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Paying Fees

Any payment to the FCC must be accompanied by FCC Form 159, Fee Remittance Advice. The current edition collects the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and FCC Registration Number (FRN) for the payer and applicant as required by the Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996.
Form Description
159 Fee Remittance Advice (pdf)
Fee Filing Guide (pdf)
About FCC Fees
Form 159 Details
CWS Regulatory Fees Factsheet (pdf)



While most choose to take advantage of online filing, downloadable forms are available for use in manual filing or for reference purposes.

The following table links to the most frequently requested forms, related Systems & Databases, and shorter versions of fee information applicable to a particular form or filing purpose of filing.

Form Description Online Filing Relevant Fees

175 Short Form Application
To participate in an FCC Auction

601 Radio Service Authorization ULS Fee Filing Guide (pdf)

602 Ownership Disclosure (pdf) ULS  

603 Assignments of Authorization & Transfers of Control (pdf) ULS Fee Filing Guide (pdf)

605 Quick Form Authorization
Amateur, Aircraft, General Mobile, Restricted and Commercial Operator, and Ship Radio Services
Main Form (pdf)
Schedule A (pdf) , Schedule B (pdf) , Schedule C (pdf) , Schedule D (pdf) , Schedule E (pdf) , Schedule F (pdf) , Schedule G (pdf)
ULS 1070Y (pdf)

606 ASR/Call Sign Association (pdf) ASR  

608 Application or Notification for Spectrum Leasing Arrangement or Private Commons Arrangement (pdf) ULS Fee Filing Guide (pdf)

609-T Application to Report Designated Entity Eligibility Event (pdf) ULS Fee Filing Guide (pdf)
  The FCC Form 609-T is used by designated entity licensees to request prior approval, pursuant to section 1.2114 of the FCC's rules, for any reportable eligibility event.    

611-T Annual Report Related to Eligibility for Designated Entity Benefits (pdf) ULS  
  The FCC Form 611-T is used by designated entity licensees to file an annual report, pursuant to section 1.2110(n) of the FCC's rules, related to eligibility for designated entity benefits.    

620 Nationwide Programmatic Agreement (pdf) TCNS/E-106  
  New Tower ("NT") Submission Packet    

621 Nationwide Programmatic Agreement (pdf) TCNS/E-106  
  Collocation ("CO") Submission Packet    

655 Hearing Aid Compatibility Status Reporting Required  

854 Antenna Structure Registration (pdf) ASR  


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