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Vol. 24 No. 227
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November 22, 2005





COMMISSIONER ADELSTEIN APPLAUDS NEW YORK ATTORNEY GENERAL PAYOLA SETTLEMENT WITH WARNER MUSIC. News Release CMMR. Contact Rudy Brioche at (202) 418-2300, email: Rudy.Brioche@fcc.gov  DOC-262338A1.doc  DOC-262338A1.pdf  DOC-262338A1.txt

FCC RELEASES REPORT ON QUALITY OF SERVICE OF INCUMBENT LOCAL EXCHANGE CARRIERS. News Release. News Media Contact: Mark Wigfield at (202) 418-0253, email: Mark.Wigfield@fcc.gov WCB. Contact Jonathan Kraushaar at (202) 418-0947, TTY: (202) 418-0484  DOC-262329A1.doc  DOC-262329A1.pdf 




Released: 11/22/2005. CONSUMER & GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS BUREAU SEEKS COMMENT ON PETITION FOR DECLARATORY RULING RELATING TO COMMISSION'S JURISDICTION OVER INTERSTATE FAX COMMUNICATIONS. (DA No. 05-2975). (Dkt No 02-278). CGB. Contact: Erica McMahon at (202) 418-2512, email: Erica.McMahon@fcc.gov  DA-05-2975A1.doc  DA-05-2975A1.pdf  DA-05-2975A1.txt

Report No: FCN-00100 Released: 11/22/2005. FOREIGN CARRIER AFFILIATION NOTIFICATION. (DA No. 05-3014). IB. Contact: Peggy Reitzel at (202) 418-1460; TTY: (202) 418-2555  DA-05-3014A1.pdf  DA-05-3014A1.txt

Report No: 46116 Released: 11/22/2005. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MB  DOC-262290A2.txt  DOC-262290A1.pdf

Report No: 26116 Released: 11/22/2005. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MB  DOC-262289A2.txt  DOC-262289A1.pdf

Released: 11/22/2005. TARIFF TRANSMITTAL PUBLIC REFERENCE LOG. WCB. Contact: (202) 418-0270  DOC-262304A1.pdf  DOC-262304A1.txt

Released: 11/22/2005. NOTICE OF REMOVAL OF DOMESTIC SECTION 214 APPLICATION FROM STREAMLINED TREATMENT. (DA No. 05-3026). (Dkt No 05-303). WCB. Contact: Tracey Wilson-Parker at (202) 418-1394 or Renee Crittendon at (202) 418-2352  DA-05-3026A1.doc  DA-05-3026A1.pdf  DA-05-3026A1.txt

Released: 11/22/2005. RELEASE OF FUNDING YEAR 2006 ELIGIBLE SERVICES LIST FOR SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES UNIVERSAL SERVICE MECHANISM. (Dkt No 02-6). (FCC No. 05-197). WCB. Contact: Warren Firschein or Cara Voth at (202) 418-7400, TTY: (202) 418-0484  FCC-05-197A1.doc  FCC-05-197A2.doc  FCC-05-197A1.pdf  FCC-05-197A2.pdf  FCC-05-197A1.txt  FCC-05-197A2.txt

Released: 11/22/2005. DOMESTIC SECTION 214 APPLICATION FILED FOR TRANSFER OF CONTROL OF ENVENTIS TELECOM, INC. FROM ALLETE, INC. TO HICKORY TECH CORPORATION. (DA No. 05-3023). (Dkt No 05-324) Streamlined Pleading Cycle Established. Comments Due: 12/06/2005. Reply Comments Due: 12/13/2005. WCB. Contact: Tracey Wilson-Parker at (202) 418-1394 or Adam Kirschenbaum at (202) 418-7280  DA-05-3023A1.doc  DA-05-3023A1.pdf  DA-05-3023A1.txt

