FCC data is provided in a form that can be easily imported and manipulated.  The steps below describe how to prepare a database for manipulating FCC measurement data.

1. Getting the data from this program:

Both processed data used in reports as well as the raw unprocessed collected data is made available on the FCC website.  Data collected for the March 2011 Report is available for download here, and data for the July 2012 Report can be found here.

2. Selecting a database progam:

FCC measurement data is all released in a commonly supported comma-separated value (CSV) format and is easily imported into popular database packages.  A variety of Structured Query Language (SQL) database packages are used internally, including MySQL and Postgresql, and data processing scripts are implemented in SQL, but SQL is not a requirement for manipulating FCC data.

3.  Setting up a database for import:

A “data dictionary” and other documents describe the nature of the data stored in each field of test data provided.  The specific data type appropriate for any given field of test data may vary depending on the database application.  The SQL commands below are appropriate for creating tables for each test type, and can be used with minor modification for any SQL based database or as a reference for other applications.

MySQL Table Instantiation Sample

Postgresql Table Instantiation Sample

4.  Importing the data in my database tool:

The specific procedures for importing data into your database will vary but the references below are to MySQL and Postgresql import commands and a sample command line string to import a sample file in a local directory. 

MySQL Load Command: 

MySQL Load Command: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/load-data.html

LOAD DATA INFILE "2011_march_httpget.csv" INTO TABLE validated_2011_march_httpget;

Postresql Copy Command:  http://www.postgresql.org/docs/8.2/static/sql-copy.html

COPY validated_2011_march_httpget FROM '2011_march_httpget.csv.txt' DELIMITERS ',' CSV;

5.  Contacting the FCC with questions about setting up or using the data:

The Measuring Broadband America Program is managed by the Office of Engineering and Technology and inquires can be directed to James Miller (James.Miller@fcc.gov) or Walter Johnston (Walter.Johnston@fcc.gov)