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Merger Compliance - Verizon Performance Measurement Reports

This page contains links to Performance Measurements reports, which provide data depicting the quality of service BA/GTE provides to competitive local exchange carriers. The performance monitoring reports files are in MS Excel format which have been zipped to conserve space.

Month BA GTE Transmittal Letters
2004-03 ------- 2004-04-26LT.pdf
2004-02 ------- 2004-03-25LT.pdf
2003-11 ------- 2003-12-24LT.pdf
2003-10 ------- 2003-11-25LT.pdf
2003-09 ------- 2003-10-27LT.pdf
2003-08 ------- 2003-09-25LT.pdf
2003-07 ------- 2003-08-25LT.pdf
2003-06 ------- 2003-07-25LT.pdf
2003-03 ------- 2003-04-25LT.pdf
2003-02 2003-03-25LT.pdf
2003-01 2003-02-25LT.pdf
2002-12 2003-01-27LT.pdf
2002-11 2002-12-24LT.pdf
2002-10 2002-11-25LT.pdf
2002-09 2002-10-25LT.pdf
2002-08 2002-09-25LT.pdf
2002-07 2002-08-23LT.pdf
2002-06 2002-07-25LT.pdf
2002-05 ------- 2002-06-25LT.pdf
2002-03 ------- 2002-04-25LT.pdf
2002-02 ------- 2002-03-25LT.pdf
2002-01 ------- 2002-02-25LT.pdf
2001-11 ------- 2001-12-26LT.pdf
2001-10 2001-11-26LT.pdf
2001-09 2001-10-25LT.pdf
2001-08 2001-09-25LT.pdf
2001-03 ------- 2001-04-25LT.pdf

To save memory, each performance measurement has been assigned a product code. The key to these codes can be found at the links below:

Verizon East         Verizon West


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