Report No: AUC-05-63-E Released: 11/22/2005. AUCTION OF MULTICHANNEL VIDEO DISTRIBUTION AND DATA SERVICE LICENSES; THREE BIDDERS QUALIFIED TO PARTICIPATE IN AUCTION NO. 63. (DA No. 05-2960). WTB. Contact: Debbie Smith, Roy Knowles or Barbara Sibert at (717) 338-2888, Brian Carter at (202) 418-0660, FCC Technical Support at (877) 480-3201, option nine: (202) 414-1250; or TTY: (202) 414-1255  DA-05-2960A1.doc  DA-05-2960A1.pdf  DA-05-2960A2.pdf  DA-05-2960A3.pdf  DA-05-2960A4.pdf  DA-05-2960A1.txt  DA-05-2960A2.txt  DA-05-2960A3.txt  DA-05-2960A4.txt




NAVTECH SEMINARS AND GPS SUPPLY. Issued an Official Citation to Navtech Seminars and GPS Supply for marketing a radio frequency device in the United States in violation of the FCC's rules. Action by: Deputy Chief, Spectrum Enforcement Division, Enforcement Bureau by LETTER. (DA No. 05-2998). EB  DA-05-2998A1.doc  DA-05-2998A1.pdf  DA-05-2998A1.txt

SHARED DATA NETWORKS, LLC. Notified Shared Data Networks, LLC of its Apparent Liability for Forfeiture in the amount of $19,000 for operating without Commission authority and failure to file timely renewal applications for its three earth stations. Action by: Chief, Spectrum Enforcement Division, Enforcement Bureau. Adopted: 11/17/2005 by NALF. (DA No. 05-2995). EB  DA-05-2995A1.doc  DA-05-2995A1.pdf  DA-05-2995A1.txt

JOURNAL BROADCAST CORPORATION. Notified Journal Broadcast Corporation of its Apparent Liability for Forfeiture in the amount of $5,200 for operating its earth station without Commission authority and for failure to timely file a renewal application. Action by: Chief, Spectrum Enforcement Division, Enforcement Bureau. Adopted: 11/18/2005 by NALF. (DA No. 05-3004). EB  DA-05-3004A1.doc  DA-05-3004A1.pdf  DA-05-3004A1.txt

CENTURYTEL, INC./COMPLIANCE WITH THE COMMISSION'S RULES AND REGULATIONS GOVERNING ADVERTISING THE AVAILABILITY OF LIFELINE AND LINK-UP. Adopted a $75,000 Consent Decree with CenturyTel, Inc. for failure to publicize the availability of Lifeline and Link-Up universal service discounts in a manner reasonably designed to reach low-income residents on tribal lands. Terminated the invesigation. Action by: Chief, Enforcement Bureau. Adopted: 11/17/2005 by ORDER. (DA No. 05-2992). EB  DA-05-2992A1.doc  DA-05-2992A1.pdf  DA-05-2992A1.txt

SAINT MAARTEN INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES, INC. Denied the Application for Review of license to land and operate a fiber optic submarine cable system between San Juan, PR and St. Maarten, NA. Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 11/16/2005 by Order on Review. (FCC No. 05-195). IB  FCC-05-195A1.doc  FCC-05-195A1.pdf  FCC-05-195A1.txt

FEDERAL-STATE JOINT BOARD ON UNIVERSAL SERVICE/ALLIANCE COMMUNICATIONS COOPERATIVE, INC. AND HILLS TELEPHONE COMPANY, INC./EAST ASCENSION TELEPHONE COMPANY, LLC/COLUMBUS TELEPHONE COMPANY. Granted the Petitions for Waiver. (Dkt No. 96-45). Action by: Chief, Wireline Competition Bureau. Adopted: 11/22/2005 by ORDER. (DA No. 05-3024). WCB  DA-05-3024A1.doc  DA-05-3024A1.pdf  DA-05-3024A1.txt

FCC RELEASES REPORT ON QUALITY OF SERVICE OF INCUMBENT LOCAL EXCHANGE CARRIERS. This report summarizes quality of service data for 2004 submitted by major incumbent local exchange carriers (regional Bell companies and Sprint), as well as smaller incumbent local exchange carriers. Action by: Industry Analysis and Technology Division, Wireline Competition Bureau by REPORT. WCB  DOC-262330A1.pdf  DOC-262330A1.txt