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Vol. 40 No. 969
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November 29, 2021

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Report No: PN-1-211129-01 . Released: 2021-11-29. APPLICATIONS. MB. DOC-378254A1.pdf DOC-378254A1.txt

Released: 2021-11-29. IP RELAY COMPENSATION METHODOLOGY: COMMENT DUE DATES FOR PROPOSED RULES. (DA No. 21-1480). (Dkt No 03-123 RM-11820). Comments Due: 2021-12-20. Reply Comments Due: 2022-01-18. CGB. Contact: William Wallace at (202) 418-2716, email: William.Wallace@fcc.gov. DA-21-1480A1.docx DA-21-1480A1.pdf DA-21-1480A1.txt

Report No: 50124. Released: 2021-11-29. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MB. DOC-378162A1.pdf DOC-378162A1.txt

Report No: 30124. Released: 2021-11-29. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MB. DOC-378163A1.pdf DOC-378163A1.txt

Report No: PN-2-211129-01. Released: 2021-11-29. ACTIONS. MB. DOC-378255A1.pdf DOC-378255A1.txt

Released: 2021-11-29. MEDIA BUREAU IDENTIFIES GROUPS OF MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED IN THE NOVEMBER 2021, FILING WINDOW FOR NEW NONCOMMERCIAL EDUCATIONAL STATIONS; OPENS WINDOW TO ACCEPT SETTLEMENTS AND TECHNICAL AMENDMENTS. (DA No. 21-1476). (Dkt No 20-343). MB. Contact: Amy Van de Kerckhove, Amy.Vandekerckhove@fcc.gov, Arthur Doak, Arthur.Doak@fcc.gov, Rodolfo Bonacci, Rodolfo.Bonacci@fcc.gov, Lisa Scanlan, Lisa.Scanlan@fcc.gov or call (202) 418-2700. News Media Contact: Janice Wise at (202) 418-8165, email: Janice.Wise@fcc.gov. DA-21-1476A1.docx DA-21-1476A1.pdf DA-21-1476A1.txt DA-21-1476A2.xlsx DA-21-1476A2.pdf DA-21-1476A3.xlsx DA-21-1476A3.pdf

Released: 2021-11-29. APPLICATIONS GRANTED FOR THE TRANSFER OF CONTROL OF SUBSIDIARIES OF ONVOY HOLDINGS INC. TO SINCH US HOLDING INC. (DA No. 21-1481). (Dkt No 21-131). WCB. Contact: Gregory Kwan at (202) 418-1191, David Krech at (202) 418-7443 or Melissa Conway at (202) 418-2887. DA-21-1481A1.docx DA-21-1481A1.pdf DA-21-1481A1.txt

Report No: PN-3-211129-01 |. Released: 2021-11-29. PLEADINGS. MB. DOC-378256A1.pdf DOC-378256A1.txt

Released: 2021-11-29. WCB ANNOUNCES CAF PHASE II SUPPORT RECIPIENTS MEETING STANDARDS FOR CONTINUING WITH THE ELIGIBLE LOCATIONS ADJUSTMENT PROCESS; THE OPENING OF THE STAKEHOLDER REGISTRATION PERIOD; EXTENSION OF DEADLINE FOR STAKEHOLDERS TO FILE CHALLENGES. (DA No. 21-1479). (Dkt No 10-90). WCB announces CAF Phase II support recipients meeting standards for continuing with the eligible locations adjustment process. WCB. Contact: Nissa Laughner, Nissa.Laughner@fcc.gov or Joseph Sorresso, Joseph.Sorresso@fcc.gov. DA-21-1479A1.docx DA-21-1479A1.pdf DA-21-1479A1.txt