The primary mission of the Satellite Division is to serve U.S. consumers by promoting a competitive and innovative domestic and global telecommunications marketplace. The Division strives to achieve this goal by:

  1. Authorizing as many satellite systems as possible and as quickly as possible to facilitate deployment of satellite services;
  2. Minimizing regulation and maximizing flexibility for satellite telecommunications providers to meet customer needs;
  3. Fostering efficient use of the radio frequency spectrum and orbital resources. The Division also provides expertise about the commercial satellite industry in the domestic spectrum management process and advocates U.S. satellite radiocommunication interests in international coordinations and negotiations.

FAX: (202) 418-0748

Front Office

  • Jose Albuquerque, Chief
  • Karl Kensinger, Deputy Division Chief
  • Kerry Murray, Deputy Division Chief
  • Chip Fleming, Chief Engineer

Engineering Branch

  • Kathyrn Medley, Branch Chief

Policy Branch

  • Stephen Duall, Branch Chief

System Analysis Branch

  • Paul Blais, Branch Chief

Staff Phone & E-Mail Directory

Name Telephone E-mail
Front Office Staff
Albuquerque, Jose 202-418-2288
Fleming, Chip 202-418-1247
Kensinger, Karl 202-418-0773
Payton, Jerilyn 202-418-2212
Simon, Marilyn 202-418-2044
Spriggs, Jeanette 202-418-0727
Engineering Branch
Bair, Christopher 202-418-0945
Garfield, Diane 202-418-7499
Hill, Joseph 202-418-2215
Krautkramer, Kal 202-418-1335
Lam, Sylvia 202-418-0742
Medley, Kathyrn 202-418-1211
Persaud, Sankar 202-418-2441
Policy Branch
Banks, Curtrisha 202-418-0749
DeCell Clay 202-418-0803
Duall, Stephen 202-418-1103
Houser, Mary 202-418-7168
Thomas, Alan 202-418-2338
Roberts, Alyssa 202-418-7276
Whaley, Jay 202-418-7184
Spiers, Cindy 202-418-1593
Velez, Merissa 202-418-0751
System Analysis Branch
Asongwed, Anthony 202-418-2460
Blais, Paul 202-418-7274
Bryant, Towanda 202-418-7245
Flores, Carlos 202-418-2858
Liu, Hsing 202-418-0759
Lott, Eleanor M. 202-418-0728
Nguyen, Trang 202-418-2734
Trevino, Jose 202-418-1946