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Vol. 41 No. 21
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February 1, 2022

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Report No: PN-1-220201-01. Released: 2022-02-01. APPLICATIONS. MB. DOC-379791A1.pdf DOC-379791A1.txt

Report No: 30167. Released: 2022-02-01. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MB. DOC-379725A1.pdf DOC-379725A1.txt

Report No: PN-3-220201-01 |. Released: 2022-02-01. PLEADINGS. MB. DOC-379793A1.pdf DOC-379793A1.txt

Released: 2022-02-01. PUBLIC SAFETY AND HOMELAND SECURITY BUREAU ANNOUNCES AVAILABILITY OF A VIDEO RECORDING OF THE OCTOBER 26 VIRTUAL FIELD HEARING ON IMPROVING COMMUNICATIONS RESILIENCY AND RECOVERY DURING DISASTERS. (DA No. 22-101). (Dkt No 21-346 15-80 04-35). PSHSB. Contact: Saswat Misra at (202) 418-0944, email: Saswat.Misra@fcc.gov. DA-22-101A1.docx DA-22-101A1.pdf DA-22-101A1.txt

Report No: 50167. Released: 2022-02-01. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MB. DOC-379724A1.pdf DOC-379724A1.txt

Report No: PN-2-220201-01 |. Released: 2022-02-01. ACTIONS. MB. DOC-379792A1.pdf DOC-379792A1.txt

Report No: NCD-3406. Released: 2022-02-01. WIRELINE COMPETITION BUREAU COPPER RETIREMENT NETWORK CHANGE NOTIFICATION FILED BY SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY D/B/A AT&T MISSOURI. (Dkt No 22-42). WCB. Contact: Rodney McDonald at (202) 418-7513, email: Rodney.McDonald@fcc.gov or Carmell Weathers at (202) 418-2325, email: Carmell.Weathers@fcc.gov. DOC-379776A1.docx DOC-379776A1.pdf DOC-379776A1.txt




RECLAMATION OF TRICOM USA, INC.'S INTERNATIONAL SIGNALING POINT CODES, 3-184-0 (NEW YORK, NY) AND 3-187-3 (MIAMI, FL). Reclamation of International Signaling Point Codes, 3-184-0 (New York, NY) and 3-187-3 (Miami, FL). Action by: Deputy Chief, Telecommunications and Analysis Division, International Bureau. by LETTER. (DA No. 22-100). IB. DA-22-100A1.docx DA-22-100A1.pdf DA-22-100A1.txt