Grantee Code Information

Definition of Grantee Code (Section 2.926 47 CFR)

A grantee code will have three characters, consisting of Arabic numerals, capital letters, or a combination thereof. Grantee codes begin with a letter and do not contain any numbers zero (0) and/or one (1). A grantee code is assigned to a specific applicant at a specific address and is the first portion of each FCC Identifier (ID) for devices authorized under the Certification procedure (Section 2.925 47 CFR).

Effective April 5, 2005 , all new grantee code assignments as well as all changes of grantee code information must be submitted electronically.

1. New grantee code assignment

All entities doing business with the FCC must obtain an FCC Registration Number (FRN). To register for an FRN; change previously submitted FRN information; or search for an FRN, visit . A Tax Identification Number (TIN), Employee Identification Number (EIN), or Social Security Number (SSN) is required for all entities within the USA . All entities outside of the USA will be assigned a TIN at the time an FRN is assigned.

To obtain a new grantee code, click Grantee Registration under Filing Options at . Any representative of the applicant may obtain the grantee code and/or pay the fee for the assigned code; the representative may be an individual, test firm, TCB, etc. Regardless who obtains the new code, the applicant should be provided with, and retain, the assignment page which indicates the new Grantee Code; the Grantee Code Registration Number (GC#); and the date that both were assigned.

2. Grantee Code Registration Number (GC#)

Effective April 5, 2005 , a Grantee Code Registration Number (GC#) will be assigned to each and every grantee code.

a. GC# for new grantee code: The GC# will be presented at the same time a new grantee code is assigned. Regardless which entity obtains and/or pays for a new grantee code, the applicant MUST be provided with the new grantee code; the associated GC#; and the date that both were assigned.

b. GC# for legacy grantee codes (grantee codes that were assigned prior to April 5, 2005 ): To obtain the GC# for legacy grantee codes submit an inquiry to Include the following information in the request: the grantee code; the name of the applicant's contact person; and the e-mail address of the applicant's contact person. A response providing the GC# will be sent directly to the applicant's contact with a "cc" to the original requester, if different from the contact.

3. Fee Payment Information

The one-time fee payment for a new grantee code assignment must be submitted - and validated - within 30 days of the date of the new code assignment. If the payment is not submitted in sufficient enough time to be validated within the 30-day timeframe, the grantee code will be automatically removed from the database and a new code will have to be obtained. Note: It is strongly suggested that labels NOT be printed prior to validation of the fee payment.

The payment may be submitted via check; wire transfer; money order; or credit card (either online or mail-in).

a. Online credit card payment: requires a system that supports at least 128-bit encryption. The online credit card payment may be submitted immediately after the assignment of the grantee code - or it may be submitted at another time within the 30-day timeframe. DO NOT wait until two or three days before the end of the 30 days - the payment should be submitted as soon as possible.

If a problem occurs when attempting to submit an online payment for a new grantee code assignment, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SUBMIT THE PAYMENT BY OBTAINING OTHER NEW CODES. Instead, click Return to 159 Form under Filing Options at and submit the payment.

When the online payment submittal is completed, a successful payment notification will be presented; retain this page for future evidence of payment. Do not send anything, including FCC Remittance Advice, Form 159.

If the online payment is not successful, a notification of this fact will be presented. Additional attempts to pay may be made at Return to 159 Form until the completion of a successful online payment.

b. Mail-in credit card payment: Send completed FCC Remittance Advice, Form 159. Complete, sign, and date Section E/Credit Card Payment Information. Do NOT send any other paperwork and/or correspondence.

c. Payment via check: Send completed FCC Remittance Advice, Form 159 and check. Do NOT send any other paperwork and/or correspondence.

d. To obtain a blank FCC Remittance Advice, Form 159.

e. How to complete an FCC Remittance Advice, Form 159.

f. Where to mail payment.

4. Modify Grantee Code Information

Click Modify Grantee Information under Filing Options at This procedure requires the Grantee Code and the Grantee Code Registration Number (GC#). (Reference Item 2)

Two options will be presented:

a. Change Address or Contact Only - The results are immediate for the Change Address or Contact Only option.

b. Change Name, Including Address and/or Contact - The Change Name, Including Address and/or Contact option requires 1) a brief statement explaining the reason for the name change request and 2) a letter containing a more detailed explanation of the reason for the name change; for example, merger; buy-out; etc. Changes requested under this option require review by FCC Laboratory staff and may take up to four business days.

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