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Vol. 25 No. 213
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November 3, 2006





Report No: 2795 Released: 11/03/2006. PETITION FOR RECONSIDERATION OF ACTION IN RULEMAKING PROCEEDING. (Dkt No 06-172). CGB  DOC-268313A1.doc  DOC-268313A1.pdf  DOC-268313A1.txt

Report No: TEL-01084S Released: 11/03/2006. STREAMLINED INTERNATIONAL APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED FOR FILING. IB. Contact: (202) 418-0270  DOC-268328A1.pdf  DOC-268328A1.txt

Report No: SAT-00400 Released: 11/03/2006. POLICY BRANCH INFORMATION Satellite Space Applications Accepted for Filing. IB. Contact: (202) 418-0719; TTY (202) 418-2555  DOC-268327A1.pdf  DOC-268327A1.txt

Report No: 4055 Released: 11/03/2006. MEDIA BUREAU ACTIONS. MB  DOC-268314A1.doc  DOC-268314A1.pdf  DOC-268314A1.txt

Report No: 46355 Released: 11/03/2006. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MB  DOC-268301A2.txt  DOC-268301A1.pdf

Report No: 26355 Released: 11/03/2006. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MB  DOC-268300A2.txt  DOC-268300A1.pdf

Released: 11/03/2006. EX PARTE PRESENTATIONS AND POST-REPLY COMMENT PERIOD FILING IN PERMIT-BUT-DISCLOSURE PROCEEDINGS. OMD. Contact: Jason Brown at (202) 418-0310  DOC-268320A1.pdf  DOC-268320A1.txt

Released: 11/03/2006. FCC ANNOUNCES THE APPOINTMENT OF A NEW DESIGNATED FEDERAL OFFICER AND THE NEXT MEETING OF THE NORTH AMERICAN NUMBERING COUNCIL. (DA No. 06-2275). (Dkt No 92-237). WCB. Contact: Deborah Blue at (202) 418-1466, email: Deborah.Blue@fcc.gov, TTY: (202) 418-0484  DA-06-2275A1.doc  DA-06-2275A1.pdf  DA-06-2275A1.txt

Report No: CWS-07-10 Released: 11/03/2006. ANTENNA STRUCTURE REGISTRATION SERVICE INFORMATION. WTB  DOC-268317A1.pdf  DOC-268317A1.txt

Report No: CWS-07-09 Released: 11/03/2006. ANTENNA STRUCTURE REGISTRATION SERVICE INFORMATION. WTB  DOC-268325A1.pdf  DOC-268325A1.txt




A RADIO COMPANY, INC. (A RADIO). Issued a monetary forfeiture in the amount of $15,000 to A Radio for failure to enclose an antenna tower having radio frequency potential at the base within an effective locked fence, failure to make available a complete public inspection file, et al. Action by: Regional Director, South Central Region, Enforcement Bureau. Adopted: 11/01/2006 by Forfeiture Order. (DA No. 06-2259). EB  DA-06-2259A1.doc  DA-06-2259A1.pdf  DA-06-2259A1.txt

U.S. CABLECASTERS V. ADELPHIA COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION. Dismissed the petitions on behalf of U.S. Cablecasters as moot. Action by: Deputy Chief, Policy Division, Media Bureau by LETTER. (DA No. 06-2263). MB  DA-06-2263A1.doc  DA-06-2263A1.pdf  DA-06-2263A1.txt

FM TABLE OF ALLOTMENTS, RUSSELLVILLE AND LITTLEVILLE, AL. Granted the Request for Withdrawal. Dismissed the Petition for Reconsideration. (Dkt No. 04-12 , RM-10834). Action by: Assistant Chief, Audio Division, Media Bureau. Adopted: 11/01/2006 by MO&O. (DA No. 06-2276). MB  DA-06-2276A1.doc  DA-06-2276A1.pdf  DA-06-2276A1.txt

WNJX-TV, INC. Issued a $3,000 Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture to Station WNJX-TV, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico for failure to publicize the existence and location of its Children's Television Programming Reports. Granted the application for renewal. by NALF. Action by: Chief, Media Bureau. Adopted: 10/31/2006 by MO&O. (DA No. 06-1979). MB  DA-06-1979A1.doc  DA-06-1979A1.pdf  DA-06-1979A1.txt

ERRATUM - MANASSAS CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND SPRINT NEXTEL. Issued an Erratum correcting Memorandum Opinion and Order, DA 06-2103, released October 24, 2006. (Dkt No. 02-55). Action by: Associate Bureau Chief, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau by ERRATUM. PSHSB  DOC-268324A1.doc  DOC-268324A1.pdf  DOC-268324A1.txt

MONTGOMERY COUNTY AND SPRINT NEXTEL. Addressed case referred for de novo review from Wave 1, Phase 1 mediation by the 800 MHz Transition Administrator and involving issues in dispute between Montgomery County and Sprint Nextel Corporation. (Dkt No. 02-55). Action by: Associate Bureau Chief , Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau. Adopted: 11/02/2006 by MO&O. (DA No. 06-2268). PSHSB  DA-06-2268A1.doc  DA-06-2268A1.pdf  DA-06-2268A1.txt





DELETION OF AGENDA ITEM FROM NOVEMBER 3, 2006, OPEN MEETING  DOC-268326A1.doc  DOC-268326A1.pdf  DOC-268326A1.txt




Released: 11/02/2006. FCC ANNOUNCES RELEASE OF NEW EMERGENCY SERVICE QUERY KEYS (ESQK) WEB-BASED SYSTEM. (DA No. 06-2272). WCB. Contact: Marilyn Jones at (202) 418-2357, email: Marilyn.Jones@fcc.gov  DA-06-2272A1.doc  DA-06-2272A1.pdf  DA-06-2272A1.txt

Report No: AUC-06-70-B Released: 11/02/2006. AUCTION OF FM BROADCAST CONSTRUCTION PERMITS SCHEDULED FOR MARCH 7, 2007; NOTICE AND FILING REQUIREMENTS, MINIMUM OPENING BIDS, UPFRONT PAYMENTS AND OTHER PROCEDURES FOR AUCTION NO. 70. (DA No. 06-2248). (Dkt No 06-170). WTB. Contact: Lisa Scanlan or Thomas Nessinger at (202) 418-2700, Lynne Milne at (202) 418-0660, Jeff Crooks at (202) 418-0660 or Linda Sanderson at (717) 338-2868  DA-06-2248A1.doc  DA-06-2248A2.xls  DA-06-2248A1.pdf  DA-06-2248A2.pdf  DA-06-2248A1.txt  DA-06-2248A2.txt

Report No: AUC-06-69-B Released: 11/02/2006. AUCTION OF 1.4 GHZ BAND LICENSES SCHEDULED FOR FEBRUARY 7, 2007. (DA No. 06-2014). (Dkt No 06-104) Notice and Filing Requirements, Minimum Opening Bids, Upfront Payments and Other Procedures for Auction No. 69. WTB. Contact: Howard Davenport at (202) 418-0660, Roy Knowles or Barbara Sibert at (717) 338-2868, Erin McGrath, Michael Connelly or Keith Harper at (202) 418-0620, Bettye Woodward at (202) 418-0620  DA-06-2014A1.doc  DA-06-2014A1.pdf  DA-06-2014A1.txt