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Vol. 30 No. 57
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March 24, 2011





Report No: TEL-01489 Released: 03/24/2011. INTERNATIONAL AUTHORIZATIONS GRANTED. (DA No. 11-544). IB . Contact: (202) 418-1460  DA-11-544A1.pdf  DA-11-544A1.txt  

Released: 03/24/2011. WRC-12 ADVISORY COMMITTEE SCHEDULES EIGHTH MEETING FOR APRIL 19, 2011. (DA No. 11-541). (Dkt No 04-286 ). IB . Contact: Alexander Roytblat at (202) 418-7501 or Donna Christianson at (202) 418-7326  DA-11-541A1.doc  DA-11-541A1.pdf  DA-11-541A1.txt  

Released: 03/24/2011. WRC-12 ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETING OF INFORMAL WORKING GROUP FOUR (IWG-4). (DA No. 11-542). (Dkt No 04-286 ). IB . Contact: Donna Christianson at (202) 418-7326  DA-11-542A1.doc  DA-11-542A1.pdf  DA-11-542A1.txt  

Report No: 47450 Released: 03/24/2011. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MB   DOC-305354A1.pdf  DOC-305354A2.txt  

Report No: 27450 Released: 03/24/2011. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MB   DOC-305353A1.pdf  DOC-305353A2.txt  

Report No: CSR-8477-O Released: 03/24/2011. MEDIA BUREAU SEEKS COMMENT ON PETITION FOR DECLARATORY RULING THAT RULES OF A CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION IN VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA ARE PREEMPTED BY THE COMMISSION'S OVER-THE-AIR RECEPTION DEVICES RULE. (DA No. 11-548). Comments Due: 04/26/2011. Reply Comments Due: 05/11/2011. MB . Contact: Rosalee Chiara at (202) 418-0754. News Media Contact: Janice Wise at (202) 418-8165  DA-11-548A1.doc  DA-11-548A1.pdf  DA-11-548A1.txt  

Released: 03/24/2011. TARIFF TRANSMITTAL PUBLIC REFERENCE LOG. WCB . Contact: (202) 418-0270  DOC-305373A1.pdf  DOC-305373A1.txt  

Released: 03/24/2011. POST-TRANSITION NOTIFICATIONS FILED IN WT DOCKET NO. 06-136. (DA No. 11-547). (Dkt No 06-136 ). WTB   DA-11-547A1.doc  DA-11-547A1.pdf  DA-11-547A1.txt  




COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS, LLC. Granted the petition. Action by: Senior Deputy Chief, Policy Division, Media Bureau. Adopted: 03/17/2011 by MO&O. (DA No. 11-525). MB   DA-11-525A1.doc  DA-11-525A1.pdf  DA-11-525A1.txt  

ERRATUM - CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS RELAY SERVICES FUND. Issued an Erratum correcting Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, FCC 11-38, released March 3, 2011. (Dkt No. 11-47 ). Action by: Chief, Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau by ERRATUM. CGB   DOC-305369A1.doc  DOC-305369A1.pdf  DOC-305369A1.txt  

TELECOMMUNICATIONS CARRIERS ELIGIBLE FOR UNIVERSAL SERVICE SUPPORT. Granted the request to withdraw the petition of Airvoice Wireless, LLC. Dismissed without prejudice the petition for forbearance. (Dkt No. 09-197 ). Action by: Chief, Wireline Competition Bureau. Adopted: 03/24/2011 by ORDER. (DA No. 11-540). WCB   DA-11-540A1.doc  DA-11-540A1.pdf  DA-11-540A1.txt