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An inquiry into the use of the bands 825-845 & 870-890 MHz for cellular radio communications systems; amendment of the rules relative to cellular communications systems.

Thursday, July 8, 1982

Application of Simon Geller for renewal of WVCA-FM, and of Grandbanke for FM CP.

Tuesday, June 15, 1982

Revision of FM Assignment Policies and Procedures [BC Docket 80-130]

Wednesday, June 2, 1982


Amendment of the rules to provide for geographic reallocation of certain channels in the Business Radio Service See screen #499

Wednesday, June 2, 1982

Applications of Kaye-Smith Enterprises for renewal of KISW-FM and of Hoffart Broadcasting for FM CP on Channel 260 (99.9MHz).

Tuesday, June 1, 1982

Amendment of the rules to delete table limiting effective radiated power of private land mobile radio stations in Los Angeles.

Friday, May 7, 1982

Applications of KBBS, Buffalo Communications for FM CP.

Monday, May 3, 1982

Amendment of the rules to remove station log requirements and to provide for additional utilization of 122.050, 122.775, 122.850MHz in the Aviation Services.

Thursday, April 15, 1982

Amendment of the rules to adopt new practices and procedures for cooperative use and multiple licensing of private land mobile radio stations.

Tuesday, April 13, 1982

Application of Gary Kerr for renewal of Amateur Radio license WA6JIY and General Class Amateur Radio Operator license.

Monday, April 5, 1982

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