Connecting the Globe: The Africa Initiative chronicles the FCC's efforts to assist developing nations in Africa. It describes much of the work the FCC has done, is doing, and hopes to do in Africa. It presents many of the ways the FCC partners with others in this endeavor -- governmental, multilateral, and industry - and attempts to acknowledge many who have contributed to the success of this initiative to date.
The report, prepared by the FCC International Bureau, also highlights the events during the Chairman's 11-day journey to Southern Africa in August 1999, just two months after he announced his development initiative. The report also covers several meetings held with regulators from Uganda and Ghana – the two African countries besides South Africa that will receive special regulatory attention under the Chairman's initiative.
While in Southern Africa, the Chairman addressed and held discussions with several representatives from the Southern African Development Community, elected officials, telecom and broadcasting regulators, community broadcasters, local journalists, U.S. officials, and the private sector in the U. S., Botswana, and South Africa.
Among other things, the Work Programs signed with sister agencies in Ghana, Uganda, and South Africa are attached as appendices to the report. These agreements broadly outline the technical expertise the FCC intends to share with its counterparts over a 12 month period.
In many ways this report is an extension of the June '99 publication by the FCC -- Connecting The Globe: A Regulator's Guide to Building A Global Information Community -- the first milestone in the FCC's development initiative. That earlier publication is a guidebook on key regulatory issues and is available on the FCC's website at:

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