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Echostar Communications Corporation, General Motors Corporation, and Hughes Electronics Corporation Seek FCC Consent for a Proposed Transfer of Control. For more information, please see the EchoStar-DirecTV Merger Page.
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FCC Proposes New Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Rules for Broadcast and Cable.
Statements: Powell | Copps | Martin

FCC Launches Comprehensive Examination of Rules on Multiple Ownership of Local Market Radio Stations.
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Statements: Copps | Martin

FCC Acts to Expedite DTV Transition and Clarify DTV Build-Out Rules.
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Statement: Copps

Chairman Powell Names Intra-Agency Team Leaders to Review Proposed EchoStar-DirecTV Combination.

FCC Releases Report and Order that Clarifies Rules for Noncommercial Television Stations' Use of Digital Television Channel Capacity.
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Statements: Powell | Copps

FCC to Examine Prohibition on Exclusive Contracts: Provision of Program Access Rules Set to Expire in October 2002:
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FCC Advises Public of Ways to Prevent the Viewing of Objectionable Television Programs:
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FCC Finds Cable Operators May Pass Through Franchise Fees.
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FCC Begins Reviewing Cable Ownership Limits; Agency Seeking Evidence that Will Withstand Further Judicial Scrutiny.
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FCC Releases Order and NPRM Initiating Review of Newspaper-Broadcast Cross-Ownership Rule.

FCC Initiates Proceeding to Review Newspaper-Broadcast Cross-Ownership Rule.

In Speech to NATOA, FCC Cable Chief W. Kenneth Ferree Says Regulators Should Change Tone and Embrace New Ways of Thinking in the Broadband World.
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Reminder to Video Programming Distributors of Obligation to Make Emergency Information Accessible to Persons with Hearing Disabilities (Word Document)

FCC Approves Fox/Chris-Craft Merger with Conditions.
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Statements: Powell | Tristani | Abernathy | Copps

AOL Time Warner Submits Progress Report on Instant Messaging Interoperability

FCC Issues Inquiry for Its Eighth Report to Congress on Video Competition:
News Release
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FCC Cable Chief Ferree Names Barbara Esbin as Associate Bureau Chief.
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FCC Cable Chief Ferree Names Sarah Whitesell as New Associate Bureau Chief.
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FCC Releases Text of Order Eliminating the Major Network/Emerging Network Merger Prohibition From Dual Network Rule.
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Separate Statements: Powell | Ness | Tristani
Press Statements: Powell | Tristani

FCC Chairman Michael Powell Announces Washington Attorney Kenneth Ferree to Be Chief of FCC Cable Services Bureau.
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FCC Cable Chief Deborah Lathen Announces Resignation Effective May 18.
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Commission Seeks Public Comment on AT&T-MediaOne License Transfer Conditions and Establishes Pleading Cycle on Petition for Reconsideration in CS Docket No. 99-251.
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FCC'S Order on Suspension of AT&T-MediaOne Compliance Deadlines.

FCC Releases Order Denying Petition to Reconsider Approval of AT&T And MediaOne Merger; Action Does Not Address Issues on Remand from Appeals Court Case.
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Order: Word | Text
Erratum and Separate Statement of Commissioner Harold W. Furchtgott-Roth: Word | Text

FCC Releases 2000 Report on Cable Industry Prices.
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Report: Word | Text

FCC Adopts Rules For Cable Carriage Of Digital TV Signals; Requests Further Information Regarding Dual Carriage of Analog and Digital TV Signals.

FCC Grants "Must Carry" Status to Digital-Only TV Station.

Interactive Television Services Over Cable.  
Notice of Inquiry: Word97 | AcrobatText
Statements: Kennard | Furchtgott-Roth | Tristani

FCC Gives Conditoned Approval to AOL - Time Warner Merger. Follow this link if you are looking for additional documents relating to the AOL - Time Warner merger.

FCC Adopts Seventh Annual Report on Competition in Video Markets. 
News Release
Report: Word | Acrobat

For more information pertaining to the Media Bureau, please call:  (202) 418-7200.

FCC Media Bureau