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Have You Nominated Your Innovation for a Chairman’s Award for Advancement in Accessibility?

Know of an innovation that can improve technology access for people with disabilities?

If so, the FCC is interested in hearing from you!  We’re currently seeking nominations for the sixth Chairman’s Awards for Advancement in Accessibility (Chairman’s AAA). Innovation is one of the core drivers for advancement in accessibility for people with disabilities. The Chairman's AAA program recognizes products, services, standards and other innovative developments in accessible telecommunications and technology.

How can you submit a nomination?

The nominating period is open through April 13, 2017.  The nominations process is simple and straightforward.  Send an email to ChairmansAAA@fcc.gov with the following information about your innovation if it was introduced to the public during calendar year 2016:

  • Details about the problem or challenge addressed by the innovation, including background information if available;
  • A description of the innovation, including electronic links to video demos or detailed information;
  • The date the innovation was introduced;
  • A description of how the award would impact continued success and progress; and
  • An explanation of why the innovation qualifies for the Chairman’s Award.
Anyone can submit a nomination, and self-nominations are encouraged. For more details, visit www.fcc.gov/chairmansAAA.  For questions, please send an email to ChairmansAAA@fcc.gov
Friday, October 25, 2019