Section 302(b) of the Communications Act (47 USC § 302a(b)) provides that:

No person shall manufacture, import, sell, offer for sale, or ship device or home electronic equipment and systems, or use devices, which fail to comply with regulations promulgated pursuant to this section.
The Spectrum Enforcement Division resolves complaints relating to the importation and marketing of radio frequency devices in violation of the equipment authorization and technical requirements set forth in Parts 2 and 15 of the Rules.

For further information on the equipment authorization requirements, please visit the Office of Engineering and Technology's website at

Recent Enforcement Actions

12-23-2013 Rane Corporation ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
11-14-2013 Gallien Technology, Inc., d/b/a Gallien-Krueger ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
11-13-2013 Custom Interface Technologies, Joshua Tree, California FORFEITURE ORDER
11-01-2013 Richfield Electronics (China) Ltd. FORFEITURE ORDER
09-25-2013 FCCFrequency d/b/a Fundacion Cristiana De Comunicaciones, Panorama City, CA CITATION
08-30-2013 Digital Antenna, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
08-20-2013 CB Radio Masters, LLC., Rockwall, Texas CITATION
08-15-2013 DNJ Radio, Fremont, California CITATION
06-06-2013 Enterprise Group, Inc., Omaha, Nebraska CITATION
06-05-2013 Phong Le Company, Houston, Texas CITATION
04-22-2013 New Sensor Corporation, d/b/a Electro-Harmonix ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
03-18-2013 Kustom Musical Amplification, Inc. d/b/a Hanser Music Group ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
01-17-2013 SECURITY-CAMERAS-CCTV.COM, Levittown, New York CITATION
01-16-2013 Inter Tech FM FORFEITURE ORDER
12-13-2012 LOUD Technologies, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
12-06-2012 LawMate Technology Co., Ltd. FORFEITURE ORDER
12-04-2012 Inter Tech FM FORFEITURE ORDER
11-02-2012 Leetek America, Inc., a subsidiary of Lee Technology Korea, Co., Ltd. M.O.&O.
10-15-2012 Scott Sandlin CITATION & ORDER
10-15-2012 Keith Grabowsky CITATION & ORDER
10-15-2012 Joseph Hundley CITATION & ORDER
10-15-2012 John A. Bering CITATION & ORDER
10-15-2012 George Conde CITATION & ORDER
10-15-2012 Dancing Bear Technologies CITATION & ORDER
10-05-2012 Richard Naparty CITATION
10-05-2012 James Christopher Garcia CITATION
08-20-2012 Silicondust USA, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
08-13-2012 Fender Musical Instruments Corporation ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
07-31-2012 The Chamberlain Group, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
07-18-2012 Spy Shop d/b/a IQ Tronics, Inc. et al. CITATION
07-13-2012 Elgato Systems LLC ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
07-13-2012 Hannspree North America, Inc. M.O.&O.
07-12-2012 TD Spot Inc. dba Spy Spot Investigations CITATION
05-11-2012 The Antique Radio Collector, Toledo, Ohio ORDER
05-11-2012 ETI Sound Systems, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
04-13-2012 Richard Mann d/b/a The Antique Radio Collector ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
03-02-2012 American Music and Sound ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
01-20-2012 US Jetting, Inc., Alpharetta, Georgia NAL
01-13-2012 Hawking Technologies, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
11-17-2011 Custom Interface Technologies, Joshua Tree, California NAL
10-17-2011 Spy Gallery, Inc. CITATION
09-30-2011 Omnibus Citation to Twenty Online Jamming Retailers CITATION
08-30-2011 Marshall Amplification PLC NAL
07-13-2011 ReconRobotics, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
07-07-2011 Sound Around Inc. CITATION
07-06-2011 New Generation Hobbies CITATION
06-02-2011 Spark Gap CB Shop, Lincoln, Illinois CITATION
06-01-2011 SmartLabs, Inc. NAL
05-20-2011 Luxul Wireless, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
04-28-2011 PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
03-03-2011 SecurityMan Inc., Ontario, California CITATION
01-26-2011 CITATION
01-26-2011 Comtrex Communications Ltd. CITATION
01-05-2011 Doctor Radio's CB Shop, Monroe, Michigan CITATION
12-08-2010 RF Linx Corporation ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
12-06-2010, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518057, China CITATION
11-26-2010 Jammer World/ CITATION
11-23-2010 Hobby Lobby International, Inc. CITATION
11-18-2010 Wolf Seeberg Video, Marina del Rey, California CITATION
11-18-2010 South Bay Film and Video Services, Redondo Beach, California CITATION
11-18-2010 Able Cine Tech, Burbank, California CITATION
