680, email: Roberto.Mussenden@fcc.gov, TTY: (202) 418-7233  DA-05-2390A1.doc  DA-05-2390A1.pdf  DA-05-2390A1.txt




BRUCE GILMORE, CLAUDIA MCGUIRE, THE GREAT FRAME UP SYSTEMS, INC., AND PESGER, INC., D/B/A THE GREAT FRAME UP V. SOUTHWESTERN BELL MOBILE SYSTEMS, L.L.C., D/B/A CINGULAR WIRELESS. Denied the Formal Complaint. Terminated the Proceeding. Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 09/01/2005 by MO&O. (FCC No. 05-162). EB  FCC-05-162A1.doc  FCC-05-162A1.pdf  FCC-05-162A1.txt

VORTEX MEDIA. Issued an Official Citation to Vortex Media for marketing an unauthorized radio frequency device in the US, and for importing RF devices without declaring an import condition. Action by: Deputy Chief, Spectrum Enforcement Division, Enforcement Bureau. Adopted: 08/31/2005 by LETTER. (DA No. 05-2394). EB  DA-05-2394A1.doc  DA-05-2394A2.doc  DA-05-2394A1.pdf  DA-05-2394A2.pdf  DA-05-2394A1.txt  DA-05-2394A2.txt

PILGRIM COMMUNICATIONS, INC. Denied the Petition for Reconsideration. Notified Pilgrim Communications, Inc. of a monetary forfeiture in the amount of $11,000 for willful and repeated violation of Sections 73.1125(a), 73.1560(a) and 73.1745(a) of the FCC's rules. Action by: Acting Chief, Enforcement Bureau. Adopted: 08/26/2005 by MO&O. (DA No. 05-2234). EB  DA-05-2234A1.doc  DA-05-2234A1.pdf  DA-05-2234A1.txt

PILGRIM COMMUNICATIONS, INC. Denied the Petition for Reconsideration. Notified Pilgrim Communications, Inc. of a monetary forfeiture in the amount of $19,000 for willful and repeated violations of Sections 11.35, 73.1125(a), 73.1560(a) and 73.1745(a) of the Commission's Rules. Action by: Acting Chief, Enforcement Bureau. Adopted: 08/26/2005 by MO&O. (DA No. 05-2235). EB  DA-05-2235A1.doc  DA-05-2235A1.pdf  DA-05-2235A1.txt

WSMH LICENSEE, LLC FOR WAIVER OF SECTION 76.92(F) OF THE COMMISSION'S RULES. Granted Request for Waiver of the significantly viewed exception to the network nonduplication rules, filed on behalf of WSMH Licensee, LLC, licensee of television broadcast station WSMH (FOX), Flint, MI. Action by: Deputy Chief, Media Bureau. Adopted: 08/30/2005 by MO&O. (DA No. 05-2391). MB  DA-05-2391A1.doc  DA-05-2391A1.pdf  DA-05-2391A1.txt

TOLL FREE ACCESS CODES. Reassigned the toll-free number which spells 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-2767) to the national chapter of the American Red Cross for a period of one year. (Dkt No. 95-155). Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 09/02/2005 by ORDER. (FCC No. 05-163). WCB  FCC-05-163A1.doc  FCC-05-163A1.pdf  FCC-05-163A1.txt