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Vol. 39 No. 633
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July 20, 2020

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CARR ANNOUNCES AGREEMENT ON WIRELESS INFRASTRUCTURE. Action Will Streamline 5G Buildout While Continuing to Protect Historic Properties. by STMT. News Media Contact: Will Adams at (202) 418-2007, email: Will.Adams@fcc.gov. OMR OCBC. DOC-365617A1.docx DOC-365617A1.pdf DOC-365617A1.txt




Released: 2020-07-20. NOTICE OF INTERCONNECTED VOIP NUMBERING AUTHORIZATION GRANTED. (DA No. 20-760). (Dkt No 20-156). WCB. Contact: Margoux Brown at (202) 418-1584, Jordan Marie Reth at (202) 418-1418 or Michelle Sclater at (202) 418-0388. DA-20-760A1.docx DA-20-760A1.pdf DA-20-760A1.txt

Report No: PN-3-200720-01. Released: 2020-07-20. PLEADINGS. MB. DOC-365608A1.pdf DOC-365608A1.txt

Report No: 49783. Released: 2020-07-20. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MB. DOC-365588A1.pdf DOC-365588A1.txt

Report No: PN-1-200720-01. Released: 2020-07-20. APPLICATIONS. MB. DOC-365606A1.pdf DOC-365606A1.txt DOC-365606A2.txt

Report No: 29783. Released: 2020-07-20. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MB. DOC-365589A1.pdf DOC-365589A1.txt

Released: 2020-07-20. WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS BUREAU ANNOUNCES EXECUTION OF SECOND AMENDMENT TO THE NATIONWIDE PROGRAMMATIC AGREEMENT FOR THE COLLOCATION OF WIRELESS ANTENNAS. (DA No. 20-759). WTB Announces Execution of Second Amendment to Collocation NPA. WTB. Contact: Paul D'Ari at (202) 418-1550, email: Paul.Dari@fcc.gov. News Media Contact: Cecilia Sulhoff at (202) 418-0587, email: Cecilia.Sulhoff@fcc,gov. DA-20-759A1.docx DA-20-759A1.pdf DA-20-759A1.txt DA-20-759A2.pdf DA-20-759A2.txt

Report No: SCL-00274. Released: 2020-07-20. ACTIONS TAKEN UNDER CABLE LANDING LICENSE ACT. (DA No. 20-758). IB. DA-20-758A1.pdf DA-20-758A1.txt

Released: 2020-07-20. WIRELINE COMPETITION BUREAU ANNOUNCES COUNTIES WHERE CONDITIONAL FORBEARANCE FROM THE LIFELINE VOICE OBLIGATION APPLIES. (DA No. 20-762). (Dkt No 11-42). This forbearance applies only to the Lifeline voice obligation of eligible telecommunications carriers (ETCs) that are designated for purposes of receiving both high-cost and Lifeline support, and not to Lifeline-only ETCs. WCB. Contact: Allison Jones at (202) 418-1571, email: Allison.Jones@fcc.gov. DA-20-762A1.docx DA-20-762A1.pdf DA-20-762A1.txt

Report No: PN-2-200720-01. Released: 2020-07-20. ACTIONS. MB. DOC-365607A1.pdf DOC-365607A1.txt

Released: 2020-07-20. NOTICE OF INTERCONNECTED VOIP NUMBERING AUTHORIZATION GRANTED. (DA No. 20-761). (Dkt No 20-130). WCB. Contact: Margoux Brown at (202) 418-1584, Jordan Marie Reth at (202) 418-1418 or Michelle Sclater at (202) 418-0388. DA-20-761A1.docx DA-20-761A1.pdf DA-20-761A1.txt

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Released: 2020-07-17. CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER ANNOUNCES THE RELEASE OF AN ENHANCED PAYMENT PORTAL. (DA No. 20-757). OMD. Action by: Managing Director. DA-20-757A1.docx DA-20-757A1.pdf DA-20-757A1.txt

Released: 2020-07-17. COMMENTS INVITED ON SECTION 214 APPLICATION(S) TO DISCONTINUE DOMESTIC NON-DOMINANT CARRIER TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES. (DA No. 20-756). (Dkt No 20-182). Comments Due: 2020-08-03. WCB. DA-20-756A1.docx DA-20-756A1.pdf DA-20-756A1.txt




PROGENY LMS, LLC. Granted the waiver. (Dkt No 12-202). Action by: Chief, Mobility Division, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau. Adopted: 2020-07-17 by ORDER. (DA No. 20-755). WTB. DA-20-755A1.docx DA-20-755A1.pdf DA-20-755A1.txt

ESTABLISHING THE DIGITAL OPPORTUNITY DATA COLLECTION. (Dkt No 19-195 11-10). Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 2020-07-16 by R&O/NPRM. (FCC No. 20-94). WCB WTB IB OEA. FCC-20-94A1.docx FCC-20-94A1.pdf FCC-20-94A1.txt FCC-20-94A2.docx FCC-20-94A2.pdf FCC-20-94A2.txt FCC-20-94A3.docx FCC-20-94A3.pdf FCC-20-94A3.txt FCC-20-94A4.docx FCC-20-94A4.pdf FCC-20-94A4.txt FCC-20-94A5.docx FCC-20-94A5.pdf FCC-20-94A5.txt FCC-20-94A6.docx FCC-20-94A6.pdf FCC-20-94A6.txt