10-14-2010 CITATION
10-05-2010 Callaway Golf Company ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
08-27-2010 Kannad SAS ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
07-20-2010 Qomo HiteVision, LLC ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
07-06-2010 Wireless Extenders, Inc. NAL
07-06-2010 Cellphone-Mate Inc. NAL
06-21-2010 USA Shutter Company, LLC d/b/a MaestroShield, Naples, FL CITATION
05-14-2010 Entone, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
04-26-2010 Axxcelera Broadband Wireless, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
04-20-2010 NAL
04-15-2010 Airspan Networks (Israel), Ltd. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
04-14-2010 Motorola, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
04-07-2010 Enhanced Vision Systems, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
02-16-2010 San Jose Navigation, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
01-07-2010 MALAA GeoScience USA, Inc., Charleston, SC CITATION
01-06-2010 SCS Enterprises Inc. d/b/a Spy Camera Specialists, Inc. CITATION
12-09-2009 XLNT Idea, Inc., San Diego, California FORFEITURE ORDER
12-01-2009 Creative Audio, Inc. CITATION
11-20-2009 Troxell Communications, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona CITATION
11-18-2009 Team Research, Inc., San Jose, CA CITATION
11-10-2009 Shenzhen Shan Jian Electronics Company, Ltd., Shenzhen, China CITATION
11-06-2009 R.F. Technologies, Inc. NAL
11-05-2009 Uniden America Corporation NAL
10-29-2009 Richfield Electronics (China) Ltd. NAL
10-16-2009 Midland Radio Corporation ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
09-11-2009 Progressive Concepts, Streamwood, IL CITATION
08-18-2009 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Bentonville, AR CITATION
08-18-2009 Costco Warehouse Corporation, Issaquah, WA CITATION
08-10-2009 Future Hobbies, San Jose, CA CITATION
07-31-2009 The Spy Store, Inc., Spokane, WA CITATION
07-28-2009 Hobby Lobby International, Inc., Brentwood, TN CITATION
07-15-2009 LawMate Technology Co., Ltd. NAL
07-10-2009 Inter Tech FM NAL
06-30-2009 Vector Products, Inc., Towson, Maryland CITATION
06-29-2009 Iftron Technologies, Inc. NAL
06-25-2009 Midland Radio Corporation NAL
06-15-2009 Honeywell International Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
06-12-2009 Mobilarm, Ltd. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
05-29-2009 Orvac Electronics, Inc., Fullerton, California FORFEITURE ORDER
05-15-2009 Monster Cable Products, Inc. and Monster LLC ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
05-11-2009 Sennheiser Electronic Corporation NAL
04-17-2009 ProLingo, Orlando, FL CITATION
03-31-2009 Hawking Technologies, Inc., Irvine, California FORFEITURE ORDER
03-27-2009 Intel Corporation ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
02-19-2009 Power 7 Technology Corporation NAL
02-13-2009 Wistron NeWeb Corporation ORDER &CONSENT DECREE
02-13-2009 Ki Ryung Electronics Co., Ltd. ORDER &CONSENT DECREE
02-13-2009 Humax Co., Ltd. ORDER &CONSENT DECREE
02-13-2009 Audiovox Corporation ORDER &CONSENT DECREE
02-09-2009 Pro Tech Monitoring, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
02-02-2009 Proxim Wireless Corporation NAL
02-02-2009 Inter Tech FM NAL
01-23-2009 Macally USA Mace Group, Inc., Ontario, CA CITATION
01-16-2009 Silver Spring Networks ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
01-15-2009 Arkion Systems, LLC ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
12-23-2008 Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
12-08-2008 Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. NAL
11-04-2008 XLNT Idea, Inc., San Diego, California NAL
09-11-2008 Wavetrend Technologies, Ltd. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
09-08-2008 CoachComm, LLC NAL
09-08-2008 MicroVideoX, LLC, Grand Junction, CO CITATION
08-25-2008 Microboards Technology, LLC, Chanhassen, Minnesota NAL
08-25-2008 Leetek America, Inc., a subsidiary of Lee Technology Korea., Co., Ltd. NAL
08-25-2008 Data Capture Solutions, Inc. NAL
07-30-2008 Michael T. Kersnowski, d/b/a, Salem, Oregon FORFEITURE ORDER
07-21-2008 Vladimir Reznik, RangeVideo CITATION
06-05-2008 Liam Patrick Ryan d/b/a L. P. Ryan / Low Power Radio, St. Louis, Missouri FORFEITURE ORDER
05-30-2008 Rajant Corporation ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
05-27-2008 DPL Surveillance Equipment, Reseda, California CITATION
05-23-2008 David Steele Enterprises, Inc., Newport Beach, California CITATION
05-22-2008 CITATION
04-30-2008 Richard Mann d/b/a The Antique Radio Collector, Toledo, Ohio M.O.&O.
