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Vol. 39 No. 614
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June 22, 2020

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FCC DISMISSES APPLICATION FOR CALIFORNIA STUDIO WITH LINKS TO CHINESE GOVERNMENT TO DELIVER PROGRAMMING ACROSS THE U.S.-MEXICO BORDER FOR REBROADCAST INTO THE UNITED STATES. Orders Studio to Cease Such Operations Within 48 Hours. by News Release. News Media Contact: Will Wiquist at (202) 418-0509, email: Will.Wiquist@fcc.gov. OMR IB. DOC-365056A1.docx DOC-365056A1.pdf DOC-365056A1.txt

FCC ANNOUNCES NEW CHIEF OF STAFF FOR RURAL BROADBAND AUCTIONS TASK FORCE. by News Release. News Media Contact: Anne Veigle at (202) 418-0506, email: Anne.Veigle@fcc.gov. OMR WCB. DOC-365058A1.docx DOC-365058A1.pdf DOC-365058A1.txt




Report No: PN-3-200622-01. Released: 2020-06-22. PLEADINGS. MB. DOC-365051A1.pdf DOC-365051A1.txt DOC-365051A2.txt

Report No: 29764. Released: 2020-06-22. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MB. DOC-365032A1.pdf DOC-365032A1.txt

Report No: PN-2-200622-01. Released: 2020-06-22. ACTIONS. MB. DOC-365050A1.pdf DOC-365050A1.txt DOC-365050A2.txt

Report No: 49764. Released: 2020-06-22. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MB. DOC-365031A1.pdf DOC-365031A1.txt

Report No: PN-1-200622-01. Released: 2020-06-22. APPLICATIONS. MB. DOC-365047A1.pdf DOC-365047A1.txt




APPLICATION OF GLR SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, LLC FOR A SECTION 325(C) PERMIT TO DELIVER PROGRAMS TO FOREIGN BROADCAST STATIONS FOR DELIVERY OF MANDARIN CHINESE PROGRAMMING TO MEXICAN STATION XEWW-AM, ROSARITO, BAJA CALIFORNIA NORTE, MEXICO. The International Bureau dismisses the Application of GLR as deficient, without prejudice, as the application is missing a key applicant, Phoenix Radio, LLC (Phoenix Radio), and orders operations to cease within 48 hours. (Dkt No 19-144). Action by: Chief, International Bureau. Adopted: 2020-06-22 by ORDER. (DA No. 20-649). IB. DA-20-649A1.pdf

COMMENT CYCLE ESTABLISHED ON NTIA RECOMMENDATION REGARDING PACIFIC LIGHT CALE NETWORK CABLE LANDING LICENSE APPLICATION. Letter establishing comment cycle on NTIA Recommendation for Partial Denial of Cable Landing License Application for the Pacific Light Cable Network . Action by: Chief, Telecommunications and Analysis Division, International Bureau. by LETTER. (DA No. 20-651). IB. DA-20-651A1.pdf