It is the responsibility of all designated parties to be familiar with and adhere to FCC rules and procedures, specifically Part I, Practice and Procedures, 47 C.F.R. Part I, Subpart A and Subpart B.

FCC docketed adjudicatory hearing proceedings (cases) require the filing of pleadings and documents. Pleadings and documents must be filed with the Secretary's Office with the prescribed number of copies. The Secretary's Office home page has the necessary instructions, "Guidelines for Filing Paper Documents".

All filings must have a correct "By Line" for FCC Distribution. The "By Line" is to appear appropriately spaced below the case caption and above the title of the pleading or document. To be considered "officially filed", pleadings and documents must have the FCC Secretary's receipt stamp. If pleadings and documents are mailed to the Secretary's Office, they should also receive the FCC's Mail Room stamp.

Only pleadings and documents properly filed with the Secretary's Office will be considered part of the case's official record, which will be needed for any appeal.