On December 22, 2016, the FCC approved a proposal by Globalstar to provide a low-power, wireless broadband service.  Globalstar’s spectrum is close to the Bluetooth spectrum used by some hearing aids.  In Globalstar’s original proposal, Globalstar’s operations overlapped in frequency with Bluetooth spectrum.  However, with the Globalstar modified proposal there is no frequency overlap between the two operations, and the FCC concluded that, under the revised proposal, Globalstar will not be causing harmful interference with Bluetooth hearing aids.

Report and Order:
Word: https://apps.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/FCC-16-181A1.docx
PDF:   https://apps.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/FCC-16-181A1.pdf
Text:   https://apps.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/FCC-16-181A1.txt

For more information about the Globalstar order, please contact Troy Tanner at 202-418-1475, Troy.Tanner@fcc.gov, and Jose Albuquerque at 202-418-2288, Jose.Albuquerque@fcc.gov,  in the FCC’s International Bureau.

Friday, October 25, 2019