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Amateur Radio Service Enforcement Actions

This is not a comprehensive listing of Amateur Radio Service enforcement actions. For example, letters requiring a retest pursuant to Section 97.519(d) of the Commission's Rules and letters requesting an initial response to a complaint are generally not included.

This list includes Forfeiture Orders (FO), Consent Decrees (CD), Notices of Apparent Liability (NAL), Memorandum Opinion and Order (MOO), Hearing Designation Orders (HDO) and Notices of Violation (NOV)
08-20-2015 NAL Daniel R. Hicks, Cincinnati, Ohio
07-22-2015 NAL David J. Tolassi, Ringgold, GA
07-22-2015 FO Michael Guernsey, Parchment, Michigan
01-13-2015 FO Brian Crow, North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
07-22-2014 NAL Michael Guernsey, Parchment, Michigan
07-22-2014 NAL Brian Crow, North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
06-05-2014 NOV Thomas Ryan Price, Sweet Home, Oregon
04-22-2014 CD James R. Winstead, Coleman, Texas
03-10-2014 FO Brian R. Ragan, Suisun City, California
01-09-2014 NOV Mt. Diablo Amateur Radio Club, Pleasant Hill, CA
11-21-2013 FO Glen Rubash, Manhattan, Kansas
02-25-2013 NAL Jared A. Bruegman, Bolivar, MO
12-11-2012 FO Joaquim Barbosa, Elizabeth, New Jersey
08-09-2012 NOV Teodoro Rodriguez, Lehigh Acres, FL
07-02-2012 NAL Brian R. Ragan, Suisun City, California
04-30-2012 NOV Theodore H. Wallace, Oxford, Pennsylvania
03-30-2012 NOV Gary R. Dent, Riverside, California
01-05-2012 NOV David M. Baughn, Tuscaloosa, AL
09-29-2011 NOV Donald F. Melcher, Mariposa, California
05-16-2011 FO Jose Torres, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
01-25-2011 NOV Samuel C. Brewer, Lincoln, California
12-15-2009 NOV John S. Melcer, New Castle, Pennsylvania
06-29-2009 NAL Iftron Technologies, Inc.
05-12-2008 NOV Gary L. Mulford, Corvallis, Oregon
01-30-2008 FO James J. Grinton, Bellingham, Washington
09-25-2007 NAL James J. Grinton, K7VNI, Bellingham, Washington
08-14-2007 NOV James J. Harzheim III, Covina, California
05-24-2007 HDO David O. Castle
04-02-2007 FO Parker Construction, Inc., Panama City, FL
03-01-2007 MOO Daniel Granda, Whittier, California
01-17-2007 NOV Johnnie Bergman, Eugene, Oregon
12-20-2006 NOV Andrew Ban, Feasterville, Pennsylvania
03-29-2006 FO Glenn A. Baxter, Belgrade Lakes, ME
01-25-2006 NOV Joseph M. Skidmore
12-02-2005 FO Jack Gerritsen, Bell, California
11-09-2005 NOV John H. Romano, Far Rockaway, New York
08-31-2005 NOV Timothy M. Valentine, Bell Canyon, CA
07-27-2005 FO Raimundo P. Silva, Brentwood, California
06-07-2005 NAL Glenn A. Baxter, Belgrade Lakes, ME
09-10-2004 MOO Scott E. Kamm, N0UGN, Sioux City, Iowa
08-06-2004 FO Ronald E. Sauer, WE8E, Bedford Heights, Ohio
07-09-2004 FO Daniel Granda, KA6VHC, Whittier, California
07-02-2004 NOV William A. Chapman, Feasterville, Pennsylvania
05-07-2003 FO Scott E. Kamm, N0UGN, Sioux City, Iowa
05-06-2003 NAL Ronald E. Sauer, Bedford Heights, Ohio
01-24-2003 NAL Scott E. Kamm, N0UGN, Sioux City, Iowa

