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Vol. 27 No. 3
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January 4, 2008





Report No: TEL-01222S Released: 01/04/2008. STREAMLINED INTERNATIONAL APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED FOR FILING SECTION 214 APPLICATIONS (47 C.F.R. ยง 63.18); SECTION 310(B)(4) REQUESTS. IB. Contact: (202) 418-0270  DOC-279309A1.pdf

Report No: 0236 Released: 01/04/2008. SPECIAL RELIEF AND SHOW CAUSE PETITIONS. MB. Contact: (202) 418-7200  DOC-279306A1.doc  DOC-279306A1.pdf  DOC-279306A1.txt

Report No: 46645 Released: 01/04/2008. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MB  DOC-279277A2.txt  DOC-279277A1.pdf

Report No: 26645 Released: 01/04/2008. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MB  DOC-279276A2.txt  DOC-279276A1.pdf

Report No: 408 Released: 01/04/2008. EXPERIMENTAL ACTIONS. OET  DOC-279282A1.doc  DOC-279282A1.pdf  DOC-279282A1.txt

Released: 01/04/2008. FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION TO HOST SUMMIT ON 911 AND ENHANCED 911 SERVICES ON FEBRUARY 6, 2008. PSHSB. Contact: Todd Mitchell at (202) 418-1555, email: Todd.Mitchell@fcc.gov. News Media Contact: Robert Kenny at (202) 418-2668, email: Robert.Kenny@fcc.gov  DOC-279312A1.pdf  DOC-279312A1.txt

Report No: CWS-08-23 Released: 01/04/2008. ANTENNA STRUCTURE REGISTRATION SERVICE INFORMATION. WTB  DOC-279305A1.pdf  DOC-279305A1.txt

Released: 01/04/2008. POST-TRANSITION NOTIFICATIONS FILED IN WT DOCKET NO. 06-136. (DA No. 08-34). (Dkt No 06-136). WTB  DA-08-34A1.doc  DA-08-34A1.pdf  DA-08-34A1.txt




IMPLEMENTATION OF THE SUBSCRIBER CARRIER SELECTION CHANGES PROVISIONS OF THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS ACT OF 1996/LEC COALITION APPLICATION FOR REVIEW REGARDING CARRIER CHANGE RULES. Denied the Application for Review filed by a coalition of local exchange carriers ("LEC Petitioners") regarding the Commission's carrier change verification rules. (Dkt No. 94-129). Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 12/18/2007 by ORDER. (FCC No. 07-222). CGB  FCC-07-222A1.doc  FCC-07-222A1.pdf  FCC-07-222A1.txt

RULES AND REGULATIONS IMPLEMENTING THE TELEPHONE CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT OF 1991/REQUEST OF ACA INTERNATIONAL FOR CLARIFICATION AND DECLARATORY RULING. Clarified that autodialed and prerecorded message calls to wireless numbers that are provided by the called party to a creditor in connection with an existing debt are permissible as calls made with the "prior express consent" of the called party. (Dkt No. 02-278). Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 12/28/2007 by Declaratory Ruling. (FCC No. 07-232). CGB  FCC-07-232A1.doc  FCC-07-232A1.pdf  FCC-07-232A1.txt

CONTEL OF THE SOUTH, INC. D/B/A VERIZON MID-STATES, VERIZON CALIFORNIA INC., ET AL V. OPERATOR COMMUNICATIONS, INC. Granted in part a formal complaint filed by the Verizon Telephone Companies against Operator Communications, Inc. ("OCI") pursuant to section 208 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended. Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 12/21/2007 by MO&O. (FCC No. 07-227). EB  FCC-07-227A1.doc  FCC-07-227A2.doc  FCC-07-227A1.pdf  FCC-07-227A2.pdf  FCC-07-227A1.txt  FCC-07-227A2.txt

FM TABLE OF ALLOTMENTS, CHARLO, MT. Amended the FM Table of Allotments for the listed community. (Dkt No. 07-143, RM-11381). Action by: Assistant Chief, Audio Division, Media Bureau. Adopted: 01/02/2008 by R&O. (DA No. 08-29). MB  DA-08-29A1.doc  DA-08-29A1.pdf  DA-08-29A1.txt

FM TABLE OF ALLOTMENT, CUMBERLAND, KY, ET AL. Granted Reconsideration 1 and dismissed Reconsideration 2 as moot. (Dkt No. 05-295, RM-11280). Action by: Assistant Chief, Audio Division, Media Bureau. Adopted: 01/02/2008 by MO&O. (DA No. 08-31). MB  DA-08-31A1.doc  DA-08-31A1.pdf  DA-08-31A1.txt

