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Vol. 39 No. 539
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March 5, 2020

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Report No: TEL-02011. Released: 2020-03-05. INTERNATIONAL AUTHORIZATIONS GRANTED. (DA No. 20-228). IB. Contact: (202) 418-1480. DA-20-228A1.pdf DA-20-228A1.txt

Released: 2020-03-05. AUCTION OF FM BROADCAST CONSTRUCTION PERMITS SCHEDULED FOR APRIL 28, 2020; STATUS OF SHORT-FORM APPLICATIONS TO PARTICIPATE IN AUCTION 106. (DA No. 20-232). (Dkt No 19-290). Announces the status of short-form applications to participate in Auction 106. OEA MB. DA-20-232A1.docx DA-20-232A1.pdf DA-20-232A1.txt DA-20-232A2.pdf DA-20-232A2.txt DA-20-232A3.pdf DA-20-232A3.txt DA-20-232A4.pdf

Released: 2020-03-05. TECHNICAL GUIDES ON PROPOSED BIDDING PROCEDURES AVAILABLE FOR AUCTION 107 (3.7 GHZ BAND). (DA No. 20-231). (Dkt No 20-25). Announces availability of guides that provide technical and mathematical details regarding the proposed bidding procedures for the clock and assignment phases of Auction 107. OEA WTB. Contact: Mobility Division, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau 3.7 GHz Service questions:\tAnna Gentry at (202) 418-1991 or Auctions Division, Office of Economics and Analytics Auction legal questions: Erik Beith at (202) 418-0660. DA-20-231A1.docx DA-20-231A1.pdf DA-20-231A1.txt

Report No: PN-2-200305-01. Released: 2020-03-05. ACTIONS. MB. DOC-362847A1.pdf DOC-362847A1.txt

Report No: NCD-3024. Released: 2020-03-05. WIRELINE COMPETITION BUREAU COPPER RETIREMENT NETWORK CHANGE NOTIFICATION FILED BY BELLSOUTH TELECOMMUNICATIONS, LLC D/B/A AT&T LOUISIANA. (Dkt No 20-66). WCB. Contact: Rodney McDonald at (202) 418-7513, email: Rodney.McDonald@fcc.gov or Carmell Weathers at (202) 418-2325, email: Carmell.Weathers@fcc.gov, TTY: 1-888-835-5322. DOC-362838A1.docx DOC-362838A1.pdf DOC-362838A1.txt

Report No: 29688. Released: 2020-03-05. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MB. DOC-362825A1.pdf DOC-362825A1.txt

Released: 2020-03-05. CONNECT AMERICA FUND PHASE II AUCTION SUPPORT FOR 150 WINNING BIDS READY TO BE AUTHORIZED. (DA No. 20-230). (Dkt No 17-182 10-90). Listed Auction 903 long-form applicants must submit letters of credit and legal counsel's opinion letters by Thursday, March 19, 2020. WCB. DA-20-230A1.pdf DA-20-230A1.txt DA-20-230A2.pdf DA-20-230A3.pdf

Released: 2020-03-05. FCC ANNOUNCES COMMUNICATIONS SECURITY, RELIABILITY, AND INTEROPERABILITY COUNCIL VII MEETING ON MARCH 17 TO BE HELD ELECTRONICALLY. (DA No. 20-235). The Federal Communications Commission announces that the Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council VII (CSRIC VII or Council) will meet March 17, 2020, via electronic means and available to the public through the Internet. PSHSB. Contact: Suzon Cameron at (202) 418-1916, email: Suzon.Cameron@fcc.gov, Kurian Jacob at (202) 418-2040, email: Kurian.Jacob@fcc.gov or email: CSRIC@fcc.gov. News Media Contact: Rochelle Cohen at (202) 418-1162, email: Rochelle.Cohen@fcc.gov. DA-20-235A1.doc DA-20-235A1.pdf DA-20-235A1.txt

Report No: PN-3-200305-01. Released: 2020-03-05. PLEADINGS. MB. DOC-362848A1.pdf DOC-362848A1.txt

Report No: PN-1-200305-01. Released: 2020-03-05. APPLICATIONS. MB. DOC-362846A1.pdf DOC-362846A1.txt

Report No: 49688. Released: 2020-03-05. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MB. DOC-362824A1.pdf DOC-362824A1.txt

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Released: 2020-03-04. OFFICE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY SEEKS COMMENT ON ROBERT BOSCH LLC REQUEST FOR WAIVER OF SECTION 15.245(B) TO PERMIT THE MARKETING, SALE, AND OPERATION OF AN ACTIVE PARKING LOT MANAGEMENT SENSOR. (DA No. 20-223). (Dkt No 20-65). Comments Due: 2020-04-03. Reply Comments Due: 2020-04-20. OET. Contact: Rodney Small at (202) 418-2452, email: Rodney.Small@fcc.gov. DA-20-223A1.docx DA-20-223A1.pdf DA-20-223A1.txt

Released: 2020-03-04. MEDIA BUREAU ANNOUNCES FOURTH DISCLOSURE DEADLINE FOR UNITED STATES-BASED FOREIGN MEDIA OUTLETS. (DA No. 20-229). The National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2019 amended the Communications Act of 1934 to require all U.S.-based foreign media outlets submit reports every 6 months to the Commission regarding the outlets' relations to their foreign principals. MB. Contact: Chad Guo at (202) 418-0652, email: Chad.Guo@fcc.gov. News Media Contact: Janice Wise at (202) 418-8165, email: Janice.Wise@fcc.gov. DA-20-229A1.docx DA-20-229A1.pdf DA-20-229A1.txt

Released: 2020-03-04. FCC ANNOUNCES PREVENTIVE MEASURES RELATED TO CORONAVIRUS. OMD. Contact: Mark Stephens at (202) 418-0817, email: Mark.Stephens@fcc.gov. News Media Contact: Brian Hart at (202) 418-0505, email: Brian.Hart@fcc.gov. DOC-362836A1.docx DOC-362836A1.pdf DOC-362836A1.txt