Revised manual for filing section 43.61 international traffic data. Released 06/95.
Manual: Word | PDF (Replaces July 1992 Manual)
Sample Traffic Reports (ZIP)
Instructions for Pure Resale Carriers
Section 43.61 international traffic and revenue data must be furnished to the Commission annually in accordance with this manual.  This manual should be used with this ZIP file, which was revised on 7/8/97 to include updated OMB clearance information. The FCC also occasionally releases public notices clarifying the reporting requirements. See Public Notice of 7/7/00, Public Notice of 7/7/99, Public Notice of 7/9/98, and Public Notice of 7/15/97.

International Calling Points Used for Section 43.61 International Traffic and Revenue Data (ZIP). Released 04/94
Lists international points that are part of the global telecommunications market and provides country codes for reporting international traffic data pursuant to Section 43.61 of the Commission's rules. Should be used with this ZIP file.

1998 Section 43.61 International Traffic Report Generator Program (ZIP).  
Contains associated worksheets in Lotus format.

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