William E. Kennard, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, launched the Asia-Pacific phase of his initiative in New Delhi, India, and Bangkok, Thailand in September 2000.
The FCC selected India, Thailand, and the Philippines as partners in Asia-Pacific. Chairman Kennard's trip to the region (Sept 19 – 27) began FCC work under the initiative, and marks its third phase following earlier, successful stages in Africa and Latin America/Caribbean.
While in Asia, the Chairman met and held discussions with senior members of government, the private sector, and the media. He signed a work plan with the telecom regulatory authority in India, a memorandum of discussion with policy makers in Thailand, and engaged in substantive discussions on telecom issues with senior policy makers and regulators in both countries. The Chairman and staff also began targeted activities under the initiative for policy makers and regulators in both countries. In January 2001, a work plan was signed with telecom regulations in the Philippines. Activities under the initiative will continue for the next 12 months.