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On November 18, 2011, the Commission released the USF/ICC Transformation Order, which comprehensively reforms and modernizes the universal service and intercarrier compensation systems. In the Order, the Commission adopted a framework for providing ongoing support to areas served by price cap carriers, including areas where broadband service is not currently provided, known as Connect America Phase II. Specifically, the Commission will provide ongoing support to these areas through “a combination of a forward-looking cost model and competitive bidding.”

The Wireline Competition Bureau has adopted the platform and inputs for the forward-looking Connect America Cost Model, as outlined in the orders below. The model allows Commission staff and interested parties to calculate costs based on a series of inputs and assumptions for Connect America Phase II implementation.

Connect America Phase II Cost Model Inputs Order (4/22/14)
Connect America Phase II Cost Model Platform Order (4/22/13)

The Connect America Cost Model is available for review, subject to a protective order.

Connect America Cost Model
Protective Order

For more background on the Connect America Cost Model, see:

A number of outside parties have submitted cost models to the FCC which may be accessed pursuant to the relevant protective order:

Alaska Communications Systems Model
Protective Order

USTelecom Model
Protective Order

Puerto Rico Telephone Company Model
Protective Order

Virgin Islands Telephone Corporation d/b/a Innovative Telephone Model
Protective Order

Friday, January 9, 2015