Provided below are links to download the Technical Manual and a .zip file containing a folder with scripts for creating and loading a database container in Oracle. We strongly suggest reading the Technical Manual first.

Process Overview. As explained in the Technical Manual, the process requires filers to download and install a free version of Oracle Express on their computer if they do not already have a licensed version of Oracle on their system. Filers will then need to download a .zip file folder via the secure web portal, which contains a folder with the necessary scripts to create a database container shell using the Oracle program. The folder also includes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) tool to assist filers in loading their .txt files into the container. During the loading process, validation checks will occur to make sure the .txt files conform to the required format. Files with the .log and .bad extension are created to help identify the source of errors if they occur during the loading process. Once all mandatory files are loaded and the filer receives a “PASSED” condition from system quality check, filers will use the GUI to create a dump file with all of the loaded data in the container that can then be compressed into a .zip file for delivery to the Commission. Once in a .zip file format, filers will ultimately be able to upload the container to the Commission using the secure web portal.

Technical Manual V 1.5 Updated 01/23/15 *Database Container V 1.6 *Sample Data Files V 1.6 List of Database Container Changes *We recommend switching to a different browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) if you're having trouble downloading the files using an Internet Explorer browser.

Thursday, December 4, 2014