03-21-2008 CB Shop & More, LLLP, Loveland, Colorado FORFEITURE ORDER
03-07-2008 Global Network Communication West, Inc. M.O.&O.
02-29-2008 DBK Concepts, Inc. NAL
01-29-2008 Ryzex, Inc. NAL
01-28-2008 Garden State Investigations and Security, Jackson, New Jersey CITATION
01-15-2008 Absolute Toy Marketing, Inc., d/b/a, Orem, UT CITATION
01-03-2008 South Canaan Cellular Communications Company, L.P. NAL
12-10-2007 Broadcast Microwave Services, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
12-06-2007 BRD Security Products, Inc. d/b/a, Torrance, CA CITATION
12-03-2007 Austin Hughes Solutions, Inc., Union City, CA NAL
11-27-2007 Richard Mann d/b/a The Antique Radio Collector, Toledo, OH FORFEITURE ORDER
11-13-2007 Liam Patrick Ryan d/b/a L. P. Ryan / Low Power Radio, St. Louis, Missouri NAL
11-01-2007 Basic Home Shopping, Philadelphia, PA CITATION
10-26-2007 Microwave Radio Communications LLC, N. Billerica, MA NAL
09-21-2007, New York, New York CITATION
08-16-2007 Rocky Mountain Radar, El Paso, TX FORFEITURE ORDER
08-02-2007 Gain Saver, Long Beach, California CITATION
07-26-2007, LLC, Baton Rouge, Louisiana CITATION
07-26-2007 Shopila Corporation, New York, NY CITATION
07-19-2007, Inc., Lakewood, NJ CITATION
07-18-2007 Overseas Best Buy, Inc., Glendale Heights, IL CITATION
07-09-2007 LM Services and Scorpion Jammer Technology, Thornton, CO CITATION
04-24-2007 Trimble Navigation, Limited ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
04-24-2007 AboCom Systems, Inc., Hsinchu City, Taiwan M.O.&O.
04-20-2007 Vitec Group Communications Limited, Cambridge, UK M.O.&O.
04-20-2007 North Star Electronics, dba, Elk Grove Village, Illinois CITATION
04-20-2007 Focus Camera, Inc., Brooklyn, New York CITATION
04-20-2007 Fadfusion, Affton, Missouri CITATION
04-20-2007, Traverse City, Michigan CITATION
04-19-2007 Tower Products, Inc., Saugerties, NY CITATION
04-19-2007, Brooklyn, NY CITATION
04-19-2007, Inc., Duluth, GA CITATION
04-19-2007 CompSource, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio CITATION
04-19-2007 Chumbo Corporation, Minneapolis, Minnesota CITATION
04-12-2007, Aliso Viejo, California CITATION
04-12-2007 Audio Discounters, Lewis Center, Ohio CITATION
04-12-2007 Audio Direct, Tucson, Arizona CITATION
04-12-2007 Ambient Weather, Tempe, Arizona CITATION
04-02-2007 Hawking Technologies, Inc., Irvine, California NAL
03-30-2007 Ramko Distributors, Inc., Toledo, Ohio NAL
03-16-2007 Charles E. Vance III, d/b/a CB Candy Electronics, Ontario, California FORFEITURE ORDER
03-15-2007 Richard Mann d/b/a The Antique Radio Collector, Toledo, OH NAL
03-02-2007 Ben Metzger dba 1 Stop Communications, Titusville, Florida FORFEITURE ORDER
03-01-2007 Communications Specialists, Inc., Orange, CA ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
02-02-2007 Jason Kaltenbach d/b/a Metamerchant, Laguna Nigel, California FORFEITURE ORDER
01-31-2007 Rocky Mountain Radar, El Paso, TX NAL
01-31-2007 The Twister Group, Inc., Buffalo Grove, Illinois CITATION
01-31-2007, Rolla, Missouri CITATION
01-31-2007 Hoeffener International, Webster Groves, MO CITATION
01-31-2007 Hilton, AG, LTD, Radar Detectors Direct, Arlington, Texas CITATION
01-31-2007 Global Trade Group, Inc., Rogue River, Oregon CITATION
01-31-2007 Electronic Retail Solutions, Inc., Greensboro, North Carolina CITATION
01-31-2007 DreamBox USA, Williamsville, NY CITATION
01-31-2007 Best Radar Detectors, Jackson, New Jersey CITATION
01-31-2007, San Antonio, Texas CITATION
01-16-2007 San Jose Navigation, Inc. FORFEITURE ORDER
12-21-2006 Gambler's CB & Ham Radio Sales & Service FORFEITURE ORDER
12-14-2006 American Future Technology Corporation NAL
12-14-2006 Multispectral Solutions, Inc. M.O.&O.