IN THE MATTER OF ADVANCED METHODS TO TARGET AND ELIMINATE UNLAWFUL ROBOCALLS. The FCC establishes a safe harbor from liability for the unintended or inadvertent blocking of wanted calls, so long as such action is based upon reasonable analytics indicating that such calls are unwanted and therefore should be blocked. (Dkt No 17-59). Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 2020-07-16 by ORDER. (FCC No. 20-96). CGB. FCC-20-96A1.doc FCC-20-96A1.pdf FCC-20-96A1.txt FCC-20-96A2.docx FCC-20-96A2.pdf FCC-20-96A2.txt FCC-20-96A3.docx FCC-20-96A3.pdf FCC-20-96A3.txt FCC-20-96A4.docx FCC-20-96A4.pdf FCC-20-96A4.txt FCC-20-96A5.docx FCC-20-96A5.pdf FCC-20-96A5.txt FCC-20-96A6.docx FCC-20-96A6.pdf FCC-20-96A6.txt

CONNECT AMERICA FUND. WCB will allow those CAF Phase II model-based carriers that are electing a seventh year of support to extend pre-testing through the third and fourth quarters of 2020, with a waiver of certain sampling requirements.. (Dkt No 10-90). Action by: the Chief, Wireline Competition Bureau. Adopted: 2020-07-17 by ORDER. (DA No. 20-748). WCB. DA-20-748A1.docx DA-20-748A1.pdf DA-20-748A1.txt

IMPLEMENTATION OF THE NATIONAL SUICIDE HOTLINE IMPROVEMENT ACT OF 2018. The FCC designates 988 as the 3-digit number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to aid rapid access to suicide prevention and mental health support services. (Dkt No 18-336). Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 2020-07-16 by R&O. (FCC No. 20-100). WCB. FCC-20-100A1.docx FCC-20-100A1.pdf FCC-20-100A1.txt FCC-20-100A2.docx FCC-20-100A2.pdf FCC-20-100A2.txt FCC-20-100A3.docx FCC-20-100A3.pdf FCC-20-100A3.txt FCC-20-100A4.docx FCC-20-100A4.pdf FCC-20-100A4.txt FCC-20-100A5.docx FCC-20-100A5.pdf FCC-20-100A5.txt FCC-20-100A6.docx FCC-20-100A6.pdf FCC-20-100A6.txt

MODERNIZING PRIORITY SERVICES RULES TO SUPPORT EMERGENCY PERSONNEL. Action Would Help Emergency Personnel Communicate During Disasters. (Dkt No 20-187). Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 2020-07-16 by NPRM. (FCC No. 20-97). PSHSB. FCC-20-97A1.docx FCC-20-97A1.pdf FCC-20-97A1.txt FCC-20-97A2.docx FCC-20-97A2.pdf FCC-20-97A2.txt FCC-20-97A3.docx FCC-20-97A3.pdf FCC-20-97A3.txt FCC-20-97A4.docx FCC-20-97A4.pdf FCC-20-97A4.txt FCC-20-97A5.docx FCC-20-97A5.pdf FCC-20-97A5.txt

LEASED COMMERCIAL ACCESS; MODERNIZATION OF MEDIA REGULATION INITIATIVE. FCC adopts Second Report and Order modernizing the leased access rate formula by adopting a tier-based calculation. (Dkt No 07-42 17-105). Action by: the Commission . Adopted: 2020-07-16 by R&O. (FCC No. 20-95). MB. FCC-20-95A1.docx FCC-20-95A1.pdf FCC-20-95A1.txt FCC-20-95A2.docx FCC-20-95A2.pdf FCC-20-95A2.txt FCC-20-95A3.docx FCC-20-95A3.pdf FCC-20-95A3.txt FCC-20-95A4.docx FCC-20-95A4.pdf FCC-20-95A4.txt FCC-20-95A5.docx FCC-20-95A5.pdf FCC-20-95A5.txt

WIRELESS E911 LOCATION ACCURACY REQUIREMENTS. Sixth Report & Order and Order on Reconsideration that builds on the FCC's rules for transmitting vertical, or \"z-axis,\" location information with wireless 911 calls . (Dkt No 07-114). Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 2020-07-16 by R&O. (FCC No. 20-98). PSHSB. FCC-20-98A1.docx FCC-20-98A1.pdf FCC-20-98A1.txt FCC-20-98A2.docx FCC-20-98A2.pdf FCC-20-98A2.txt FCC-20-98A3.docx FCC-20-98A3.pdf FCC-20-98A3.txt FCC-20-98A4.docx FCC-20-98A4.pdf FCC-20-98A4.txt FCC-20-98A5.docx FCC-20-98A5.pdf FCC-20-98A5.txt FCC-20-98A6.docx FCC-20-98A6.pdf FCC-20-98A6.txt