CBS TELEVISION STATIONS INC., KCNC-TV, DENVER, CO. The violation of Section 73.670 of the Commission's Rules does not warrant further consideration in connection with KCNC-TV's renewal application. Action by: Chief, Video Division, Media Bureau. Adopted: 01/02/2008 by NALF. (DA No. 08-33). MB  DA-08-33A1.doc  DA-08-33A1.pdf  DA-08-33A1.txt

KXLF COMMUNICATIONS, INC. Issued a $10,000 Notice of Apparent Liability to Station KXLF-TV, Butte, Montana for the admitted violation of Section 73.3526 of the Commission's Rules described in KXLF-TV's renewal application. Action by: Chief, Video Division, Media Bureau. Adopted: 01/02/2008 by NALF. (DA No. 08-11). MB  DA-08-11A1.doc  DA-08-11A1.pdf  DA-08-11A1.txt





Released: 01/03/2008. PLEADING CYCLE ESTABLISHED FOR HAWAIIAN TELCOM, INC. PETITION FOR PHASE I PRICING FLEXIBILITY PURSUANT TO SECTION 69.709 OF THE COMMISSION'S RULES. (DA No. 08-19). Comments Due: 02/04/2008. Reply Comments Due: 02/14/2008. WCB. Contact: Deena Shetler at (202) 418-1520.  DA-08-19A1.doc  DA-08-19A1.pdf  DA-08-19A1.txt

Released: 01/03/2008. COMMENT SOUGHT ON CONSOLIDATED COMMUNICATIONS HOLDINGS, INC., PETITION FOR CONVERSION TO PRICE CAP REGULATION AND FOR LIMITED WAIVER OF PRICING AND UNIVERSAL SERVICE RULES. (DA No. 08-18). (Dkt No 07-291). Comments Due: 02/04/2008. Reply Comments Due: 02/19/2008. WCB. Contact: Lynne Engledow at (202) 418-1520, email: Lynne.Engledow@fcc.gov  DA-08-18A1.doc  DA-08-18A1.pdf  DA-08-18A1.txt

Released: 01/03/2008. DOMESTIC SECTION 214 APPLICATION FILED FOR THE TRANSFER OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS ASSETS FROM VISITATEL, LLC TO INTEGRATED COMMUNICATIONS, INC. (DA No. 08-22). (Dkt No 07-283) STREAMLINED PLEADING CYCLE ESTABLISHED. Comments Due: 01/17/2008. Reply Comments Due: 01/24/2008. WCB. Contact: Tracey Wilson-Parker at (202) 418-1394 or Jodie May at (202) 418-1580  DA-08-22A1.doc  DA-08-22A1.pdf  DA-08-22A1.txt

Released: 01/03/2008. COMMENTS INVITED ON APPLICATION OF LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC ON BEHALF OF BROADWING COMMUNICATIONS, LLC TO DISCONTINUE DOMESTIC TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES. (DA No. 08-28). (Dkt No 07-298). Comments Due: 01/08/2008. WCB. Contact: Carmell Weathers at (202) 418-2325, email: Carmell.Weathers@fcc.gov or Rodney McDonald at (202) 418-7513, email: Rodney.McDonald@fcc.gov, TTY: (202) 418-0484  DA-08-28A1.doc  DA-08-28A1.pdf  DA-08-28A1.txt




ALLTEL CORPORATION PETITION FOR LIMITED WAIVER OF LOCATION-CAPABLE HANDSET PENETRATION RULE. Granted the Motion to Withdraw Petition for Reconsideration filed by Alltel Corporation. (Dkt No. 05-287). Action by: Deputy Chief, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau. Adopted: 01/03/2008 by ORDER. (DA No. 08-23). PSHSB  DA-08-23A1.doc  DA-08-23A1.pdf  DA-08-23A1.txt

PETITION OF HAWAIIAN TELCOM, INC. FOR PHASE I PRICING FLEXIBILITY PURSUANT TO SECTION 69.709 OF THE COMMISSION'S RULES. Issued a Protective Order in this proceeding. Action by: Chief, Pricing Policy Division, Wireline Competition Bureau. Adopted: 01/03/2008 by Protective Order. (DA No. 08-20). WCB  DA-08-20A1.doc  DA-08-20A1.pdf  DA-08-20A1.txt

APPLICATIONS FOR AUTHORITY PURSUANT TO SECTION 214 OF THE COMMUNICATIONS ACT OF 1934 TO CEASE PROVIDING DARK FIBER SERVICE. The FCC responds to the remand from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in Southwestern Bell v. FCC regarding whether certain Bell Operating Co. dark fiber offerings constitute common carrier offerings subject to tariffing and licensing rules. (Dkt No. 88-166). Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 01/02/2008 by Order on Remand. (FCC No. 08-1). WCB  FCC-08-1A1.doc  FCC-08-1A1.pdf  FCC-08-1A1.txt