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Vol. 42 No. 98
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May 22, 2023

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CHAIRWOMAN ROSENWORCEL STATEMENT ON FCC CMR NOMINATIONS. by STMT. News Media Contact: Paloma Perez Paloma.Perez@fcc.gov. OMR OCHJR. DOC-393596A1.docx DOC-393596A1.pdf DOC-393596A1.txt

SIMINGTON TALKS SPACE REGULATION WITH HUDSON. by STMT. News Media Contact: Michael Sweeney, (202) 418-1087 Michael.Sweeney@fcc.gov . OMR OCNS. DOC-393600A1.docx DOC-393600A1.pdf DOC-393600A1.txt

CARR STATEMENT ON FCC NOMINATIONS. by STMT. News Media Contact: Greg Watson (202) 418-0658 greg.watson@fcc.gov. OMR OCBC. DOC-393594A1.docx DOC-393594A1.pdf DOC-393594A1.txt

STARKS STATEMENT ON FCC NOMINEES. by STMT. News Media Contact: Shiva Goel, (202) 418-2500 shiva.goel@fcc.gov. OMR OCGS. DOC-393592A1.docx DOC-393592A1.pdf DOC-393592A1.txt




Released: 2023-05-22. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MB. DOC-393498A1.pdf DOC-393498A1.txt

Released: 2023-05-22. PLEADINGS. MB. DOC-393582A1.pdf DOC-393582A1.txt

Released: 2023-05-22. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MB. DOC-393499A1.pdf DOC-393499A1.txt

Released: 2023-05-22. APPLICATIONS. MB. DOC-393580A1.pdf DOC-393580A1.txt

Released: 2023-05-22. APPLICATIONS. MB. DOC-393577A1.pdf DOC-393577A1.txt

Released: 2023-05-22. ACTIONS. MB. DOC-393578A1.pdf DOC-393578A1.txt

Released: 2023-05-22. EX PARTE PRESENTATIONS AND POST-REPLY COMMENT PERIOD FILING IN PERMIT-BUT-DISCLOSURE PROCEEDINGS RECEIVED ON 5-19-23. OMD. Contact: Lisa Williams, 202-418-1352. DOC-393586A1.pdf DOC-393586A1.txt

Released: 2023-05-22. ACTIONS. MB. DOC-393581A1.pdf DOC-393581A1.txt

Report No: NCD-3703. Released: 2023-05-22. WIRELINE COMPETITION BUREAU COPPER RETIREMENT NETWORK CHANGE NOTIFICATION FILED BY BELLSOUTH TELECOMMUNICATIONS, LLC D/B/A AT&T MISSISSIPPI. (Dkt No 23-172). WCB. Contact: Rodney McDonald at (202) 418-7513, email: Rodney.McDonald@fcc.gov or Carmell Weathers at (202) 418-2325, email: Carmell.Weathers@fcc.gov. DOC-393575A1.docx DOC-393575A1.pdf DOC-393575A1.txt

Released: 2023-05-22. PLEADINGS. MB. DOC-393579A1.pdf DOC-393579A1.txt

Released: 2023-05-22. APPLICATIONS FILED FOR THE TRANSFER OF CONTROL OF MINT MOBILE, LLC AND UVNV, INC. (D/B/A ULTRA MOBILE) TO T-MOBILE US, INC. (DA No. 23-429). (Dkt No 23-171). OIA. DA-23-429A1.docx DA-23-429A1.pdf DA-23-429A1.txt




COMMISSIONER SIMINGTON ADDRESSES HUDSON INSTITUTE. OMR OCNS. FCC Commissioner Nathan Simington joined former FCC Commissioner Harold Furchtgott-Roth and technical experts from the satellite industry for a virtual panel discussion on the future of space regulation.. DOC-393598A1.docx DOC-393598A1.pdf DOC-393598A1.txt