This list shows the most recent. For a more complete list, go here.
08-11-2014   David J. Tolassi
07-21-2014   John J. Krajewski
07-21-2014   Gary E. Davis
07-03-2014   Benjamin Harrison
07-01-2014   Canton Towing, Orrville, Ohio
06-30-2014   Johnny Howard
05-19-2014   William B. Woodson
05-19-2014   Tyler Wilson
05-19-2014   Michael A. Smith
05-19-2014   Bobby McDaniel
05-19-2014   Gary E. Davis
04-15-2014   Larry S. King
04-14-2014   Paul Robertson, Cheyenne, Wyoming
03-31-2014   Bryan K. Waddell, Monroe, Wisconsin
03-31-2014   Todd W. Phillips, Greenbrier, TN
03-31-2014   Stacy Hunt, Yale, Michigan
03-31-2014   Robert J. Doll, Greenbrier, TN
03-31-2014   Daniel G. Churovich, Ripley, TN
03-31-2014   Big M Trucking, Masontown, West Virginia
03-12-2014   Ervin M. Davis, Clifton, ME
03-04-2014   Richard Kellum, Bethlehem, Georgia
03-04-2014   Russell Dupont, Holendwald, TN
12-06-2013   Joe Seibert, Marlboro, New York
12-06-2013   Greg Scheigert, Pompano Beach, Florida
12-06-2013   Martin Morgan, Hickory, NC
12-06-2013   Joe Lambarski, Shamong, New Jersey
12-06-2013   Joseph Haesche, Manchester, NH
12-06-2013   Rick Dayton, Southampton, New Jersey
12-06-2013   Bruce Boldt, Muncy Valley, Pennsylvania
12-06-2013   Roy Blackwell, Westminster, SC
12-04-2013   Terry Bradley, Rush Springs, OK
12-03-2013   Bob Sebring, Buffalo, New York
12-03-2013   Jeff Marchione, Mount Clemens, MI
12-03-2013   Peter Chiavaro, Stuart, Florida
12-03-2013   John Atkinson, Hartwell, Georgia
11-25-2013   Matthew Vaznaian, Woonsocket, Rhode Island
11-25-2013   Jerry Harper, Jeffersonville, Indiana
11-25-2013   Mike Hardison, Satsuma, Florida
11-25-2013   Joseph Giglia, Marlboro, New York
11-21-2013   Christopher Zolnowski, Junction City, Kansas
11-21-2013   Robert A. Wadsworth, Cupertino, California
11-21-2013   David Mato-Segovia, Lexington, Kentucky
11-21-2013   Larry J. Gutierrez, Richmond, California
11-21-2013   David E. Greene, Ridgecrest, California
11-21-2013   David J. Goings, Leavenworth, Kansas
11-20-2013   Tom R. Smith, Kalama, Washington
11-20-2013   Carlos Romero Rocha, Valley Stream, New York
11-19-2013   Emilse Peraza, Erda, Utah
11-19-2013   Brian T. Duddy, Central Nyack, New York
11-18-2013   Billy Gonzalez, Passaic, New Jersey
11-18-2013   Joseph J. Caliguari, North Brunswick, New Jersey
10-31-2013   Tom Treitler, Hampshire, Tennessee
10-31-2013   Ronald J. Parrot, Hohenwald, Tennessee
10-31-2013   Raymond Ducharme, Linden, Tennessee
10-31-2013   Johnny D. Brown, Hohenwald, Tennessee
10-30-2013   Eldon Stewart, Sr., Spanaway, Washington
10-30-2013   Jerome A. Moe, Santee, California
10-21-2013   Billy Gonzalez
09-30-2013   Alan P. Cerniglia
09-18-2013   James C. Wolf
08-12-2013   Jack Hartley
08-09-2013   Charles W. Johnson
08-09-2013   Mark W. Althaus
08-08-2013   James E. Richburg
06-24-2013   Eric J. Christianson
06-24-2013   Thomas E. Barnes
06-13-2013   Edward A. Evitt
03-18-2013   Stanley J. Tyrpin
03-12-2013   Justin Sybesma
03-11-2013   Ryan A. Migliori
03-11-2013   Anthony R. Migliori
03-06-2013   Leroy J. DeRosia
02-22-2013   John David Watkins
02-15-2013   James Engle
02-04-2013   M&C Transport
02-04-2013   Stephen R. Blevins
01-22-2013   Barry Irland
01-22-2013   Charles Ferguson
01-21-2013   Judith Turner
01-21-2013   John B. Stuart
01-21-2013   Thomas O. Caldwell
01-14-2013   Jimmy J. Isom
01-10-2013   William E. Ellenback
01-07-2013   Don Hasson
01-07-2013   D&D Underground Utilities, Inc.

