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Vol. 39 No. 523
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February 11, 2020

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FCC CHAIRMAN AJIT PAI HAILS U.S. DISTRICT COURT DECISION AGREEING WITH FCC THAT T-MOBILE-SPRINT MERGER IS LAWFUL. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai released a statement regarding the decision by Judge Victor Marrero of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York rejecting a lawsuit to block the T-Mobile-Sprint merger. by STMT. News Media Contact: Tina Pelkey at (202) 418-0536, email: Tina.Pelkey@fcc.gov. OCHAP. 1. DOC-362401A1.docx DOC-362401A1.pdf DOC-362401A1.txt

STATEMENT OF COMMISSIONER MICHAEL O'RIELLY ON U.S. DISTRICT COURT'S RULING ON T-MOBILE - SPRINT MERGER. by STMT. News Media Contact: Joel Miller at (202) 418-2300, email: Joel.Miller@fcc.gov. CMMR OCMO. 2. DOC-362405A1.docx DOC-362405A1.pdf DOC-362405A1.txt

FCC COMMISSIONER JESSICA ROSENWORCEL ON U.S. DISTRICT COURT DECISION ON THE T-MOBILE/SPRINT MERGER. by STMT. News Media Contact: Umair Javed at (202) 418-2400, email: Umair.Javed@fcc.gov. OCJR. 3. DOC-362406A1.docx DOC-362406A1.pdf DOC-362406A1.txt

COMMISSIONER STARKS STATEMENT ON U.S. DISTRICT COURT DECISION ON T-MOBILE/SPRINT MERGER. by STMT. News Media Contact: Bill Davenport at (202) 418-2500, email: William.Davenport@fcc.gov. OCGS. 4. DOC-362403A1.docx DOC-362403A1.pdf DOC-362403A1.txt




Report No: PN-3-200211-01. Released: 2020-02-11. PLEADINGS. MB. DOC-362395A1.pdf DOC-362395A1.txt DOC-362395A2.txt

Report No: 635. Released: 2020-02-11. MEDIA BUREAU CALL SIGN ACTIONS. MB. DOC-362398A1.docx

Report No: PN-1-200211-01. Released: 2020-02-11. APPLICATIONS. MB. DOC-362393A1.pdf DOC-362393A1.txt DOC-362393A2.txt

Report No: 49672. Released: 2020-02-11. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MB. DOC-362376A1.pdf DOC-362376A1.txt

Report No: 29672. Released: 2020-02-11. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MB. DOC-362377A1.pdf DOC-362377A1.txt

Released: 2020-02-11. DOMESTIC SECTION 214 APPLICATION GRANTED FOR THE TRANSFER OF CONTROL OF VANTAGE TELECOM LLC TO PINNACLE TELECOM LLC. (DA No. 20-147). (Dkt No 19-387). WCB. Contact: Gregory Kwan at (202) 418-1191. DA-20-147A1.docx DA-20-147A1.pdf DA-20-147A1.txt

Report No: PN-2-200211-01. Released: 2020-02-11. ACTIONS. MB. DOC-362394A1.pdf DOC-362394A1.txt




COX BROADCAST GROUP, INC., LICENSEE OF WCGA(AM), WOODBINE, GEORGIA. MB and OMD rescind Revocation Order and reinstate license for WCGA(AM), Woodbine, Georgia. Action by: Media Bureau and Office of the Managing Director. Adopted: 2020-02-10 by ORDER. (DA No. 20-145). MB. DA-20-145A1.docx DA-20-145A1.pdf DA-20-145A1.txt

CONSOLIDATED RADIO, INC., LICENSEE OF KVOZ(AM), DEL MAR HILLS, TEXAS. MB requires licensee to pay delinquent regulatory fees or show cause why payment should be waived or deferred. Action by: Chief, Media Bureau and the Managing Director, Office of Managing Director. Adopted: 2020-02-10 by Order to Show Cause. (DA No. 20-144). MB. DA-20-144A1.docx DA-20-144A1.pdf DA-20-144A1.txt