12-11-2006 Wesley Noe d.b.a. GI Joe's Radio Electronics and GI Joe's CB Radio, Richmond, Kentucky FORFEITURE ORDER
12-07-2006 Boston Scientific Corporation ORDER &
11-28-2006 Reef Fanatic, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana CITATION
11-22-2006 Communications Specialists, Inc. NAL
11-09-2006 boCom Systems, Inc., Hsinchu City, Taiwan FORFEITURE ORDER
10-31-2006 Vitec Group Communications Limited, Cambridge, United Kingdom FORFEITURE ORDER
10-13-2006 Kachun Wong, LightObject d/b/a Actionbuy Trading Co., Sacramento, California CITATION
09-29-2006 Love's Travel Stops and Country Stores, Inc., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma FORFEITURE ORDER
09-29-2006 Clegg Industries, Inc., Torrance, California FORFEITURE ORDER
08-29-2006 Gibson Tech Ed, Inc., Orem, Utah M.O.&O.
08-25-2006 Paladen Communications, Inc., a/k/a CB Shop North Jackson, Ohio M.O.&O.
08-10-2006 Digital Innovations, L.L.C., Arlington Heights, IL CITATION
08-01-2006 Applied Wireless Identifications Group, Inc. ORDER &
07-17-2006 AboCom Systems, Inc., Hsinchu City, Taiwan NAL
07-13-2006 OvisLink Technologies, Corp., City of Industry, CA CITATION
07-11-2006 American Medical Alert Corporation ORDER &
05-25-2006 Oneida Air Systems, Inc., Syracuse, New York CITATION
05-11-2006 Pilot Travel Centers LLC, Knoxville, Tennessee ORDER &
05-11-2006 OleumTech Corporation, Irvine, California FORFEITURE ORDER
04-18-2006 Vitec Group Communications Limited, Cambridge, UK NAL
04-17-2006 Hawking Technologies, Inc., Irvine, California FORFEITURE ORDER
03-23-2006 ACR Electronics, Inc. FORFEITURE ORDER
03-21-2006 Gibson Tech Ed, Inc., Orem, Utah FORFEITURE ORDER
03-17-2006 OleumTech Corporation NAL
03-17-2006 Estop Electronics, Inc., d/b/a The Antenna Farm, E-Stop Electronics CITATION
03-14-2006 San Jose Navigation, Inc. NAL
02-16-2006 Behringer USA, Inc. NAL & ORDER
01-25-2006 Ramsey Electronics, Inc., Victor, New York NOTICE OF APPARENT LIABILITY FOR FORFEITURE
12-02-2005 Hightech CB Shop M.O.&O.
11-30-2005 Antenna Systems & Supplies, Inc., Schaumburg, Illinois ORDER
11-29-2005 Shenzhen Ruidian Communication Co. Ltd. NAL
11-22-2005 Navtech Seminars and GPS Supply, Alexandria, VA CITATION
11-21-2005 Mad Electronics, Inc., Van Nuys, CA CITATION
09-08-2005 Inteligain Corporation, Inc., Calabasas, California NAL
09-02-2005 Vortex Media, East Greenwich, RI CITATION
09-01-2005 Gibson Tech Ed, Inc., Orem, Utah NAL
08-29-2005 Joe's Photo Auction, Brooklyn, NY CITATION
08-22-2005 Blitzz Technology, Inc., Irvine, CA CITATION
08-04-2005 Our i Village Electronics, Reseda, CA CITATION
08-04-2005 Eli Premore Gabriel LLC, Los Angeles, CA CITATION
08-04-2005 Barak Bitton d/b/a, Reseda, CA CITATION
07-27-2005 Hightech CB Shop, Jacksonville, Florida FORFEITURE ORDER
07-20-2005 TeleRadio AB M.O.&O.