This list shows the most recent. For a more complete list, go here.
04-20-2015   Puget Sound Energy, Bellevue, WA
04-06-2015   Name withheld, Sammamish, WA
03-16-2015   NV Energy, Las Vegas, NV
03-16-2015   Name withheld, Dimondale , MI
12-22-2014   Name withheld, Kalkaska, Michigan
12-22-2014   Southern California Edison, Rosemead, CA
12-22-2014   Northern Wasco County PUD, The Dalles, OR
12-22-2014   The ADT Corporation, Boca Raton, FL
12-22-2014   Name withheld
12-22-2014   Name withheld
10-10-2014   (Name withheld)
10-10-2014   (Address withheld)
08-18-2014   Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Coop, Inc., Wilcox, Arizona
08-11-2014   Columbia Power and Water, Columbia, TN
08-11-2014   Name withheld, Littleton, Colorado
07-11-2014   Kennett Square Specialties, Kennett Square, PA
07-11-2014   City of Tipp City, Tipp City, OH
07-10-2014   ComEd Company, Chicago, IL
07-08-2014   Name withheld, Watsonville, CA
07-07-2014   Village of Arcanum, Arcanum, OH
07-07-2014   Name withheld, Waldoboro, ME
07-01-2014   American Electric Power, Columbus, OH
05-16-2014   Northern Wasco County PUD, The Dalles, OR
05-14-2014   Name withheld
05-13-2014   Potomac Edison, Williamsport, MD
03-07-2014   Florida Power & Light, Juno Beach, FL
03-07-2014   Duke Energy Corporation, Charlotte, NC
03-06-2014   Kennett Square Specialties, Kennett Square, PA
03-05-2014   Bonneville Power Administration, Portland, Oregon
03-03-2014   Name withheld
10-31-2013   Lake Region Electric Cooperative, Hulbert, Oklahoma
09-30-2013   City of Tipp City, Tipp City, Ohio
09-30-2013   FirstEnergy Corp., Akron, Ohio
09-30-2013   Name withheld
09-17-2013   Name withheld
06-24-2013   Name withheld, Grand Junction, CO
06-17-2013   Name withheld, Woodinville, WA
06-11-2013   Duke Energy, St. Petersburg, Florida
06-11-2013   Name withheld, Springfield, Oregon
06-10-2013   City of Tipp City, Tipp City, Ohio
03-18-2013   Name withheld, Munhall, Pennsylvania
03-07-2013   Name Withheld
03-07-2013   Name withheld
03-05-2013   Name withheld
03-04-2013   Lake Region Electric Cooperative, Hulbert, Oklahoma
01-22-2013   Name Withheld
01-09-2013   Name Withheld
01-09-2013   Name withheld
01-08-2013   Name Withheld
01-08-2013   Name withheld

10-05-2009   Donald B. Flowers, Lucama, NC
08-28-2009   Pablo Diaz-Alequin, Las Piedras, PR
08-05-2009   Gene M. Stockdale, Portland, OR
08-05-2009   Juan E. Lopez-Garcia, Carolina, PR
08-05-2009   Jerry L. Counseller, Humble, TX

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