The Enforcement Bureau's staff consists of the Office of the Bureau Chief, four divisions located at FCC headquarters in Washington, three Regional and 24 Field Offices located throughout the country, and the Equipment Development Group.

The Investigations and Hearings Division (IHD) investigates alleged telecom, media, and wireless violations, and also serves as trial counsel in hearings before Administrative Law Judges. The Market Disputes Resolution Division (MDRD), staffed by seasoned litigators with extensive mediation experience, is responsible for adjudicating and mediating business-to-business disputes (from inter-carrier compensation and traffic pumping to pole attachment rights). MDRD mediation work frequently allows companies to resolve seemingly intractable disputes without resort to costly litigation. The Spectrum Enforcement Division (SED) has technical and engineering expertise which it leverages to enforce the Commission's rules relating to equipment marketing, hearing aid compatability, unauthorized operations, and certain public safety issues. The Telecommunications Consumers Division (TCD) focuses on the types of issues that directly affect consumers - such as telemarketing, consumer privacy, prepaid calling, and closed captioning.

The Enforcement Bureau's Regional and Field Offices are our "eyes and ears" on the ground. Nearly half of EB's staff is deployed in the three Regional Offices and 24 Field Offices around the country. This ubiquitous presence uniquely positions EB to assist the Commission and other government agencies in resolving interference and unauthorized radio transmission cases. The Field also conducts routine on-site investigations, facilities inspections, audits of radio facilities, cable systems, and antenna structures, provides disaster recovery support, and assists in carrying out special priorities of the Commission. In coordination with the Office of General Counsel, field agents also help the Department of Justice pursue in rem seizures of equipment used by unauthorized operators.

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