06-22-2005 Hawking Technologies, Inc., Irvine, California NAL
06-15-2005 Discounted Garage Door Openers, Sherman Oaks, CA CITATION
06-09-2005 Grand Trades Co., Seattle, WA CITATION
05-20-2005 Sandown Wireless CITATION
04-28-2005 Gilsson Technologies, Hayward, CA CITATION
04-25-2005 Dallas Avionics, Inc., Dallas, Texas CITATION
04-18-2005 Tung Shih Technology Co., LTD. ORDER OF
04-08-2005 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Bentonville, Arkansas CITATION
04-08-2005 Tweeter Home Entertainment Group, Canton, Massachusetts CITATION
04-08-2005 The Sports Authority, Inc., Englewood, Colorado CITATION
04-08-2005 The GPS Store, Inc., Ocean Isle Beach, NC CITATION
04-08-2005 Sport Chalet, Inc., La Canada, California CITATION
04-08-2005 GPS Outfitters, Inc., Winchester, Virginia CITATION
04-08-2005 Fogdog, Inc., King of Prussia, Pennsylvania CITATION
04-08-2005 Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania CITATION
02-24-2005 Perfect Fit Industries, Inc. ORDER
02-15-2005 Bureau D'Electronique Appliquee, Inc. NAL
02-10-2005 Perfect Fit Industries, Inc. ORDER &
01-31-2005 Tung Shih Technology Co., Ltd. ORDER TO
01-12-2005 St. Louis Music, Inc. ORDER &
12-21-2004 VIA Technologies, Inc. FORFEITURE ORDER
12-13-2004 Samson Technologies, Inc. ORDER &
11-22-2004 Pilot Travel Centers, L.L.C., Knoxville, Tennessee NAL
11-01-2004 ACR Electronics, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Florida NAL
10-21-2004 Paladen Communications, Inc., A/k/a CB Shop, North Jackson, Ohio FORFEITURE ORDER
10-18-2004 Perfect Fit Industries, Inc. ORDER
10-06-2004 VIA Technologies, Inc. NAL
09-02-2004 Freewave Technologies, Inc. ORDER
08-17-2004 IKUSI-Angel Iglesias, S.A. NAL
08-10-2004 Blackstone~NEY, Ultrasonics, Inc. ORDER &
06-16-2004 J Communications Co., Ltd. ORDER OF
06-09-2004 IKUSI-Angel Iglesias, S.A. ORDER
05-18-2004 Schumacher Electric, Mt. Prospect, Illinois ORDER
04-27-2004 Johannus Orgelbouw b.v. The Netherlands FORFEITURE ORDER
04-16-2004 Public Notice Regarding Non-Compliant Battery Chargers ORDER
04-12-2004 Schumacher Electric Corporation, Mt. Prospect, Illinois NAL
04-02-2004 Vector Products, Inc. d/b/a Vector Manufacturing, Ltd. ORDER &
03-03-2004 Samson Technologies, Inc. NAL
02-09-2004 J Communications Co., Ltd. ORDER TO
01-02-2004 Datel Design and Development, Inc., Clearwater, Florida NAL
11-06-2003 Johannus Orgelbouw b.v. The Netherlands NAL & ORDER
10-10-2003 Lightning Electronics, Inc., Miami, Florida M.O.&O.
10-02-2002 Lightning Electronics, Inc., Miami, FL FORFEITURE ORDER
05-15-2002 CTI of Miami, Inc., Miami, FL FORFEITURE ORDER
05-14-2002 Lightning Electronics, Inc., Miami, FL M.O.&O.
03-01-2002 New Image Electronics, Miami, FL FORFEITURE ORDER
02-21-2002 Lightning Electronics, Inc., Miami, FL FORFEITURE ORDER
02-20-2002 Electronics Unlimited, Miami, Florida FORFEITURE ORDER
03-15-2001 Skywave Electronics, Inc., Rockford, IL M.O.&O.
02-26-2001 Skywave Electronics, Inc., Rockford, IL M.O.&O.
01-29-2001 Mike Morrison, Kennesaw, GA FORFEITURE ORDER
12-29-2000 Stephen Fowler d/b/a Exports R Us, Pineville, LA FORFEITURE ORDER
12-14-2000 Skywave Electronics, Inc., Rockford, IL FORFEITURE ORDER
09-14-2000 The Two Way Shop, Kennewick, WA M.O.&O.
04-07-2000 The Two Way Shop, Kennewick, Washington FORFEITURE ORDER

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