Rosalind Bailey – Office of Workplace Diversity

Ms. Bailey is a Staff Assistant in the Office of Workplace Diversity, and has been with the FCC since 1993. She received her EEO Counselor's certification in June 2009.

Margoux Brown – Wireline Competition Bureau

Mrs. Brown joined the Federal Communications Commission in June of 1999.  She currently serves as a Management Program Analyst and Division Webmaster in the Wireline Competition Bureau’s Competition Policy Division.  Margoux can be reached via email at

Paula Ann Cech - Wireline Competition Bureau

Dr. Cech has worked as an Economist in the Pricing Analysis Branch of the Wireline Competition Bureau's Competitive Pricing Division since joining the FCC in 1997.Dr. Cech holds a master’s degree in Public Administration as well as masters and Ph.D. degrees in Economics and has taught management and economics at top-ranked university business schools for many years. She received a commendation from the state attorney general for her programs in affirmative action and equal employment opportunity while working as a training officer for the State of Arizona Department of Personnel.

Yvette Cage – Consumer & Governmental Bureau

Mrs. Cage is an Intergovernmental Affairs Outreach Specialist in CGB, Office of Intergovernmental Affairs Division.  She joined the Federal Communications Commission in 1991.  Mrs. Cage although a new EEO Counselor; has been a Union Representative for over 15 years.  She has a Master’s Degree from Lincoln University.

Don Harper – Office of Managing Director

Mr. Harper has worked as an IT Specialist in ITC since joining the FCC in 2014. Mr. Harper holds a masters degrees in Public Administration as well as Information Management Systems, and numerus masters certificates and professional certifications. He has taught information management and project management at a state university for many years. He has worked in various IT roles for fourteen plus years as a civil servant and contractor since retirement from the Coast Guard as an E-7, Chief Boatswain-mate in 2001. He can be reached at (202) 418-0671.

Kamala Hart - Office of General Counsel

Ms. Hart is a paralegal in the Office of General Counsel, Litigation Division. Before joining the Commission in 1996, Ms. Hart worked for the Federal Elections Commission and assisted the EEO office with special projects and programs. Ms. Hart received her bachelor’s degree from Montclair State University, Upper Montclair, New Jersey.

Kenneth Heredia – Office of Workplace Diversity

Mr. Heredia is a Management and Program Analyst at OWD. Joined the Commission in 2002 as a Student Trainee (Clerk) through the Cooperative Work/Study program with Northwestern High School.

Cierra Jennings – Office of Managing Director

Ms. Jennings serves as a Benefits Specialist in the Payroll & Benefits Service Center.  She joined the FCC in June of 2003.  Through that time she has served in various areas of Human Resources.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science from the University of Maryland University College.  She can be reached at 202-418-1781.

Gloria Miles - Office of the Secretary

Ms. Miles joined the federal government in 1974 and the FCC in 1985. She is currently employed as a Publications Specialist in the Agenda/Publications Group of the Office of the Secretary. Ms. Miles has served as an EEO Counselor since November 1993 and as a union representative from 1990 to 1996.

Gloria Thomas - Office of the Secretary

Ms. Thomas is the senior reference librarian in the FCC Library, Office of the Secretary. She joined the FCC in September 1974 and has been an EEO Counselor since February 1999.Ms. Thomas briefly served as an NTEU Steward and Treasurer of Chapter 209.

Morasha Younger – Wireless Telecommunications Bureau

Mrs. Younger joined the Federal Communications Commission in June of 2000.  She currently serves as a Program Analyst in the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau’s Competition and Infrastructure Policy Division.  Morasha can be reached at (202) 418-1203.