Partnership for a Connected Illinois Project

The Partnership for a Connected Illinois Project is comprised of Adams Telephone Cooperative, Cass Telephone Company, Harrisonville Telephone Company, Madison Telephone Company, Mid-Century Telephone Cooperative, Shawnee Telephone Company, and Wabash Telephone Cooperative.

This project will test the impact of digital literacy by offering one group of subscribers a flat rate $30 subsidy for 12 months off each of the ETCs’ broadband plans that are priced based on speed, as well as intensive digital literacy training, and a second group of subscribers will receive the same $30 subsidy but will not receive an offer for digital literacy training.  The project will also study the choices subscribers make in determining speeds because they will be allowed to choose from speed packages offered by each participating ETC.  Lifeline support will not exceed $1,514,284, and includes reimbursement for non-recurring fees for each ETC.

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For more information contact: Lacey Buss, Project Manager, 217-886-4030,,


Monday, July 15, 2013